Reolink vs Amcrest: Which One Is The Most Reliable Wireless Security Camera?

Stuck in choosing between Reolink vs Amcrest?

Imagine how relieving it would be if you can keep an eye on things at home when you are away! Maybe because of the new neighbor with rowdy kids or a night-time visitor you have been scared of. 

It does not matter what their use might be; security cameras have become the need of the age, especially after all the new cool key features. 

Before buying any wireless security camera you should get a good router under budget, no? So, opt for the best Wi-Fi router to make your camera function properly.

Now let’s get to a quick and general comparison between both the cameras to settle all the confusing questions coming in your mind.

Reolink vs Amcrest – Quick Analysis

When it comes to security cameras for outdoor use, Reolink vs Amcrest are the names you can completely rely on.

In fact, Amcrest has been the go-to option for many users as a nanny camera, baby monitor indoors, and a wireless security camera used outside. 

On the other hand, Reolink Argus 2 fulfills the needs of both indoor and outdoor security cameras very well too, at a moderate price.

Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi 2MP (1920TVL)...Something Great
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE, REAL-TIME, TRUE HD – Experience magnificent full-HD 1080P video at 30fps with enhanced low light capability utilizing the image sensor and Ambarella chipset. Extra-wide 90° viewing angle, as well as remote pan and tilt, allows you to cover more ground and keep more of what matters to you safe. Works with Amazon Alexa through Amcrest Cloud.
Generally comparing, Reolink gives a comfy configuration, as well as Amcrest, works best even if you are far away from your home.

That is not it!

Continue reading the article to find out about the outstanding features, pros, and cons of Reolink vs Amcrest (Argus 2 vs. Pro-HD IP2M).

Let us start!

1. Reolink Argus 2 – Wireless Security Camera
Reolink Argus 2


Brand Name: Reolink Digital | Model Name: Argus 2 | Dimensions: 3.8 x 2.3 x 2.3 inches | Weight: 2.64 lbs |

Reolink Argus 2 Security Camera
PIR Motion Detection Feature

Device triggered automatically on instant motion alert notifications. Set up siren alarms to scare away potential burglars!
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Reolink Argus 2 Review

Reolink Argus 2 is a complete package! You will have the camera, power cable, rechargeable battery, wall mount, and even a tree mount all stacked up in a single pack.

If you want to upgrade, buy the solar panel that comes separately to avoid the need to recharge the battery continuously.

Moreover, you can have it up and running in less than 20 minutes. However, you need to secure the camera at a spot where there would be no false alarms, so choose wisely!

  • Here you have two storage options; cloud service and microSD card.
Important: Cloud services are undoubtedly more reliable as they back up footage at a safe place even in case your camera misplaces. It can store up to 10 GB of video in 15 days which is fairly enough limit.

However, there are a few limitations. First of all, the Argus 2 WiFi connectivity is not “outstanding”. Therefore, it is better to place it in a spot that is well within reach of the WiFi router. So, always keep the check on Internet speed as well.

Secondly, you have to be careful enough to avoid false alarms. Pointing the camera towards traffic or a spot with frequently moving objects would result in unnecessary alarm notifications.

Furthermore, we also recommended you install it at a point that is safe from strong winds in extreme weather conditions.

In a nutshell, the camera can prove to be an excellent addition to your home security system. The motion does a lovely job of keeping an eye without missing a moment.

Features of Reolink Argus 2

Simple and Easy Installation

  • The camera works on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You don’t need to worry about cables and wires running around during its installation. You can mount it pretty much anywhere.

  • When the power runs out, plug the camera into a regular outlet, or install a solar panel to avoid continuous recharging. 

  • The company claims that the battery can last up to 6 months with a single full charge. However, you can expect this to be a little stretch.

  • Nonetheless, if you are not into checking video feeds regularly, the camera can out-perform others in terms of longer battery life. 

Cloud Storage Service 

  • The camera allows cloud storage of up to 10 GB videos in 15 days that is a sufficient limit to exceed.

  • Also, it is safer than the microSD card storage option as you will have access to the saved footage even if the camera goes missing.

  • You can install this security camera without worrying about privacy leaks. It is ideal for keeping an eye on the property, kids, or pets when you are away from home.

Voice Commands 

  • Get hold of your live video with a simple voice command! It will be visible on the Chromecast-enabled TVs or the Google Nest Hub as per your settings. 

  • The camera is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, which allows for hassle-free installation and use of the security camera. 

Stunning Night Vision

  • Along with a fantastic night vision and a vivid 1080p HD quality, this outdoor camera can provide all the coverage you need. 

  • Reolink Argus 2 comes equipped with the advanced 33 ft night vision and 130 degrees wide field vision.

  • You will access to crystal explicit videos and images even in complete darkness of night. 

PIR Motion Detection

  • This motion is, by far, the favorite feature in security cameras.

  • The device is triggered automatically on instant motion alert notifications. You can even set up siren alarms to scare away potential burglars!

  • The motion detector alerts with Reolink Argus 2 are prompt and fast enough to let you see mild movements.

  • In addition to this, the sensitivity is also excellent, although you should keep it on “medium” to avoid false alarms now and then. 

Two-Way Audio 

  • The camera has a built-in mic and a speaker that you can use to greet someone at the door or warn potential burglars even when you are away from home. 

  • Unfortunately, there is a 2.5 seconds delay between delivering your voice to the outside. This makes it confusing to carry on a conversation with someone on the other side.

  • It is, however, handy enough to convey one-liners or ask the delivery man to wait while you get the door in time. 

2. Amcrest Pro-HD IP2M – Security Bullet Camera
Amcrest Pro-HD IP2M


Brand Name: AMCREST | Model Number: IP2M-841B | Dimensions: 8x 12 x 10 inches | Weight: 8 ounces |

Amcrest Pro-HD IP2M Camera
Two-Way Audio Bullet Camera

Use the in-built 2-way audio feature to talk to the kids in the lawn or seven the potential burglars to scare them away.
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Amcrest Pro-HD IP2M Review

  • The Amcrest Pro-HD is a versatile surveillance device whose performance will exceed your imagination!

It is most commonly used as a nanny or a baby monitor, and general security devices in homes, office areas, warehouses, etc.

Its output in both daytime and night are equally good thanks to the fantastic 1080p image sensor. The built-in infra-red LEDs do magic when it comes to recording videos in any light.

With the HD resolution, alarm notifications, SD card slot, FTP support, and flexible event modes, the Pro HD IP2M is a must-have camera.

The microphone is pretty sensitive as it can pick up a low-frequency sound not just from the room but from the entire house if the camera root up indoors.

The built-in speaker is also surprisingly loud so you will not miss out on any details. All in all, it is an excellent camera if you want to keep a check on the house while you are miles away on vacation.

Important: The only drawback is that it comes with PoE equipped in it. There is an alternative PoE model, but that is without the WiFi ability. There are not Amcrest security cameras available that have both PoE and WiFi.

Nonetheless, it has stood up as one of the best-selling wireless cameras in the market so far. There are a considerable array of features that present real price to performance value.

Features of Amcrest Pro-HD IP2M

Quick and Easy Setup 

  • Amrcrest claims that the camera can be “easily setup even by a toddler”. There is some truth to this since it comes with all the equipment for easy mounting, and the procedure will not take more than 5 minutes!

  • Done with securing it at the spot of your choice? Now, for the initial setup, connect to the power source and your WiFi router. Then you have to reset the username and password as a security measure. 

Important Note! “Too many IP cameras connected to the internet still have the default login details, and this is an open invitation for hackers, especially if simple port forwarding is in place.”

  • The only downside is that Google Chrome does not support the web portal. You will have to access Firefox or Internet Explorer instead. However, this is not entirely the camera’s fault, and we are hopeful that the next models will overcome such limitations. 

High-Performance, Real-Time Experience 

  • Your experience with Amcrest Pro-HS IP2M is bound to be magnificent all thanks to 1080p HD quality with 30 frames per second, an Exmor IMX323 image sensor, and Ambarella S2LM chipset. 

  • Furthermore, the extra-wide 90-degree viewing angle ensures you do not miss a moment. The digital zoom and pan/tilt feature allows you to cover the new ground that you want to keep an eye on.  

Multiple Recording Modes 

  • You can choose the camera to record in either of three available modes; SD card, network storage location, or the all-time-favorite cloud storage. 

  • SD card is a better option when using motion detection or snapshots. These are not 24/7 on-going recording, and therefore they will not wear out the badge instantly. As the SD card has a limited capacity, it is better to use it as a secondary storage location in case the main one runs out. 

  • Cloud storage is the safest mode of recording that you can rely on. It ensures you have access to the footage even if the camera drops. If you intend to use it only for the motion detection recording, then the 4 hours of in-built cloud storage should be sufficient. 

Smart Security Features 

  • With Amcrest IP2M, you can use two-way communications, review footage for safety concerns, and set up motion alert notifications only by using your smartphone. 

  • The secured cloud video backup will let you story recording off-site in a third-party location. This is hosted and guarded by Amazon AWS. The footage will remain safe even if the device is stolen and will only be accessible to you via a web-based Flas interface for your personal computer. 

Excellent Night Vision 

  • With the Sony Exmore ½.9 image sensor coupled with in-built infra-red sensors, this security camera is fit for use night-time recordings. 

  • The company claims that Amcrest Pro-HD IP2M will out-perform any other competitor using the best quality components for the ultimate outstanding performance. 

Motion Detection and Other Alerts 

  • Motion alerts are the best features when it comes to security cameras, and Amcrest makes sure you get to enjoy it. It sends out email-alerts and snapshots with push notifications if there is any detected anomaly. 

  • There are advanced motion-related features that you can make use of. For example, video tampers sets out an alarm when the camera is blocked or blanked out. You will also get a notification if anyone tries to make illegal access to the device using unauthorized logins or invalid username. 

Reolink vs Amcrest: Final Verdict

When it comes down to the final choice, what will you choose? There are a number of features you need to take into account before selecting a security camera for your home or workplace.

Reolink may seem like it’s lacking some key advancements, however, it is popular as an affordable product that can actually be quite powerful if used right. The camera is a breeze to set up and guarantees long-term use.

For Amcrest Pro-HD, the bottom line is that it is much more capable of delivering a sharp image quality and cleaner recordings. In contrast, this security camera is difficult to set up and configure. It also may not be a budget-friendly choice when compared with Reolink Argus 2.

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