Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of your privacy and therefore make every effort possible to protect it. will only collect the information that is needed for communication and to improve your experience with our website.

Please thoroughly go through our privacy policies to better understand how your personal data is collected, used, and kept safe here.  

What Personal Information Do We Need?

The website may collect your name, email ID, mailing address, contact number, date of birth, etc with your permission. Certain demographic data is also obtained via your IP address to enhance the customer’s experience.

Keep in mind that information such as your credit card data and income is never required. We would not take responsibility for any of the sensitive information that you choose to provide via email.

How Will We Use Your Information?

The primary aim of collecting personal information is to use it to shape our business activities, for example, improve customer support service, or get in touch with visitors if needed.

It is for this reason that all the data is collected only with your permission and no personally-identifying data is obtained without consent with the help of hidden programs. If you choose to provide the information to us, it would not be passed on to third parties without notifying you.

The website, however, does reserve the right to share information if demanded by law.

  • Use of Cookies

Like most other websites of this niche, FreeHolidayWiFi does send out cookies when you visit. It is up to you whether you allow us to save the file or not. Furthermore, it uses DART cookies to enhance the visitor’s experience by considering their browsing patterns to other sites on the internet.

  • Use of IP Address

IP address gives us an idea about your geographical location. This information is retrieved from your computer every time you visit a website and helps us identify your computer.

Since IP addresses are automatically collected as part of visitor’s profile data, or “traffic data”, there is little we can do to keep it private. However, all such information is ours to safeguard and will not be given out to third parties without your permission. We may use IP addresses to send you requests or offers that pertain to your vicinity.

  • Use of Email ID and Contact Information

All the email ID shared on the website are kept confidential and used only for the sake of contact with the visitors. We do not sell or share any such information with third parties. We also safeguard it against government agencies unless strictly demanded by the law.

Email ID information is used in compliance with CAN-SPAM Act. This means the website will clearly mention who is sending the email and provide complete information to the receiver to get in contact with the sender. The email body will only contain concise information. You also have the liberty to remove your name from our mailing list if you do want to continue communicating with us in the future.

  • Use of Testimonials

Any testimonial that may be presented on the website is obtained via reliable sources. Only real individual experiences are shared to spread awareness about the product or service mentioned on FreeHolidayWiFi.

Since opinions can vary from one person to another, we do not take responsibility for producing typical results only and therefore a single testimonial is not representative of all others.

If our team receives a testimonial that is too lengthy to share, on the whole, we might omit parts of it and present only the relevant information to the readers/viewers. Nonetheless, the website is not responsible for the opinions that we receive from the public. We only use it as a platform to share user’s experiences with each other.

How FreeHolidayWiFi Protects Your Information

At FreeHolidayWifi, our team tries its best to warn viewers against scams and provide data as accurately as possible. We also strive to safeguard your personal information to the best of our abilities.

It is for this reason that we suggest viewers/visitors refrain from sharing any important information via mail. If you wish to get in touch with customer support service then preferably only mention the query in the email. You can choose to include personal data as well but only at your own risk.

The website does rely on the Secure Sockets Layer to safely transmit some of your information but this never includes credit card data or other sensitive information such as your contact numbers or address.

Some of the software associated with the website gather statistics. These numbers help us determine which sections of our websites attract the most visitors and what data on our page seems the most interesting to the readers. They also help us identify if there are any flaws in system performance or other areas.

FreeHolidayWiFi also relies on software programs that keep a check on unauthorized attempts to access the information on the website or cause any damage of this sort.

FreeHolidayWiFi Contains Links To Third-Party Websites

The website contains links to many other third party sites but it does not guarantee the accuracy of information presented there. Moreover, the privacy policies of these linked websites may be different from ours so you should be aware of their protocols before use.

If you wish to visit any of these linked websites, then you agree to abide by their terms and conditions and you must comply with the regulations set by that website. If you come across any term that you do not agree with, kindly refrain from accessing the website to avoid any inconvenience.

Participant On Amazon Affiliate

FreeHolidayWiFi is associated with the Amazon Affiliate program. This means that it presents and advertises products and their links on the Amazon website. Every time you click on the link to access the product on the parent site, our website will earn referral fees.

Our website does not provide the exact prices of products mentioned here that are linked to the Amazon site. It is because prices are often subject to change and must be confirmed from the platform offering the product/service.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights on along with any other content or software being utilized here remain the property of its true owners and teams that hold the license.

We strongly advise the use of any content here without official consent. Strict actions can be taken against third-parties who publish our content without permission, sell any material from our page, duplicate or misuse material for any purpose, or distribute content to another website.

You are allowed to use the content on FreeHolidayWiFi for any lawful purpose. Visitors should keep in mind that their actions do not cause harm to other people, infringe their rights, or stop them from enjoying the services offered here. If the authorities come across any distressing behaviour or a harassing dialogue within the website, they reserve the authority to restrict access of involved users, temporarily or permanently.

Disclaimer of Liability 

FreeHolidayWiFi does not offer any warranty or assurance about the accuracy of the product’s information presented here or on the website that are linked to our site.

GDPR and CCPA Complaint:

We only provide the data as it is delivered to us. Therefore, our workers, agents, and associates will not be held responsible for any damage or inaccuracy that may arise once the transaction has taken place. This also includes no liability in case of business interruption, loss of information, product description, product warranty, loss of profit, etc.

Privacy Policies Are Subject To Change

The website is allowed to introduce any changes in the privacy policies as per need. FreeHolidayWiFi does not take the responsibility of informing all its visitors/customers about the change. It is allowed to do so with or without any prior notice.

However, if the new policies affect the use of your personal information in any manner that is different from what the previous one states, it will not be implemented without your permission.

Regardless of our liberty to change privacy policies, we promise to carry out business in accordance with principles that ensure that your personal data is kept confidential and its privacy is maintained at all costs.

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