Aukey vs Anker – A Bit Of Extra Power To Keep You Running

The rechargeable power banks are a must-have traveling companion for your cell phone. Find the best one in the Aukey vs Anker article.

A power reservoir allows you to use your phone without the worry of conserving battery or finding a charging station.

There are a lot of options available in the market for the rechargeable power banks, but Aukey vs Anker are two of the most renowned companies in the section.

  • Both make power banks and mobile phone accessories that are designed for long-lasting performance.

Whether you are buying a power bank for the first time or trying to get an upgrade over your current option, there are some options you need to consider.

Today we present to you our take on several products from these two excellent choices, in our Aukey vs Anker power banks review.

But first, here are some key features to look for in a rechargeable power bank.

Aukey vs Anker – Things To Consider Before Buying Power Bank

Most cellphones nowadays come with a 3000 – 4000 mAh (Milli Amp hour) capacity battery. Simply put, it’s a way to describe the amount of current the battery can deliver for one hour.

3000 mAh rating means the battery can deliver 3 amps of current for one hour, or 6 amps of current for half an hour, and likewise 1.5 amps of current for 2 hours. Keeping this in mind, let’s look at some of the details for selection.

Power Capacity

The ratings are given in mAh, and power banks come in a variety of mAh ratings, down from about 3000 and up to about 50000.

The key thing to consider here is how many recharges of your cell phone you want your power bank to deliver. Here’s a general idea, a 5000 mAh rating power bank would charge your phone fully a single time.

Maximum Power Delivery

Another thing to see is how quickly the power bank can deliver the required charging power to the cell phone battery, which is determined by the maximum power delivery rating

Now, all cell phones don’t have the fast charge option, and in that case, the phone will draw a lower than maximum current. These ratings typically range from 5 Watts to 60 Watts.

For a typical fast charging enabled cell-phone, a rating of 18 Watts or above is recommended.

Recharging options and speed

The power banks support rapid recharging with PD wall chargers. The recharging port can be a MicroUSB or USB c-type port, or both options may be available. Typical recharging times may vary from 3-6 hours.

We recommend choosing the one with a similar port to your cell-phone so you have to carry only one wall charger for both your devices.

Number and Type of output ports

Most power banks come with multiple (2-4) output USB ports, which may be different types (type2 or type 3). Some also come with output cables attached to micro-USB or iPhone charger outlets.

Choose one depending on the number of devices you want to charge simultaneously.

Size and Aesthetics

Most power banks come with the traditional candy-bar shape, but other smaller ones are shaped differently. Note that the size depends mainly on the power rating, so sizes maybe similar with-in similar power capacity options.

Let’s go back and review some of the most popular options from Aukey vs Anker, to help you decide on which to buy according to your needs.

Anker PowerCore Slim – A smart charger for your smartphone

Brand Name: Anker | Model Number: A1231 | Weight: 7.5 ounces | Dimensions: 5.89 x 2.7 x 0.57 inches | Capacity: 10,000 mAh | Input: USB type C | Output: 12W USB and 18W PD

Anker PowerCore Slim

A quality charger for traveling.

The PowerCore Slim comes with a 10,000 mAh capacity that can deliver up to 12W output through a USB-A port, or up to 18W through a PD output.

Compatible with most popular cell-phone devices, and can charge for more than two cycles. Supports trickle charging mode for low powered devices.

4.5-hour recharge with a PD charger and almost 10 hours recharge time with a 10W charger and USB A-C cable. A blue LED light wheel displays the battery level.

Comes in a sleek matte black finish, with a size that can fit into your pocket. The IQ charge option comes with surge protection and over-current protection.

Anker PowerCore+ – A great option for larger devices

Brand Name: Anker | Model Number: A1376 | Weight: 1.6 lbs | Dimensions: 7.68 x 3.54 x 2.36 inches | Capacity: 26,800 mAh | Input: USB type C/PD | Output: 2x15W USB and 45W USB-C

Anker PowerCore+   

Great for long flights and travel

The PowerCore+ comes with a colossal 28,600 mAh capacity which, although not the highest in the market, is enough power for your traveling needs.

The device has two 15W USB-A ports for smaller devices and is compatible with most Android and Apple smartphones.

  • A full charge can top-up your smartphone for about 5-6 cycles.

The 45W PD output is great for charging laptops for up to a single-use at full-speed. It also comes bundled with a PD wall charger, making it an excellent deal.

The PD charger allows for an extremely fast recharging time of about 3.5-4 hours. This is convenient for traveling when you can’t stay long.

The PowerCore+ comes in a matte black finish with an LED indicator ring for showing the current battery level.

Aukey PB-Y24 Powerbank – An excellent power device

Brand Name: Aukey | Model Number: PB-Y24 | Weight: 1.54 lbs | Dimensions: 6.46 x 3.39 x 1.18 inches | Capacity: 26,800 mAh | Input: USB type C/PD | Output: 2 USB-C, and 1 USB-A

Aukey PB-Y24 Powerbank   

PB-Y24 is an excellent choice for long travel

The Aukey PB-Y24 comes with a comparable power capacity to the Anker PowerCore+, which is 28,600 mAh. It comes with one USB -C port, one USB-C in/out port, and 1 USB-A port.

The USB-A and USB-C ports can deliver 18W for smaller devices, which is enough to fast charge your smartphones in less than an hour.

  • The huge power capacity is enough to charge your phones 4-5 times.

The USB-C in/out port can deliver 60W power max for use with laptops. It can charge the laptops at full speed for one cycle. A low-current charging mode is available for use with smaller devices like smartwatches and wireless headphones.

The Aukey PB-Y24 can be used to charge laptops and cellphones simultaneously. It comes in black color with excellent safety features for your cellphones like overcharge protection and surge protection.

Aukey PB-Y3-US Powerbank – With greater power

Brand Name: Aukey | Model Number: PB-Y3-US | Weight: 1.2 lbs | Dimensions: 5.9 × 3.3 × 1.1 inches | Capacity: 30,000 mAh | Input: USB type C/PD, micro-USB | Output: 2 USB-C, and 1 USB-A

Aukey PB-Y3-US Powerbank   

PB-Y3-US is an ideal choice for those needing a larger capacity power bank

The Aukey PB-Y3-US can deliver 30,000 mAh of power with amazing options. It comes with a Quick-charge 3.0 output and an AiPower adaptive charging output. It is up to 38 percent more efficient than the Quick-Charge 2.0 devices.

The PB-Y3-US can charge your smartphones for more than 5 cycles on full capacity. The AiPower automatically adjusts to the power needs of the input device for a healthier charge.

The power bank can be charged in dual mode with both the micro-USB and the USB-C inputs connected for faster charging in about 8 hours, drawing 4A combined current.

Built-in safety features of over-current, over-heating, and over-charging protection. The PB-Y3-US comes in black color, along with a USB A to C converter.

Aukey vs Anker  – Common Features

Both companies make excellent power banks that are compatible with most smartphones and laptops. The multiple output ports allow for devices to be connected simultaneously.

They both support intelligent safety features for charging devices like current and surge protection. There are multiple options to either fast-charge or trickle charge the devices.

For a given power bank capacity, the size and weight of the devices are similar as well.

Aukey vs Anker  – Final Words

We reviewed multiple power bank products from Aukey and Anker, and here’s our final verdict.

Choosing the power bank capacity depends on your needs. Choose a smaller 10,000 mAh Anker for up to two charges of your smartphone, or one of the other options for more frequent use.

The Anker PowerCore+ is an excellent choice in terms of usability and power capacity, and it comes bundled with a PD charger, but it also carries the highest price tag of them all.

If you already have a charger, you can also choose the Aukey PB-Y3-US for its maximum power capacity and excellent charge control.

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