Does Verizon Work In Alaska? Full + Honest Alaska Cities Guide!

Verizon has superb coverage across the United States but when you are moving permanently to a new state, it is common to wonder if the service would be of good quality there or not. For Alaska residents and people planning to make a move, let’s talk a bit about does Verizon work in Alaska or not.

Can You Use Verizon In Alaska?

Verizon and AT&T are in tough competition when it comes to cell phone coverage in Alaska. Nonetheless, Verizon has done a decent job by providing good signal service in most of the cities although majority of the state is still not part of Verizon coverage map.

So if you plan to visit Alaska or move there permanently, it may help to know specifically the cities where Verizon works best and does Verizon work in Alaska cities or not.

Some of these names include Anchorage and Juneau. Moreover, Verizon is expected to improve its network by the end of 2022.

1. Anchorage

Anchorage is one of the main cities in Alaska and, fortunately, Verizon works well in all parts of this region. You will not come across any dead zones or locations with spotty service. This is highlighted in Verizon coverage map as well where Anchorage is fully highlighted.

If there are any issues with signal strength or the quality of the service, it may be due to weather or technical issues that are resolved timely.

2. Cordova

You will get reliable reception in Cordova as long as you stay South. Towards, the North of the city, coverage begins to drop and become more spotty as many visitors and online users have pointed out.

3. Denali

Verizon coverage in Denali is much better than what you would expect in other cities like Nome and Homer. Nonetheless, you will come across locations where signals are mostly missing especially in areas closer to the park or inside it. It is recommended to have a backup cell phone service with better coverage if you plan to spend most of your time in this vicinity.

4. Fairbanks

You can use Verizon service in Fairbanks but the connectivity may drop from time to time. This can hinder reliable use of Verizon in the city but, nonetheless, it is one of the main locations where Verizon delivery decent signals.

5. Homer

Homer is included in Verizon coverage map but users have pointed out that the service is spotty. It may work at some points but lack service in other locations of the town.

6. Juneau

Verizon works in Juneau, Alaska and the cell phone coverage is very good. In fact, in the list of cities that have the best coverage by Verizon, Juneau seems to be on the top! However, you may experience connectivity issues randomly but decent signal strength should restore in minutes.

7. Kodiak

Kodiak is one of the cities in Alaska that seems to have the best Verizon coverage regardless of which part you travel to. You can expect the service to lose strength when moving out of the town vicinity. It becomes most unreliable towards the borders but there should not be any issues within the city boundaries.

8. Nome

You can expect scattered Verizon coverage in Nome. Although there are spots that do not receive sufficient signals, Verizon is available in other locations and there are higher chances that you will come across only a few “dead” zone areas in this city.

9. North Pole

Verizon promises quality coverage in North Pole. It took some time for the company to establish strong network here although the efforts were initiated back in 2013. Over the course of years, Verizon coverage has become great in the area. You will have good connectivity inside and outside the city boundaries. Sometimes, spotty connection may occur but this is mostly a technical glitch and resolves smoothly.

10. Palmer

Palmer has a good Verizon coverage throughout the region. There may be some spots that experience issues from time to time but this is just a result of network glitches and do not last long. Overall, Verizon coverage is pretty decent in this city.

11. Sitka

You can expect verizon to work in Sitka but the signal strength may not be as impressive as other cities discussed above. The quality of the service is poor at certain locations and there are others that do not get any Verizon signals for hours. This information was mostly collected online although people have shared different experiences when interviewed in person.

12. Wasilla

Verizon works in Wasilla, Alaska and the cell phone coverage is very good. You will not come across any issues with connectivity. Moreover, you may even find Verizon stores within the city that can help you with purchase of new devices or services.

Will Verizon Expand In Alaska Soon?

Verizon works in Alaska and since 2013, it has been expanding its operations actively in this region.

You may come across certain locations in the state that fall outside of Verizon coverage area and some that have spotty service only but things are expected to improve in the coming years.

The advancement has been slow as Verizon started from scratch in Alaska in their efforts to set up a reliable 4G LTE network. It will take some years to confidently build the service here.

Is Alaska Covered Under International Calling For Verizon?

Verizon considers Alaska as domestic region and therefore, all domestic call, text, and internet plans and devices are usable here.

Since it is part of the United States, Verizon does not categorize it as international location and so charges for international calls, texts, and data are not applicable.

What Other Carriers Work Well In Alaska?

If Verizon does not seem to be an appropriate option, other carriers that you can consider include AT&T on top of the list. Its performance is best in the region with local carrier GCI. In fact, AT&T provide 5G LTE service which Verizon is lacking.

T-Mobile and Sprint are some options as well but the quality of the service is nothing compared with AT&T.

This is because these companies do not operate through their own infrastructure in this state. Instead, they have roaming agreements with GCI to ensure coverage which is not as reliable.

In a Nutshell

So, that is all about does Verizon work in Alaska or not. Currently, Verizon has impeccable service in Alaska especially in the cities of Anchorage, Denali, North Pole, and Juneau. There are other locations where Verizon coverage is limited. You may want to consider having a backup cell phone service provider package if you are spending more time in locations with spotty Verizon coverage.