Hallmark Dish Network – Channel Plans Update 2023

I remember spending days during my summer vacations and the Christmas Holidays every year binge-watching the Hallmark Dish Network channel.

Unfortunately, subscribers new to this do not know what the track has in stock for them, so here’s everything you should read about Hallmark and its offerings!

What Is Hallmark Dish Network Channel? 

Dish Network users can watch the Hallmark channel on number 185. Moreover, Hallmark Drama and Hallmark Movies are available on channels 186 and 187, respectively.

The combination brings you all types of entertainment in the form of movies and dramas of all genres to match your moods. 

Which Hallmark Dish Network Channel Plans Can You Choose?

You have 4 Hallmark Dish Network Channel Plans to choose from. Each package has its specific features and, obviously, different charges as well. 

●    Top 120: It offers premium channels such as Dish Movie Pack, Starz, and SHOWTIME, as well as Smart HD DVR as part of the package. The company offers installation in up to 6 rooms with charges. The plan will cost you $69.99 in exchange for 190 channels for two years. 

●    Top 120 Plus: The premium channels are the same as the previous plan, but there are some additional channels that you would not find on Top 120. The plan will cost you $84.99 in exchange for more than 190 channels for two years. 

●    Top 200: There are features in addition to the ones offered by the Top 120 plan. This package will cost you $94.99 in exchange for more than 240 channels for two years. 

●    Top 250: There are features in addition to the ones offered by the Top 120 plan. This package will cost you $104.99 in exchange for more than 290 channels for two years. 

There are some highlights that Dish Network offers complimentary. You will get them regardless of the package you choose. Here’s a list of features that are included in all plans. ●    Free of cost 3-month premium channel access. 

  • Access to ESPN and some local channels. 
  • Over 8000 free on-demand titles. 
  • 2-years guarantee TV price. 
  • Free professional installation of the device. 
  • Lifetime free supply of HD. 

What Are The Popular Shows On Hallmark Channel In Dish Network?

A long list of shows on Hallmark is pretty popular with the viewers. Some prominent names are Last Man Standing, Cheers, Frasier, Good Witch, Golden Girls, Home and Family, I Love Lucy, When Calls The Heart, When Hope Calls, The Middle, Chesapeake Stories, etc. 

  • Golden Girls
  • Last Man Standing
  • The Middle

●    Hallmark Movies: You can find feature films, TV films, and originals on Hallmark Movies HD channel 187. There is a wide range of genres, from action to comedy, and the content is from different studies. You will majorly find Walt Disney Pictures and Touchstone Pictures productions here. 

●    Hallmark Drama: It is available on channel 186 and broadcasts one of the best collections of serials and seasons. I strongly suggest you consider Touched By Angel, Little House on the Prairie, or 7th Heaven if you want something to binge-watch this weekend. 

Are there Alternative Ways to Watch Hallmark?

You don’t have to be Dish Network users to watch the shows available on Hallmark. Luckily, some platforms offer it as part of their packages. In addition, more than 155 channels host the same shows as Hallmark. Some venues that I know of are listed below. 

●    YouTube TV 

●    CenturyLinkQuote in collaboration with DirecTV. 

Some of these allow you to record content for up to 200 hours and five shows simultaneously. 

Can you Stream Hallmark Without Cable?

It is not compulsory to have a cable connection to stream the Hallmark channel. Multiple streaming services let you enjoy Hallmark TV shows without cable. The top 8 of them are listed below.

  • Fubo 
  • Fubo elite 
  • Sling TV + Lifestyle Extra Bundle 
  • Xfinity Choice TV
  • Philo 
  • Friendly TV
  • DirecTV Stream
  • Vidgo

Friendly and Philo seem to be the most popular among these options. Philo stream service is the user’s favorite as it offers an affordable package ($25 per month), and you can get a free trial before you subscribe.

Moreover, you get free unlimited DVR storage and the ability to stream on multiple devices with Philo.

Remember that there are no sports channels on this service, although I am hopeful some new ones will be added soon. 

Can You Stream Hallmark on Handset Devices?

Yes! It is possible to view the channel on your handset devices. There are two ways to get this done. 

●    Use the Dish TV Android app by downloading it through the app store. 

●    Log into any streaming service that hosts Hallmark, such as Fubo or Disney. 

What Other Channels Does Dish Network Offers?

There is a wide range of channels that you can watch on Dish Network other than Hallmark channels. The collection is enough to keep all the viewers hooked by providing something of their liking all the time. A few of these are listed below. 

  • Bloomberg
  • Family Movie Classics 
  • MoviePlex 
  • Independent Film Channel 
  • Animal Planet 
  • Cine Club 
  • Disney Channel 
  • Comedy Central 
  • Independent Film Channel 

In a Nutshell 

Hallmark Channel is a one-stop entertainment. With a Dish TV subscription and other streaming devices, you can access this channel’s content, stay tuned to the latest shows, and always have something to binge-watch on the weekends. Multiple subscription plans range in the number of media as well as prices. You are free to choose any that suits you. 

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