Does Verizon Work In Australia? What Do You Need To Know?

Does Verizon Work In Australia 

Australia has become quite an exciting stop for travelers. However, if you are going there for an extended period, knowing which cell phone reception works is essential.

Since Verizon’s service is quite famous in the US, let’s look at whether Verizon works in Australia or not. 

Does Verizon Work All Over Australia or Not?

According to the official Verizon website, the company does offer moderate coverage in most parts of Australia.

However, some locations may be out of the network zone. I will talk more about this in the sections below. 

1. Verizon Network 

You can seamlessly use a phone with Verizon if it supports CDMA and GSM capabilities. If CDMA is missing, it will not be able to work on the Verizon network anywhere in Australia.

Moreover, Verizon coverage is missing in some spots in the middle of the country. 

2. Verizon Phone 

All Verizon phones that support CDMA and GSM networks will work smoothly in Australia, but if you have a device with CDMA technology only, it will not work in the country, regardless of your location.

The same is true for phones that only have GSM technology. 

3. International Calling Plans 

There are multiple International Calling Plans that you can subscribe to before you travel to Australia or any other country. It would help you avoid the high fees typically associated with roaming. 

You can easily add TravelPass to your account. In exchange for just $10 per day, TravelPass would completely rid you of roaming charges during international travel.

Moreover, the fee is only charged when you use the phone. 

How To Add a TravelPass to Verizon Account?

There are two ways to add TravelPass to your Verizon account. Getting this done before you leave for the international trip would be best. 

  • Open your account on My Verizon and move to the Global & International Services section. It will host the option of adding TravelPass, which you can do immediately. 
  • Simply text “Travel” to 4004 to activate the service. 

Where Does Verizon Work In Australia? 

You will see that Verizon is available in the majority of the cities in Australia. You will find more detail about coverage and signal strength below. 


You should receive efficient Verizon coverage in Sydney. There are no issues with call reception or connectivity in this city. 


Verizon will do well in Ballarat too. There won’t be any reception issues wherever you are in the city. It is indicated in the International Travel Coverage map as well. 


There have been no issues reported regarding Verizon coverage in Australia. You should receive interruption-free signals wherever you are in the city. 


This city has decent Verizon coverage at all locations. You will hardly find any dead zones here, and call reception works well. 

Perth Australia 

Perth is one of Australia’s regions with excellent Verizon coverage, as shown by the International Travel Coverage map. As a result, you should have seamless service throughout the city. 

Port Augusta Australia 

There is fair coverage in Augusta, Australia. The signal strength is strong enough to support calls and texts without any reception issues in all the locations within the city. 


Verizon coverage won’t be an issue in the city’s heart. Still, as you move south towards the Mary River National Park, you may notice a considerable decrease in signal strength. It is common to experience issues such as dropped calls at this point.

Big Desert Wilderness Park 

The Big Desert Wilderness Park is one of the few areas in Australia that is entirely out of Verizon’s coverage zone.

Therefore, you will have to travel away from the park to get appropriate coverage. Otherwise, it is better to have a backup mode of communication, such as WhatsApp messaging or Messenger. 

Why Is It Important To Know If Verizon Works In Australia or Not?

Having an appropriate cell phone service is crucial when you are in another country. Therefore, if you are a Verizon user, confirm beforehand that the country you will stay in offers network coverage. 

There are many reasons why you would need to use your phone frequently all around the day. For example: 

  • Stay in touch with the family when you are away. 
  • Communicate with colleagues or employers if needed. 
  • Call a taxi or phone a driver when you have to travel. 
  • Check out nearby restaurants, markets, etc. 
  • Look up directions when travelling by yourself. 

In a Nutshell  

It would help if you didn’t have any trouble using Verizon in Australia as long as you have a phone that supports CDMA and GSM technology. Unfortunately, any phone with just one of the two networks will not work. Moreover, you should sign up with Verizon International calling plan that charges $10 per day only to avoid hefty roaming fees. 

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