LaView vs Lorex (LV-KNX968E88W4-T4 vs LWF2080B-64) – Find Out About Security Camera Systems

In today’s century, everyone is running a busy schedule working and earning for their livings. Nobody got the time to have a check and balance of their homes, their belongings.

Here is when the robbers and thieves get an initial from! But why do we give them a chance? With all the ongoing advancements in technology and overall safety, there is a significant need for security cameras.

Not just for homes but also for the companies running their large scale business or small scale shops earning daily. 

Nowadays, many security cameras launched in the market with numerous different features like the wireless receiver is coming with maximum storage in the camera and many more features which we will discuss later on.

The premium-quality security cameras solution lets you enjoy its services most efficiently.

LaView vs Lorex – Let’s Get To The Comparison

Everyone who is planning to purchase a security camera wants the best fit for them. Be it for home security or to fix it in their office, all that the customers’ demand is the best-fit-in-range camera at economical prices and outstanding features.

So, let’s get to a quick comparison between LaView vs Lorex without a second thought!

This complete article makes it easy for you to compare between the several marvellous features of LaView and Lorex security cameras.

If you are thinking about the product which is more economical while you are putting it into practice, then surely you are looking for a cheaper security camera covering all the hallmarks that you want.

Both the cameras have their specs and attributes, but Lorex is less expensive than the other security camera, LaView.

When we think about getting a security camera, we look for accuracy and opulence because, I guess, these are the crucial requirements customers would want when they have paid a handsome amount.  

Both the cameras (LaView vs Lorex) provide a good quality night vision. Geared with infrared LEDs, Lorex provides 65 feet whereas LaView gives 100 feet video quality in low ambient light.

We will discuss all the features of both the security cameras separately in detail. So with all the particularities in mind, it would be convenient for you to decide between the two!

1. LaView 4MP security camera system
LaView Review LV KNX968E88W4 T4


Brand name: LaView | Model Number: LV-KNX968E88W4-T4 | Image Resolution: 4Mp (2688 x 1520) | Hard Drive: 2TB | Waterproof Rating: IP66 Indoor / Outdoor | Night Vision Range: 100 feet | Mobile Application: LabVIEW connect | Channels: 8 |

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LaView Review LV-KNX968E88W4-T4

LaView has known to be a California-based company that trades home security systems (cameras) extensively. Some people do not find it necessary to understand the origin, but many are concerned about where are they investing their money.

You might have discovered a lot of LaView till now, but personally, the most attractive feature that I found in the camera is its mobile application. The supplementary mobile app “LaView Connect” allows you to keep an eye on live security systems or the recorded footage whenever you want via your mobile device.

Important: The automatic pairing is a great help, especially for those who do not have a knowhow of technology.

It ensures your 24/7 safety system. You can go anywhere you want and still can keep your belongings under observation. It’s human nature that they try to find ease in every corner. The simple plug and play feature of the security camera enables the ease of configuration.

The 8-channel 4K security camera with a high-end resolution is going to be a perfect fit for many customers. The camera provides a range of 100 feet which is more than enough to detect if it’s the robber’s face or the vehicle’s number plate found nearby your place

Features of LaView – LV-KNX968E88W4-T4 camera system

4MP Image Resolution

  • LaView security camera gives the upper-class image resolution, which can capture every detail. From figuring out a person’s facial features to identifying a distant license plate, this surveillance camera is going to be the key to assess notable events.

Motion Sensor

  • A feature of an advanced motion sensor installed in the camera will alert you about a particular visitor approaching any of your LaView safety cameras. You can even customize the areas where you want the sensor to be activated if motions are detected.

  • You’ll instantly receive a notification on your mobile

LabView Connect App

  • The company has made it comfortable for you to get access to your security camera wherever you are! It has launched an app with the name of “LabView connect” which grants you the power to get a review of live footage or the recorded video of the area through your mobile. 

  • It ensures a 24/7 service for the customers.

Backup Facility

  • The surveillance camera has a backup facility, and you can back up your data to the USB drive without any trouble.

  • You can back up and show the evidence to the police if unfortunately, some would-be burglars get into your place.

Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance System

  • LaView provides an indoor and outdoor system which is also called the bi-dimensional feature with a clear audio result. 

Maximum Night Vision Range

  • Most security cameras give trouble when the owner has to detect someone during night time. But LaView camera facilitates you even in dim light. It has a range of 100 feet.

Simplified Installation

  • The company has made the camera’s installation most convenient. It’s a simple plug-and-play security system. So, you don’t have to worry about going into the technicalities of how to install the camera. 

  • This feature is suitable and beneficial mostly for those customers who do not know computers and technology.

Lifetime Technical Support

  • Not only this but the camera equipment gives you a 2-year warranty period with lifetime technical support faculty. 

  • The company aims to ease the customers in the best possible way that they can!
2. Lorex Weatherproof Home Surveillance Security System
Lorex review LWF2080B 64


Brand Name: Lorex | Model Number: LWF2080B-64 | Image Resolution: 1080p | Hard Drive: 1TB | Night Vision Range: 65 feet | Channels: 6 | Field of View: 140 degree |

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Lorex Review LWF2080B-64

Lorex LWF2080B-64 is one of the best security cameras. It attains its position in the market due to many obvious reasons. The features of the camera are those a customer would want in a security camera while searching for it in exchange.

There is no doubt that the amount of hardware involved can be menacing, but the installation is pretty straightforward. Still, if you find any trouble, the company is always providing a boilerplate troubleshooting guide along with the camera. So, you can get help from the booklet too.

Important: A temperature ranges of -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit is bearable by the easy-to-handle Lorex security camera.

The camera comes with a six-channel coverage so you can cover a maximum portion of your place under security check. Moreover, an infrared motion sensor fit in the camera helps you quickly get access if something unusual happens nearby your surveillance camera.

As far as my reviews are concerned, the Lorex wire-free camera is one of the most economical cameras which is associated with a wide range of field of view, i.e., 140 degrees. As this is wire-free, the scale of the signal is maximum and can withstand even the most challenging climate changes.

Features of Lorex Home Surveillance Security System

Lorex Mobile App

  • Although there is no such significant difference still Lorex comes with three different mobile apps called Lorex Home, Lorex Cloud, and Lorex Cirrus.

  • All of the three apps give you the standards like getting a view of the place where the security camera is adjusted, watch live or recorded footage, save videos, customizing the camera settings, etc. 

  • The only difference is that the app should be selected according to the DVR/NVR system that you have purchased.

4K Ultra HD Resolution

  • The main feature due to which, there are a majority of customers, is its 4K ultra HD resolution. Some of you would be confused as the default setting is 1080p, but that’s nothing to worry about! You can change it to 4K, if you want, for a crystal clear picture quality.

Server Push Notification

  • Along with the mobile app, there is a setting that you can easily adjust the notifications for your security camera. It allows you to be in-the-know about events and things happening on your property. 

  • Still, if you feel this is disturbing you in the long run, you can easily change settings and turn off the push notifications accordingly.

65 feet Night Vision

  • With the infrared LEDs, the surveillance camera provides a smooth and clear video quality up to a range of 65 feet even in dim light.

Color Night Vision

  • This security camera has made it convenient for you to detect everything in full colours even at night. This is known as “Color Night Vision.” 

  • This feature is attracting many customers towards the product and is becoming a standard demand in the industry.

Two-way Audio

  • Another standard and an outclass feature of Lorex is its two-way audio. It is coming in the list of most demanded features in the market.

  • So, for instance, you’re getting a brand new TV delivered. You can use this feature of your camera to talk to the delivery guy and let him know where to keep the product safe. 

  • The most fantastic part is; you can use the two-way audio feature to frighten away the burglars.

Final Verdict: LaView vs Lorex

After the whole debate on the security cameras that are LaView vs Lorex, it is evident that both the products have their particularities. Both of the cameras can connect to any other third party NVR system. But if you go for the cheaper option, that would be Lorex (LWF2080B-64). Also, the wireless and powerful long-range signal is another attractive feature that would convince the buyer to buy a Lorex security camera.

Even with the superiority of colour night vision and longer distance infrared signals, Lorex is still more affordable than LaView.

On the other hand, LaView surveillance camera has many such features that distinguish its premium nature from Lorex. The two-way audio interface and memory slots are specially designed for this camera, so naturally, it is acceptable to sell this camera at a higher price. You can hardly find any other company offering a kit like this in an out-of-the-box package, with the options to customize it further!

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