How To Choose A Wifi Router 2022|6 Amazing Tips

Are you confused to make the right decision while buying a new router for your home? Don’t worry cause in this guide I am going to explain how to choose a wifi router for your need.

Most of the homeowners do not pay any heed to the internet facilities of their house, which is why they often make the wrong choice. However, it is extremely important to choose your router wisely.

No doubt that the latest modems are manufactured with wifi features available, but a router is still a worthy investment to boost the speed and range that your modem offers.

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The market is over-filled with a number of router manufacturing companies. With the hundreds of models from every company, it becomes quite difficult to make up your mind.

When you are buying a new router, the visible features are not everything to get enticed for. You need real-life experience because of which your router should be able to prove its functionality.

Here, we have brought the best choosing criteria that will help you get your hands on only the finest one.

6 Tips: How To Choose A Wifi Router

Below-mentioned are the major factors to keep into consideration when you are switching your old and inefficient router to a new one.

Don’t Go Below Ac1200

You probably have seen so many routers that have particularized with AC naming conventions.

Most of them are AC1200, AC1900, or AC5400. For a regular internet user with no advanced level knowledge, this naming will not help you in determining the real speed of your internet.

However, it is always a good idea to choose at least and AC1200 router. Why? If you have been using a router with an AC50 or AC900, you will probably know the answer.

These are the older versions of routers with the features that are not effective enough with your present needs. For a smart home lie yours, you need a stable, secure, and speedy internet connection that you can only get with the AC1200 or above.

Choose 802.11ac

Never settle for anything less than the best when you are going to invest in a wifi router.

Always choose the router that has an 802.11ac or Gigabit wifi support. If you choose an 802.11ac, then you will get up to 1300Mbps throughput.

What more can you want than a router that is not only advanced in every feature but is also backwards compatible. Yes! Routers that support 802.11ac are compatible with most of the older wifi devices.

You Need Plenty Of Ram

If you think that the hardware of your router doesn’t matter at all, you are highly mistaken.

The processor and RAM of your router are the major hardware parts of the router that helps it perform up to the mark.

Make sure you buy a router with a dual-core processor that can manage more clients without messing up the speed e.g Netgear Nighthawk AC2300. The processor should be running at least at 1.2GHz.

If you are not in the state of budget where you can afford a 1.2GHz processor, make sure it is at least 900GHz. The RAM should be at least 128MBs, however, if you seek a faster speed, look out for a 256MB RAM.
Prefer 3.0 USB

For a home internet, a single USB port is enough, but the preferable choice should always be the 3.0 USB port.

If you are looking for a router for your office or a gaming router, then you must look for at least 3 to 4 USB ports in your router.

Check For The Router’s Application

Make sure that your router has its own smartphone-friendly application.

With a router’s app, you can easily stay connected remotely to your router. You will be updated about any issue in the router or any security or troubleshooting problem.

You can easily control the optimization and settings of your router with your smartphone.

Ask For Recommendations

What you need from a router is speed. This speed should not be limited to just the advertised numbers of the routers.

Real-life speed is what you are looking for. Make sure you read reviews about every product that you shortlist. Ask for recommendations from your close acquaintances.

Asking for a product from the people who are already using it or have used it, will help you make an informed decision. They will tell you about the speed limit, the coverage, and the issues as well.

Final Verdict:

We assure you that with this detailed guide, you will never make a wrong investment. Set your priorities, make up your mind, and look for what you really want. It is better to buy smart than being sorry for yourself later.

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