So, many of you want to know the secret with which you can easily increase the speed limit of your internet connection. Isn’t it?

There is a way, however, the secret is not any kind of magic spell. All you need is a little effort and basic knowledge about how your router works, and its settings. 

Important: A Good Router plays an important role in Increasing the speed of your WiFi, so make sure you have a Latest and Upgraded one to get the Expected Results!

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Here, in this article, you will get to know about the best router settings for fast internet. 

It is no doubt a reality that we cannot imagine our lives without the internet because all our activities are dependent upon it.

Your business meetings are conducted online, you play games online, surfing and live streaming needs a fast internet. In short, from work to entertainment, the internet is all that we need.

Your internet and router settings have a great impact on all the devices connected to your network, which is why most of the tech-savvy people are more concerned about the settings of their router instead of hat model it is of.

For you, it is important to focus on the settings if you are facing speed issues or constant lag in your connection.

You should know your priorities so that you will know which of the activities will need more speed prior to the others.

Best Router Settings For Fast Internet

Below-detailed, we have provided you with the most adequate and authentic information about the router settings to help you boost up your internet speed.

By Following These Methods, you will see visible Enhancement in the Traffic Management and speed Distribution Towards your Prioritized Devices and Activities. .

Choose The Right Channel Width 

Most of the routers automatically switch between 20 to 40MHz, which is a part of the default router settings. If you have a computer older than 10 years, than the 20MHz is the best for you.

Although it is quite slower than the 40MHz, but it easily handles and supports the older versions o your computers, however, 40MHz works ideally for the computers less than 10 years old.

Use The Encryption Smartly

The standard that your router should follow for a high speed is 802.11n as this is the fasted to date.

This standard can boost up your internet speed up to 300mbps. To get the best result of this standard, you must be careful about the encryption you are using. 

If you are using WEP or WPA encryption, the speed will get reduced and limited to only a 54mbps.

To balance this, you should switch to WPA2 encryption. Some people switch to a mix WPA/WPA2 mode that doesn’t work, because the router will pick up only the WPA mode, thus limiting the speed again to 54mbps. 

Check The Quality Of Service

With the quality of service panel in the settings of your router, you can easily change the settings according to your priority.

When you want to make a video call or download any game, you can just go the QoS control panel and adjust the priority list for the speed.

Once you have managed the priority list, the router will transmit more speed for your video calls even if any other files are being downloaded. 

Add A New Antenna 

Most of the antennas that are integrated with the routers or built-in them doesn’t work as they should.

The antennas are the basic gateway to catch the signals coming from the wifi device so that the router can transmit them to all your personal devices connected to the router. 

Adding a new antenna to your router is a good idea because it increases the amplification to expand the speed to the areas where you need a boost. 

Automate Reboot

Instead of rebooting your router again and again, and then waiting for it to back up everything, automate the reboot system. Your internet connection literally dies when the router is getting rebooted. 

However, if you change the reboot settings to automatic, your router will reboot without you even knowing that your internet went down.

Set a night time when you are usually sleeping so that you will not have to worry about waiting for your router for rebooting. 

Connect An Extender 

If you think that after everything, your router is still not capable increase the speed, you can connect a WiFi range extender to the router.

Not only will it increase the speed and bandwidth of your current network, but will also extend the range to the dead zones in your house or office. 


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