How to Make a DIY Wi-Fi Antenna at Home | For Beginners

Wi-Fi antennas are present everywhere there is an internet connection. Pretty much everyone who has internet knows what they are.

They’re the long sticks that pop out of the modem, chances are you know what they look like. So, in this guide, we will help you learn how to build a wifi antenna?

These antennas essentially pick up the signals from your internet service provider and let it so you can connect to the internet.

Needless to say, these wi-fi antennas are really important since, without them, you won’t be able to pick up any signals.

Important: The thing most people don’t know is that depending on your antenna, you can increase the range of your WiFi Connection. 

How to Build a Wifi Antenna at Home

You may be interested in building a wi-fi antenna for a number of reasons.

Perhaps you want to increase the range of your connection, or your existing antenna broke and you’re in need of replacement, or maybe you want to build one just for fun or educational purposes. 

What We’ll Be Making

First of all, you have to know that there is a vast type of antenna out there.

To make sure things go smoothly, we’ve picked out the simplest one to help you get started. 

The one we’ll be making today is a strainer antenna. There are two methods which we can make this, both of which are relatively easy to make so don’t worry.

Building a new wi-fi antenna may seem like a daunting task, but the truth is you don’t have to be an engineer to make one. And this Article Helps you do just that.

  • Things you’ll be needing for the strainer antenna

A lot of the items we’ll be using aren’t exactly hard to find, but if you don’t already have them at home, you might have to go shopping. Here’s the list:

  • Strainer, single handle, shaped like a wok
  • USB extension cable
  • USB Wi-Fi adapter
  • Electric tape or Hot glue gun

Once you have all the things listed above, you can start making your antenna

Building The Strainer Antenna

1st Method

The first method of building this antenna is less of a hassle than the second, but they basically do the same thing. So, just pick out whichever works best. Here’s the first method:

  • Step 1: Plugin the USB wi-fi adapter to the extension cable.

  • Step 2: Place the USB wi-fi adapter on the top part of the strainer. Make it so the USB adapter is directly at the center of the mesh, and that the rest of the extension wire runs down along the handle.

  • Step 3: Wrap the tape around the handle where the extension wire is in order to keep the USB adapter in the center. You can use a stick to straighten the USB adapter if it keeps falling down – just make sure it is steady

  • Step 4: Plugin the extension to your computer and you’re done!

2nd Method

If the first method didn’t work so great for you, you can try the second method right here:

  • Step 1: Get your strainer out and before continuing any further it is important that you keep the original smooth shape of the mesh intact. This is important for getting the signal.
    Once you have it out, make a hole in the center of the mesh. Make sure that it’s only big enough for the female side of the USB extension cable to get it and tight enough that it fits.

  • Step 2: Insert the female head of your USB extension cable right under the center of the mesh where the hole is. Make sure that the female head is in between the hole and not over it.
    In order to keep it sturdy, use your hot glue gun to fix it in place. It should be so you can insert the USB adapter on the female head from the top part of the mesh.

  • Step 3: Insert the USB wi-fi adapter on the female head of the extension cable. It should look like the USB adapter is standing straight on the mesh.

  • Step 4: Insert the other end of the USB extension cable to your computer and it should work fine!

I hope this article was helpful, there are a lot of different wi-fi adapters out there, but we just found this to be the easiest to make at home for beginners.

Don’t let that stop you though, go explore the many different kinds of adapters out there and make them yourself.

Some of those give better results than the basic one we made here today. Have fun!

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