Know The Best Way To Share WiFi With Neighbor

So, you want to show some courtesy to your neighbors by extending your internet connection to get into their reach. In other words, you want to know the best way to share Wifi with neighbors.

Sharing among friends and neighbors is no doubt a kind gesture, which brings closeness and promotes civility among people living in the same vicinity.

However, taking this step just to prove that you are a good neighbor should be worthy only if you are sure that your connection will stay secure afterward.

There can be problems in the internet speed, range, buffering issues, and so on because once you share your internet access to your neighbors, your device will get burdened with a doubled connection to more devices. 

If you think you can manage things properly, and will not through your device into the wall for not performing accurately, you can go for it. make sure to keep a backup plan in case things take a wrong turn for you. 

Why Would Your Neighbors Need Your Wifi

There can be so many reasons why your neighbors will ask you to share your wifi with them.

  • The first can be because you are the closest living with an internet connection.
  • They don’t have access to the internet.
  • Their internet isn’t working at the moment.
  • They need your wifi for outdoor use.
  • They need to make an urgent call, and their internet is not good enough.

Is It A Good Idea To Share Your Wifi?

As mentioned above, your neighbors can use your internet depending on their intentions. All you have to do is be careful.

With the advancement of hacking techniques and the constant approach of people to breach other people’s connections to steal data or do illegal stuff, sharing has become harder.

Now, people don’t really trust even their neighbors because we cannot read anyone’s mind. That is Why you should know how to prevent illegal connection to your wifi router.

Important: If you are too kind to say No to Anyone, there are ways through which you can easily share your wifi without the stress of Data Theft or any Hacking.
The Best Ways To Share Your Wifi With Your Neighbor:

Following are some of the best ways to share your wifi with neighbors in which you will be able to promote the spirit of courtesy and sharing without compromising your privacy. Let us have a look at the details.

Create A Guest Network 

The best way to share wifi with neighbors is to create a separate guest network for other users. This will not only help you share your wifi with neighbors, but you will also create one for the guests.

  • Most of the latest router models have this built-in option for the guest network. If you are to share your wifi with people, make sure you have the latest router model set up in your house that supports this setting.
  • Create a separate guest account in your router’s control panel, and set a different SSID and password for this network. You can share this network with your neighbors without sharing your real wifi account.
  • As soon as they are done using this network and disconnect from it, the SSID will automictically get removed from their devices. What can be safer than that?

Share Through QR Code

Another way through which you can share your wifi is through a QR code. In a few simple steps listed below, you will be able to share your internet with your neighbors in no time.

  • Download and install a wifi QR sharing app from the play store.
  • Open it and scan all the networks already connected to your wifi.
  • Tap the pencil icon in the app and select the network you want to generate a QR code for.
  • Select a password for the network and save it. You will get a QR code with this password. Anyone asking you for your wifi will be given this QR code.
  • Snap the code, and read it with a QR code reader.

Establish A Direct Host Connection 

  • Open your PC and enter the Command Prompt in your windows.
  • Enter command “netsh WLAN show drivers” and see if your computer supports host networks.
  • If it does, simply download all the required drivers, and type the next command “netsh WLAN set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=yourname key=yourpassword”.
  • Press enter and you have now successfully established a host network.
  • If it doesn’t work restart your wifi, and then go to the host network. Select Network and Sharing Center from the control panel and select the “Sharing” tab from the Network and Adapter Settings.

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