How To Prevent Illegal Connection To My Router WIFI?

Are you having a doubt that someone in your neighbors might be using your internet through illegal means?

Well with the advancement of technology and hacking techniques, this is not an impossible task anymore.

Even with a beginner level hacking knowledge, people can now easily jump into your internet network without you even knowing. However, it is not so difficult to know if someone is tampering with your router.

Stop suspecting each of your neighbors who passes in front of your house to be the culprit, and do something to check on whether your suspicions are right or was it just a misunderstanding.

Important: Getting a Satisfying Answer to your Question is important because if someone is really into your Network, then your Privacy is at Stake.

Here are some details about how to know who is connected to your router network and what you can do to prevent this illegal breaching into your privacy. Have a look and save your connection.

What Are Some Signs Of An Illegal Connection?

The first and foremost thing that you need to learn about is the signs that will help you know whether there is an illegal connection or not.

Following given are some of the major signs from which you will be able to know if your router is being hacked.

  • The internet connection quite slow
  • You are paying more on your downloading bill than you have actually downloaded. 
  • You are facing continuous lag in your streaming and videos
  • You are experiencing modifications in your data and folders
  • Your router is signaling divided speed to other computers and devices

If you are going through any of the above-mentioned problems, then you are most likely under the hacking trap of any of your neighbors.

Why Would Anyone Do That?

It is natural that when anything of this sort happens, you just question yourself, “Why me?”.

The answer is simple. It is not only you who has faced any such situation. There are many people who have paid more than you can imagine.

People hack other people’s wifi routers and use their internet for criminal activities. What happens is that the innocent ones have to face the consequences.

Some other reasons for anyone to interfere in your router’s performance are listed below:

  • They do not have an internet connection
  • They don’t have enough downloading limit on their internet device
  • They want to save their money
  • They download movies and music that are banned
  • They want to breach your data and steal it
  • They need your Gateway IP address for some illegal criminal activity

See Who Is Connected To Your Internet?

As an internet user, you should learn the different ways to check on people if they are trying to illegally access your router’s wifi.

You don’t want to get yourself into a mess, which is why it is essential to keep your connection safe, secure, and strong enough to be un-hackable.

The Latest Routers have their separate Mobile Applications, which helps the user to get Regular updates about the Performance of the Router.

If you are using a strong security encrypted protocol like WPA2, you will get an instant notification if anyone tries to enter your router.

Go to the settings of your router when you receive any such notification, and search for the “connected devices” options in the menu bar.

Click on it and you will get a detailed list of all the devices using your internet.

The devices that you have allowed to connect to the router will show up with their saved names, however, the other ones will be labeled as “Unknown devices.”

Prevention Of An Illegal Connection To Your Router

The first and most important thing is to secure your router as soon as you find any suspicious activity going on with your connection or speed.

  • Use your web network user interface and check the list of all the unknown devices connected by clicking the DHCP clients.

  • Block the IP addresses of all those devices and change your network’s username and password.

  • Make your network private by implementing a WPA2 security protocol to be ensured of privacy.

  • Keep the router upgrade option enabled and keep the firmware upgraded on a regular basis.

There is a lot that you can do to keep your connection safe and private. The above details are some of the many ways through which you can secure your data and privacy.

These security implications are guaranteed to help you sleep peacefully knowing that no one is trying to breach your network privacy.

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