Logitech G102 vs G203 – Compare And Reach The Best Decision

If you are hunting for the best gaming mouse, it ended up on the two best gaming mouse from Logitech that may seem to offer you the best value for your money, specifically G102 vs G203, which seems like the copy of Logitech G Pro.

However, it is most difficult to decide which is a better mouse. There is no mention of the sensor used, it is very hard to choose the one, and it nearly cost the same.

G102 vs G203, they’re all almost the same mouse just with different regions that work with the best wireless router. That is one of the best budget mice in the market.

A popular shell from Logitech G102 vs G203 is a reliable sensor, decent cable, lowest weight, and relatively small mouse means it’s basically what we expect in top-tier gaming mice but done cheaply.

Sure it’s not as good as the G Pro, but you probably wouldn’t notice that it is good, especially for the money.

Logitech G102 vs G203 – Comparative Study

As we know that computers are the necessary device with almost all of us using nowadays and both for either capability or for entertainment, the main tools will be the same insider with some specific setup.

The mouse is a whole part of your computer, but it all depends on the application, the model that we may choose will be different as well.

Logitech G102 vs G203 are the two best choices for gaming purposes that will not lack the regular mouse, and if you are also seeing these mice, you can check the details in this comparison to check which suits you the best.

We are sure that most of the people have at least one set of computers in their house or laptop and quite a similar setup for their daily job helper.

By depending on your application somehow, the setup can have many tools inside; for example, regular people will only need a display, keyboard, and mouse, but for streamers, there will also be a need to add a camera and microphone for the activity.

Logitech G203 Prodigy RGB Wired Gaming...Something Great
  • Prodigy Series Logitech G mouse for advanced gaming grade performance up-to 8 times faster response than standard mice so every mouse click and move is near instantaneous from hand to screen

And for gaming purposes, we need a standard setup along with the headphones to play silently. No matter the application, the computer’s basic setup will stay the same, and among these tools, the one that we often change from time to time is the mouse.

That is because the device is inclined to wear quickly, and it is also among the most economical, for instance, to improve, unlike the display.

Mouse, in general, will also offer the same thing that is a way to move the cursor of the mouse around and to carry out a command.

However, due to different requirements and preferences, you can find lots of choices in the market.

1. Logitech G102 Logitech Prodigy RGB Wired Gaming Mouse
Logitech G102

Logitech G102 Gaming Mouse
Game Quality Sensor

In this Logitech G102 review, you may find that we have referred to the optical sensor that this mouse comes with as 6000DPI and at other times as 8000DPI.
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Logitech G102 Review

There are many good things to consider about the Logitech G102 review; there is no surprise because there are many good things to say about this model Logitech gaming mouse. With this G102 mouse, you will even find that it packs some latest features such as you would mostly find it expensive, more advanced MMO gaming mice feature.

Some of these features also include programmable buttons, high DPI range of 8000, and others that we will discuss here, as you may have seen in our Logitech G600 review, that you can never go wrong with Logitech mice. After all, you can only expect perfection after more than 30 years of making the same product.

From a distance, this mouse looks like it is a bit delicate. I think the thin plastic casing makes it look like this. However, looks can be deceitful, and in this mouse, they indeed are deceptive.

Important: That is not an uproarious mouse, but its high performance leaves a lasting imprint on your mind. It is built solid, and with proper care, it is going to last a long time.

For regular users who are doing standard jobs such as typing and browsing or using the software for editing such as video or photo editing tools, any mice should be able to give an excellent performance and sufficient to provide you with a good experience, and also includes the cheaper ones.

What makes things different is if you have specific needs while using the computer, and it can co-relate to what we will do in the activity, for example, online streaming for playing video games.

Features of Logitech G102 IC PRODIGY Gaming Mouse

  • G102 has a fast reporting rate at 1 ms or 1000Hz. That means that there is no lapse at all between the time that you press a button on this mouse and when that command is displayed on the screen. That is also referred to as the polling rate.

  • Its optical sensor is super active at tracking. When combined with a resolution of 8000 dots per inch, this is a high-resolution gaming mouse. You can also adjust DPI fast at intervals of 200.

  • The weight of 85 g makes this mouse perfect for playing FPS games.

  • Remember, the MMO, MOBA and MMORPG games work for heavier gaming mice such as Logitech G600.

  • The mouse has six fully programmable buttons that are not too many and not crowded at all.

  • That means that you remap the buttons such that some of the keyboard functions are accessible in the mouse buttons.

  • It has excellent build quality with a thin plastic casing that makes this mouse light in weight but long-lasting at the same time.

  • Logitech G102 size is 4.6 inches long, which means your wrists do not cramp up at all when you play if you have mid-size palms.

  • It has a rubber cord that is 6 feet long. Rubber cables are not as bad as braided cable enthusiasts that would have us believe. Let’s say each has its benefits.

  • It has a sweet, solid, clickable scroll wheel with delicate and beautiful ridges. It, therefore, responds very well too.

  • More than 16 million LED colors to personalize your mouse fully. It also has good RGB lighting to make it easy to recognize your gaming profiles.

  • Logitech software is easy to use for other gaming mice. It is not any different for the G102 Prodigy. You will find it easy to work your mouse to meet your needs.

  • The left and right-click buttons have been mechanically stressed to reduce the force required to click them.

  • The mouse is made to move smoothly on all sorts of surfaces. However, it will run even better on a gaming mat. Besides this, you don’t want to preserve its feet for as long as the mouse will last.

  • That is a right-handed mouse, and there is no option to change the orientation in the software. Left-handed users will have to find an ambidextrous gaming mouse.

  • The mouse comes with onboard memory as do other gaming mice indeed under Logitech.

  • You can store a few game profiles. You do not need to install the Logitech software again when you play on a different computer.

  • You can adjust DPI whole in play. Just set the changes in the software so that you can perform as you wish on your gaming laptop.
2. Logitech G203 Prodigy RGB Wired Gaming Mouse
Logitech G203

Logitech G203 Gaming Mouse
Ambidextrous Style Mouse

It can be used effectively and efficiently by both the right handed and left-handed people. However, you should note that it only has thumb buttons for right-handed people.
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Logitech G203 Review

If you do not have enough money to buy a high-end gaming mouse, this Logitech G203 Prodigy review is for you. But do not let the low price fool you because this mouse has many commendable features that we will discuss in the upcoming sections.

  • In marketplaces, you can own this gaming mouse and see what it can do for you.

The looks of this mouse may be slightly misleading for a viewer because it looks like something that you would use for regular office work. And perhaps you can. The design is simple, and in tech, we know that the more straightforward thing is always better.

Even if you sell it at this affordable price, this mouse still works many, if not all, functions that the higher-priced gaming mice perform. That is undoubtedly not a pretentious gaming mouse, but when it comes down to selecting weapons for your game, you will be glad to know that you bought it.

Features of Logitech G203 Prodigy RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

  • This mouse responds to commands eight times faster than any other regular mouse.

  • Left and right-click buttons have minimal tension for right and left-handed people. Therefore, they click more quickly.

  • Logitech G 203 has a 6000 DPI sensor that makes you able to play multiple kinds of games.

  • The design of the mouse has been designed for ergonomics.

  • It has five buttons, all with different functions.

  • Its stores game settings on the mouse work so that you can use them on any computer.

  • The mouse is called, although it does not have a braided cable with it.

  • It has 16.8 million colors for lighting up; this is also very adjustable.

  • The cable wire of this mouse is 6 feet long.

  • This mouse lacks strips on the sides, as we have seen in other gaming mice.

Logitech G102 vs G203: Final Verdict

In conclusion, they can offer what we want: a reliable mouse with fast-tracking and convenience to use for a long time, but since G203 is affordable now, we highly advised you to pick this model over its other version.

Considering performance wise both are very reliable, there is no issue about lagging, and the DPI rate is adjustable to match with your application in which we never have to put them at the peak point for the lower levels are working just in a fine way.

We are not a fan of the scroll wheel because while it works in the right way, its material is easily dirtied from small particles of dust, making us have to clean it pretty often.

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