Best MMO Mouse Buying Guide For 2021 – MMO Gaming Mice Reviews

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With the people’s interests being shifted towards online gaming, best MMO Mouse, and MOBA Mouse are the words that we often get to hear when it comes to online gaming.

Both MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) as evident from the names require many numbers of players.

For games that require a lot of buttons, there are special kinds of mice called the MMO mouse that have keyboard keys installed in them.

These mice practically give you an extra keyboard to play. Since these games are quite complex, they require tons of key bindings that are provided by MMO mice.

The MMO and MOBA mice are becoming increasingly popular among gamers lately. An essential tip for the gamer. If you want hassle-free gaming you need to have good WiFi Router.

8 Best MMO Mouse for Gaming – Ultimate Choice

However, since they are a little heavy on the pocket, choosing the best mouse is an important task. The product’s design and its weight aren’t the only measures to determine its sturdiness and long-lasting ness.

For this, we have reviewed some of the top choices available in the market to help you decide which mouse would best serve your needs.

1. Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse
Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse


Brand name: Razer | Model Number: RZ01-02410100-R3U1 | Hardware Platform: Universal, PC | Sensor: 5G Optical Sensor | Mouse shape: Right-handed | Programmable buttons: 9 / 14 / 19 | Custom Lighting: chroma RGB |Connection: Wired |

  • Provides 16.8 million colors
  • Style personalization
  • 3 side plates for complete control
  • Allows mouse configuration for weapons
  • 3 separate controlled lighting zones
  • 5G optical sensor
  • configuration for build customizations
  • Bit Expensive
  • Suitable for right-handed
Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse
The Power of Total Control

The Razer Naga Trinity has 3 interchangeable side plates that let you switch between different buttons, you can configure your mouse for customization.
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Razer Naga Trinity Review

  • If we need to define Razer Naga Trinity in one word, it would be ‘Power Overwhelming”. It is at top of the list of best MMO mice. This device transfers complete control to you with its interchangeable side plates. From these plates, you can customize your button options according to your gaming requirements.

  • Moreover, the buttons are positioned in a way to not restrict your hand motions in any way and to allow you to use the mouse for hours without feeling any strain. Razer Synapse configuration software allows you to rebind controls, assign macros to Razer peripherals, or save all your settings automatically to the cloud.

  • This mouse is equipped with a 16000 DPI features, which is a fairly high number. Note that the higher the DPI number, the more you can move your cursor without having the need to move your hands physically.

  • The Razer Naga Trinity has a 5G optical sensor that detects mouse movements relative to the surface so that the movements are swift. It has three separate lightning zones i.e. the wheel, the side buttons, and the Razer logo on the palm rest.

  • By being versatile, Razer Naga allows you to play many different games. This wired mouse has very low latency and excellent performance.

  • Although Razer Naga Trinity is packed with many features, yet some complaints have been common among the users. These include difficult software installation or even occasionally buggy software which may lead to device failure.

It also comes at a fairly high price but given the features, this price seems somewhat justified.

2. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Mouse
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum mouse


Brand name: Logitech G | Series: 910-004615 | Hardware platform: Mac, PC | Wireless type: 802.11 a/b/g/n | Advanced Optical Sensor | Batteries: 1 Lithium Metal Batteries required | Programmable buttons: 11 | Quick DPI shifting from low to high sensitivity |

  • Connects up to 35 devices
  • Extended coverage without needing Wi-Fi extenders
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Easy to install
  • Great performance on the 5GHz band
  • Suitable for right-handed user
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
Premium Build High Quality

Exceptional tracking accuracy and consistent responsiveness for a truly exceptional and highly customizable experience.
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Logitech G502 Review

  • The highlight of Logitech G502 is its RGB lighting, which means it combines the red, green, and blue colors to create millions of hues of colors. It ranks second in the list of top MMO Mouse. Not only does this mouse has DPI sensitivity range i.e. from 200 to 12000 DPI, but it also allows for quick transition between low to high sensitivity and vice versa.

  • It has a PMW3366 optical sensor for swift and prompt motions across the entire DPI range. Although it is designed in a way that befits the gripping needs of right-handed users, yet it is able to fit in the palms of almost every user.

  • The mechanical button tensioning is there to let you click without using much force and be able to hear that satisfactory click your mouse makes. The three DPI lights tell you which of the 5 settings you are currently on, and the thumb button lets you scroll up and down these settings easily.

  • Program these settings using the Logitech Gaming Software (LGS). Its custom lighting, 11 programmable buttons, desk surface tuning, and a variety of weight and balance options- all contribute to the highly personalized gaming experience.

  • There are 5 weights weighing 3.6 g each that can be placed in different orientations to provide a customized weight and balanced position. You can tune your mouse sensor according to the surface on which you use your mouse for gaming for classic customization.

  • Another mentionable feature is its NextGen RGB LIGHTSYNC technology which provides 16.8 million brilliant colors that can be synchronized to your different games, videos, and even devices.
3. Razer Naga HEX V2 Mouse
Razer Naga HEX V2 Mouse


Brand name: Razer Naga | Series: Razer Naga Hex V2 | Model number: RZ01-01600100-R3A1 | Hardware platform: PC | Programmable buttons: 14 |7 button mechanical thumb wheel | 5G Laser Sensor |16.8 million color options |

  • Incredible responsiveness
  • Color synchronization
  • 16,000 DPI laser sensor
  • Solid grip
  • Ultimate precision
  • Customized lighting
  • Specially designed for MOBA games
  • Razer synapse enabled
  • Not very sturdy
Razer Naga HEX V2 Mouse
For Gamers, By Gamers

This tagline used by Razer Naga HEX V2 clearly defines its value proposition i.e. to enable the gamers in any way it can. Everything contributes to your excellent gaming experience.
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Razer Naga Hex V2 Review

  • This OP MOBA mouse is designed keeping in mind all requirements of the gamers. It ranks third in the list of best MMO Mice. Its ergonomic design fits almost all shapes and sizes of hands and doesn’t put any strain on muscles while using. The mouse is powered by Razer Chroma technology that allows for customizable lighting.

  • There are separate lighting zones for the logo, the thumbwheel, and the scroll wheel. You can also sync these colors to other devices powered by Razer Chroma. It has a 16,000 DPI 5G laser sensor which is extremely sensitive.

  • Unlike an optical sensor that uses an LED illumination, laser sensors use laser beams that have accurate precision. The purpose of 7 buttons mechanical thumbwheel is that you never miskick by positioning buttons at equal distance to the thumb. All of these buttons are programmable and give access to multiple commands.

  • To increase maximum in-game efficiency, the Razer Naga HEX comes with multiple downloadable profiles that can be activated by Razer Synapse. This gives you swifter access to skills and items and more variety of communications and command actions.

  • The rubberized thumb grip present at the center of the thumbwheel provides a superior grip. Which comes in handy for MOBA games? Its spectrum cycling lighting effects cycle through the entire spectrum of 16.8 million colors. The 7 feet braided fiber USB cable is resistant to outer damage.
4. Redragon M901 Gaming Mouse
Redragon M901 Gaming Mouse


Brand name: Redragon | Model number: M901 | Hardware platform: PC | Number of programmable buttons: 12 MMO programmable and 7 mouse buttons | Adjustable DPI | PC mouse compatibility: Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, Mac OS | Backlit optical gaming mouse |

  • RGB Backlighting
  • 18 programmable buttons
  • 5 memory profiles with LED colors
  • User-adjustable DPI: 1000/ 2000/ 4000/ 8000/ 12000/ 24000
  • Pinpoint accuracy with Pixart PMW3360
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quickfire button for quick burst fire option
  • Reasonable price
  • Issues with software
Redragon M901 Gaming Mouse
High Personalization Feature

The 19 programmable buttons, RGB backlighting, and 5 memory profiles- all contribute to its customizability.
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Redragon M901 Review

  • This product by Redragon possesses everything you require to have an edge over your competitors during MMO or MOBA gaming. It ranks 4th in the list of best MMO Mouse. Redragon has an optical sensor and its DPI can be adjusted over a fine range of sensitivities and has motion detection for precise control.

  • For games like PubG, Fortnight, Call of duty, League of Legends, etc. that require hours of gaming sessions, your hands might feel strained due to the continuous use of a mouse.

  • However, with Redragon, you never need to worry about being comfortable because it gives the most comfortable long gaming session experience for gamers. Its weight tuning set has 8 weights of 2.4g each and lets you set it to the weight most suitable to you.

  • It has 7 mouse buttons and 12 MMO programmable buttons, and for games with high-octane thrill ride FPS battles, there is a quick-fire button to give you the edge in the game. One very notable feature of Redragon is its affordability and value for money.

  • With RGB backlighting, you have over 16 million colors to choose from for personalization. There is 5 Memory profile and each one can be linked to a different color for easy identification.

  • The backlit option can also be disabled. Furthermore, it comes with a 6 ft long and 3mm thick gold-plated USB cable that is corrosion resistant. Redragon mouse is flooded with amazing features. Yet its software has had complaints of being nonefficient.
5. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse
Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse


Brand name: Logitech G | Series: Logitech Inc. | Model number: 910-002864 |Hardware platform: PC | Batteries: 1 C batteries required | 20 MMO tuned buttons |Laser sensor with up to 8200 DPI |

  • 20 MMO tuned buttons
  • Customizable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Sensitive laser sensor
  • Double functions with G-shift
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lag free operation executions
  • DPI sensitivity could be improved
Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse
Easy-to-use Lag Free Experience

With a USB report rate of 1 millisecond, Logitech G600 will ensure that your actions never lag and minimize miss clicks.
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Logitech G600 Review

  • Logitech G600 is loved by users for many reasons; its large number of buttons is one of those. It ranks 5th in the list of best MMO Mouse. It has 20 MMO buttons out of which 12 are thumb buttons, there is a clickable scroll that tilts, and a G shift that doubles the number of actions you can perform with every button.

  • This mouse gives you the ultimate power to conquer any MMO battle with its lightning-fast speeds. It has 3 memory profiles and you can set up to 5 different levels of DPI at each profile.

  • This mouse was designed by taking input directly from the gamers and thus, its 12 thumb buttons are positioned carefully in 2 sets of six buttons. These reduce action timings and miss clicks by precisely tuned actuation force.

  • Like Logitech G502, this mouse also uses RGB LIGHTSYNC technology so that you can choose from over 16 million colors to sync with each profile and other devices as well. Not only does DPI have different sensitivity settings, you can also shift from one level to the next with just a click without any lagging.

  • This is called On-the-fly DPI shifting and lets you shift from pixel-precise 250 DPI to 8,200 DPI with a single click. Last but not the least, its ergonomic design is perfect for any hand shape and size for a comfortable gaming experience without causing any stress to the muscles.

  • However, one downside of Logitech is that it mostly fits the needs of the World of Warcraft gamers. Thus, if you’re into other MMO games more, you might want to reconsider getting a Logitech G600.
6. UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse
UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse


Brand name: UtechSmart Inc. | Model number: FBA_Venus | DPI range from 200 to 16,400 | Programmable buttons: 18 | Compatibility: Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP | Cursor speed: 100-150 in/s |

  • Adjustable DPI sensitivity
  • Omron micro switches for crisp clicks
  • Fully programmable buttons
  • Weight tuning
  • Ergonomic and durable mouse
  • Right-handed design only
UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse
Comfortable to Use

UtechSmart Venus can be described as a comfortable to use mouse-provides support for the thumb and ring finger, and has frosted painted surface to prevent sweating.
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UtechSmart Venus Review

  • This mouse provides quite a wide range of features given its reasonable price. The Avago sensor it possesses has accurate precision and DPI ranging from 200 to a whopping 16,400 which is really good given its price. There are 19 buttons in total, out of which 18 are programmable and 1 is the switch button.

  • It offers 5 programmable memory profiles and each profile can be linked to a different color out of the 16 million colors available for quick identification. 4 regions are illuminated by these RGB LED lights i.e. the front LED zone, the wheel, the 12 side buttons, and the UtechSmart logo.

  • The brightness level can also be controlled. UtechSmart has been created keeping the comfort of the gamers in mind, the 12 side buttons incline in a way that is easily in reach of the thumb’s pressing force and thus, does not feel difficult to press.

  • Furthermore, the mouse is painted in a way to avoid sweating and hence enhances the user’s grip. Its support for the thumb and ring finger does not give room to strain and the position of the quick positioning button save time for quick operations.

  • An added feature of UtechSmart is that it isn’t restricted to be used by gamers only, many engineers also use it preferably for AutoCad. In short, this mouse is packed with features that any expensive mouse has and that too, at such comparable prices. The only downside is the quality of those features which still has a lot of room for improvement.
7. Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse
Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse


Brand name: Logitech G | Series: Logitech G602 Mouse | Model number: 910-003820 | Hardware Platform: PC, Mac | Number of programmable buttons: 11| Wireless type: 5.8GHz Radio Frequency, 802.11 a/b/g/n | Batteries: 1 CR2 batteries required |

  • Wireless connection
  • Advanced sensor Delta Zero
  • Battery life of up to 250 hours
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • Lag free gaming experience
  • Batteries not rechargeable
  • Not suitable for small hands
Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse
Play Longer with Ease of Use

Logitech G602 uses polaroid AA batteries that provide up to 250 hours of battery life, 8X longer than others so that you can enjoy long sessions of gaming.
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Logitech G602 Review

  • One issue quite common with wireless mice is that they often lag while using, however, with Logitech G602, you never have to worry about lagging. This wireless MMO mouse is giving other competitors a run for their money.

  • The buttons are durable are have been tested through 20 million clicks. Logitech G602 has an incredible DPI range of 250-25,000 which is the highest of all other reviewers. One of the features that Logitech takes pride in is the long battery life of up to 250 hours, which is 8 times longer than any other competitor.

  • There are 5 DPI settings that are swiftly transitioned by an onboard controller. The design is sturdy and sleek, and all buttons are positioned accurately so that you can have interruption-free gaming sessions. The buttons can be pressed without causing any tension to your hand and thumb muscles.

  • It doesn’t follow the typical grid-style button layout and has 6 buttons between the thumb and the palm and 2 between the palm and left-click. There are a total of 11 programmable buttons which are although less than many other mice but compensate for this shortage by being extremely durable.

  • It connects to a USB port and requires a 2.4 GHz frequency to receive and transmit wireless signals. The Delta Zero advanced optical sensor has consistent accuracy throughout, for quicker reactions and extreme responsiveness.
8. ASUS ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse
asus rog spatha gaming mouse


Brand Name: ASUS | Series: Rog Spatha | Model number: L701-1A-ROG SPATHA | Wireless type: 2.4 GHz radio frequency, 802.11 a/b/g/n | Hardware platform: PC | Number of Programmable buttons: 12 | 8,200 DPI | 3-zone RGB lighting |

  • Excellent tracking
  • Click resistance with Omron click switches
  • Durable
  • Built-in memory
  • RGB lighting
  • Customized switching between wireless and wired modes
  • Quite expensive
ASUS ROG Spatha Mouse
Best Delivers Control Feature

The Omron click switches that provide customizable click resistance, 3-zone RGB lighting, Magnesium alloy foundation, and the overall customization.
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ASUS ROG Spatha Mouse Review

  • Being unique in its own way, ASUS ROG Spatha does not follow the grid layout for buttons and its buttons are easily distinguished from each other. The 6 thumb buttons are fully programmable and are arranged to resemble the classic ROG eye.

  • This mouse provides extreme responsiveness and a lag-free gaming experience at its wireless mode. However, if the battery runs out, you can enjoy the same features by connecting the wire to the PC as well. The performance and durability are designed for marathons of MMO gaming Mice by taking feedback from the gamers themselves.

  • ROG Spatha uses RGB lighting across three zones i.e. the scroll wheel, the side buttons, and the ROG logo. Since gaming mice have to endure a lot of clicks which are also sometimes aggressive, ROG Spatha uses Omron click switches for swift and resistance-free clicks.

  • These switches can be upgraded by swapping one with the other simply by unscrewing the 4 bottom screws and gaining access to the sockets by releasing the top cover. It has built-in flash memory that can store multiple profiles- in short, you have the control of personalizing it down to every single feature.

Although ROG Spatha is expensive, yet given the highly competitive features, it provides good value for money.

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