Skybell HD vs Ring Pro – Enhance Your Home Security By The Doorbells!

Want to improve your home security? Feeling difficulty in selecting one option for your home security? Trapped in choosing between Skybell HD vs Ring Pro?

Take a deep breath as we are taking all of your worries regarding home security issues!

  • So, today we are here with the most demanded comparison between Skybell HD vs Ring Pro!

The customers grab the best and under budget outdoor security cameras mostly, so this advanced doorbell is a great option!

You can’t deny that it’s a tough time choosing between Skybell HD vs Ring Pro while offering you complete security.

Multiple devices are out there to provide fine security to your home.

So knowing the difference between the two, Skybell HD vs Ring Pro doorbell is of great importance.

Getting a doorbell that also considers being the most reliable security camera is a smart choice.

  • Especially, when you live in a big house and concerned about keeping your belongings safe. 

Either of the two, Skybell HD vs Ring Pro, gives you a perfect combination of benefit and surveillance.

Moreover, they also add extra confidence and comfortableness to your entrance.

We will provide you detail on both the products, their specifications, basic features, and the overall pros and cons to help you decide one!

Skybell HD vs Ring Pro – Get A Comparison! 

When it’s the time to find and grab the best security camera for your home security, video doorbells with complete surveillance is a good option, especially getting one between Skybell HD vs Ring Pro.

It most likely that before you came here, you would have heard a lot about the features in Skybell HD vs Ring Pro.

We will help you extract an educated evaluation by giving a quick comparison and detailed features of both!

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Both the doorbells come with different fields of view.

So, it is important to have a field of view to assure a comprehensive sight of your home entry.

The Skybell HD comes with a 180-degree field of view, whereas Ring Pro features a 160-degree angle to provide a complete outside range.

  • Although this is not a gigantic difference between the two, if you want the outclass coverage than probably go with the Skybell HD.

Without deferring more, let’s get to the detailed review of both the products one by one.

1. Skybell HD – Wifi Video Doorbell
Skybell HD vs Ring Pro


Brand: Skybell | Model Number: SH02300BZ | Weight: 1.9 ounces | Field of View: 180-degree | Compatibility: 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n | Resolution: 1080p/720p HD |

Skybell HD Video Doorbell
On-Demand Monitoring

Now you can turn on the video camera and get complete access to outside at any time using the amazing Skybell HD app.
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Skybell HD Doorbell Review

The company made this security-induced doorbell very classy and easy to use.

Furthermore, this model came with more improvements as the motion sensor feature fits between the buzzer button and the camera.

  • When you go through the dimensions, the puck-shaped doorbell has a 2.8 inches diameter, which comes with a brushed silver finishing. 

Moreover, the doorbell has a “Trim Plus” version so the device fits on a door frame easily.

The video quality is wonderful as the camera captures it in a resolution of 1080P. This is a major improvement as previously the cameras were providing a resolution of 640-480.

Not only this, but the Skybell HD provides a 180-degree field of view to get a better range and so the camera can take a hold of everything within this wide range. 

Important: Skybell HD is also compatible with your mobile app – android or iOS so it can display the live and recorded videos as long as you have a stable internet connection.

For this purpose, you can even extend the range of your Wifi for a better connection. 

The best part about this doorbell is that the cloud service is free for seven days, and you can store the triggered videos there.

The device is very easy-to-setup, and installation is straightforward, so any person can adjust the wiring.

Last but not least, Skybell HD employs multi-color LEDs to offer full-color night vision video rather than the ordinary black-and-white video that you mostly get out of the competition.

Above all, the bandwidth of Wifi provides a high-end connection to the doorbell and gives complete security.

Features of Skybell HD Doorbell

High definition video

  • The Skybell HD provides a high definition video with 1080P resolution.

  • With this feature, the users can easily detect whoever is outside.

Night colour vision

  • Moreover, it has a feature of Color Night Vision so you can make sure of whatever happening outside your home.

  • This can be in front of your door at dim lights, or even when the porch lights off. 

Two-way audio system

  • Connect your doorbell with your mobile and easily get access to the outsider by this two-way audio system.

Motion sensor detection

  • The motion sensor is an attractive feature as it can help you detect any thief or unknown person. 

  • You will get an alert, by the motion detection, if anyone appears outside your home even if they don’t press the bell. 

Field of View

  • Furthermore, a 180-degree field of view by the Skybell HD provides a broad range to see outside the homes.

Silent mode

  • Furthermore, this silent mode is great if you don’t want to get alerts, as you can remotely turn off your indoor chimes and receive notifications. 

Record for seven days

  • All of the events recorded in your Skybell account are safe and also present for up to seven days. 

Multiple users 

  • You can also allow multiple users to get access to your account and facilitate themselves.

  • This happens by receiving notification, getting on-demand videos, and motion sensor feature, etc. 

Compatible with Alexa 

  • The Skybell HD doorbell is compatible with Amazon Echo or Alexa so you can also get a voice command if you want so.

2. Ring Pro – Video Doorbell
Skybell HD vs Ring Pro


Brand Name: Ring | Style: Video Doorbell Pro | Field of View: 160-degree | Resolution: 1080P | Dimensions: 4.50 x 1.85 x 0.8 inches |

Ring Pro Doorbell
The Ring App

The video doorbell gives access to the Ring app through your phone so you can keep an eye on your home at any time.
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Ring Pro Doorbell Review

The device looks slimmer and in a traditional style as the other doorbells.

If you want to adjust your Ring Pro with the existing doorbell of your home, the device comes with a screwdriver, mounting screws, and a Pro power kit to provide enough wiring and extensions to the settings. 

  • You can get the Ring Pro doorbell by matching it with the exterior of your home as it’s coming up in four interchangeable faceplates (black, bronze, nickel, and white).

You can get a clear view of whatever is outside your home, in front of your door by the resolution of 1080P. This video resolution is enough to get a high-end quality video.

  • The field of view is lesser than the Skybell HD with a 160-degree angle, but even this is sufficient to easily access a broad range of outside views. 

The doorbell uses three IR LEDs to give up to a 30-feet night vision. This means you can keep an eye on things for up to thirty feet from your home at night.

Important: Unlike the Skybell HD, this doorbell has a dual-band Wifi of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz to connect to your home Wifi. More precisely, the bandwidths use a standard of 802.11n circuitry for a stable connection.

Moreover, it has a built-in microphone to communicate with the outsiders, a speaker to get a clear volume.

Also, it appears beautiful when someone presses the doorbell button because of LED ring that glows blue after pressed.

If you remove the faceplate, you can find terminals at the back, and also a setup button on the right.

Furthermore, this doorbell is compatible with both Android and iOS and uses a mobile app to get remote access from anywhere in your home.

All in all, the installation process is very easy for anyone who can buy and immediately set it as his/her doorbell. 

Features of Ring Pro Doorbell

High Definition Video

  • You can get a high resolution of the video with the smart Ring Pro.

  • So, it provides 720P and 1080P high definition options. 

Field of View

  • A broad range of 160-degree field of view is present so to provide a complete view of the outside.

Motion detection feature

  • Moreover, motion detection allows you to customize the motion zones and focus on the most seen places.

Interchangeable faceplates

  • It comes with four interchangeable faceplates so you can choose one according to the exterior of your home and providing a safe view.

Overnight power

  • Moreover, it has the option of connecting the Ring Pro to your existing doorbell so you don’t have to charge the battery ever!

Voice Commands

  • The device is compatible with Alexa or Amazon Echo so you can get voice commands whenever you want and with complete ease by going hand-free. 

Dual-band Connectivity 

  • To provide a better internet connection to the video doorbell, it also offers dual-band connectivity.

Two-way Talk

  • Furthermore, enhance the conversation with outsiders by the two-way talk feature and set it with your smartphone!

Skybell HD vs Ring Pro – Final Thoughts!

Observing the Skybell HD vs Ring Pro, they come with their advantages and disadvantages.

The Skybell HD proposes an extended field of view and a night colour vision making it a perfect fit.

Whereas the Ring Pro offers more extensive surveillance coverage. You can receive instant alerts by this video doorbell. 

All in all, it’s your choice to purchase between the Skybell HD vs Ring Pro, both coming with the ultimate specs and features. 

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