Wyze Cam V1 vs V2 – Grab The Utmost Wireless Security Camera

Selecting one between Wyze Cam V1 vs V2 seems a tough choice as both provide outclass features.

Nowadays, everybody is relying on a smart security camera system to keep an eye on their property.

  • But does safety has to come at the expense of a high price?

A lot of companies introduced many different wireless security cameras such as Reolink, Dahua, et., but Wyze Cam proved as one leading class among all. 

With gadgets like Wyze Cam V1 vs V2, you can remain budget-friendly and safe at the same time!

If you have to pick one, which of these cameras (Wyze Cam V1 vs V2) would you choose?

Wyze Cam V1 vs V2 – Quick Comparison 

We would compare the two high-end cameras, Wyze Cam V1 vs V2, that carry a few basic differences.

Although both of them are quite efficient at delivering what they are made for. In fact, at first glance, you will find a lot more things in common that you expect. 

Both of the supreme, Wyze Cam V1 vs V2, models come equipped with Night-Vision.

What is the point of a security camera if it does not ensure safety when you are soundly sleeping?

Nothing to worry about the strange noises outside anymore. Either of the Wyze Cam V1 vs V2 can be connected with a smart Wifi router to check the feed whenever you want to. 

To get a reliable service from the wireless camera, you first need to get your hands on the best wireless router.

Besides, you can also get a live-view on demand that is accessible with a simple iOS or Android mobile app.

  • Furthermore, to provide an extra layer of security, motion detection helps you monitor any suspicious activity inside or outside the house.

Lastly, there is an in-built, two-way audio system that allows for communicating with guests at the door or family members at home when you are in the office. 

These are just a few common features you would find when comparing Wyze Cam V1 vs V2. 

  • Now, let us show you the differences between the two so you can make a well-informed decision next time. 

1. Wyze Cam V1 – Wireless Camera
Wyze Cam V1 vs V2


Brand Name: Wyze Labs, Inc. | Model Number: WYZEC1 | Resolution: 1080p HD | Dimensions: 2.2 x 2 x 2 inches | Weight: 0.27 lbs. |

Smart Wyze Cam V1
Advanced IFTTT Feature

IFTTT lets you connect smart devices, so you enjoy a flexible control such as turning on motion detection using a mobile when you are not at home.
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Wyze Cam V1 Review 

Wyze Cam V1 is one of the most affordable cameras in the market, but do not let this put you under the impression to compromise on the quality of the feed.

It still equips with some impressive features such as the two-way audio, IR night vision, and 1080p HD resolution output. 

Important: Wyze Cam V1, when first introduced, actually took the industry by storm as it provided a gadget for home security system just under $20.


Most users also love to install it in their living rooms or kitchen, as these are most suitable for indoor use. 

  • The best part about using this camera is that you need to do so little to install it yourself.

You would need the Wyze app and an internet connection that will then give you a step by step guide on what to do next.

We guarantee this is going to take just 10 minutes!

Features of Wyze Cam V1

Alexa Control 

  • Don’t we all feel like a boss when saying things like “Alexa, show me who is at the front door?”

  • Although this may seem cliché, camera control made super easy with the use of voice commands.

  • Wyze Cam V1 offers Alexa integration so you can view the live feed, turn on motion detection, change the field view, etc. 

IFTTT Feature

  • This feature is a handy one allowing connections for smart devices so you can execute commands more easily.

  • Moreover, it will deliver alerts when a suspected motion detects or let you control basic even when you are far away.

Uninterrupted Recording 

  • If your camera has the micro SD card, then you can also benefit from continuous recording.

  • This is a great security feature for use at home or workplace as it ensures you to not miss out on a second of activity.

  • Particularly, when you are away for an extensive period. 

Sharp Night Vision

  • The best use of a security camera, perhaps, is in the comfort of safety it provides in the night hours.

  • You need quality sleep, so nobody has time to worry about the strange noises downstairs or from the street outside. 

  • Wyze Cam V1 has a sharp feed even during the dark hours. The camera lets you keep an eye on a 30-inch range using 4 IR LEDs.

  • However, you should make sure that the field of view is not interrupted by glass surfaces as the infra-red rays are not able to work through these.

2. Wyze Cam V2 – Smart Camera
Wyze Cam V1 vs V2


Brand Name: Wyze Labs, Inc. | Model Number: WYZEC2 | Resolution: 1080p HD | Dimensions: 2.2 x 2 x 2 inches | Weight: 0.22 lbs. |

Wireless Wyze Cam V2
Voice Control Feature

Wyze V2 is integrated with Alexa and Google so you enjoy complete voice control. Feel free to see who is at the front door or what your kid is doing!
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Wyze Cam V2 Review 

Wyze Cam V2 is an inexpensive choice for those looking for a reliable home security system.

Recently, the manufacturers introduced even more improvements like the enhanced audio capabilities, and a powerful CMOS sensor. 

Important: The camera is rich in features even with a cheap price tag. It allows for local video storage and continuous recording.

Moreover, the feed quality is sharp for both day and night with the least distortion. 

  • In contrast, it is not compatible with smart devices such as iOS or Android mobile. It also doesn’t support IFTTT, so you cannot connect smart devices together.

All in all, Wyze Cam V2 is a solid performer that offers good image quality and a nice set of features.

The recorded videos have the same quality as the live-feed, and the camera overall works like a charm. 

Features of Wyze Cam V2

Motion Sensor and Tagging 

  • The major upgrade of Wyze Cam V2 is the detection technology.

  • This feature allows for an extra layer of security by alerting as soon as there is suspicious activity or movement. 

  • The motion tagging feature also tracks a person as they move around in front of the camera.

  • Moreover, the movement clarifies by a small box marking the boundary of the object in motion.

Enhanced Video Quality 

  • Cam V2 has a vibrant HD video resolution that makes motions appear smoother.

  • There is not a major difference between the two, but it is evident when capturing a quick action or when viewing the feeds during night hours. 

Improved Audio Quality 

  • The newer model is equipped with better amplifiers and upgraded chips.

  • This ensures you to enjoy clearer sounds through the app used for viewing the camera feed.

  • Furthermore, the sound system in Wyze Cam V2 is efficient enough to capture even the distant, bleak audio. 

Google Assistant Integration 

  • Now, with V2 you also have the option of providing voice commands via Google Assistant.

  • This has been so far one of the best news for users who already own a Google Home account. 

Free Cloud Storage 

  • Wyze camera provides free cloud storage to all its users without any subscription plan.

  • On top of that, it also saves a 15-second clip whenever motion is detected.

  • This record is kept safely in the cloud drive for 2 weeks and accessed anytime you want to view it.

  • The Cloud works on end-to-end encryption, so you do not need to worry about privacy issues. 

Wyze Cam V1 vs V2: Final Verdict

Wyze has provided us with a handful of budget-friendly options to choose between Wyze Cam V1 vs V2. All of these have useful features that are of the utmost importance when it comes to home security. 

From the comparison, it concludes that Wyze Cam V2 is an obvious winner. FPS has increased to enhance audio quality, motion trigger is now more sensitive, and integration with Google Assistant made it a clear option

Nonetheless, in terms of price, the Cam V1 still takes the lead. If you wish to buy it then you must try to find a reseller out there. 

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