Ring vs Ring 2 – Which One Would You Choose Now?

If you are looking for a smart doorbell, choosing between any of the Ring vs Ring 2, seems a great offer!

The Ring is a notorious brand that always helped its customers by providing complete security through the camera system.

In this modern era where keeping complete security seems essential, the wireless doorbells are gaining a lot of attention as compared to the previous, old-fashioned, and traditional doorbells.

Not only because of the design they come in, but these wireless doorbells are also easy to use and require less effort in installation.

We are providing the top demanded article in Ring vs Ring 2, so you can easily compare between the two and quickly grab one!

Both the doorbells proved to be the most reliable security cameras and enhance the surveillance of one’s home if installed. 

If you are searching for something which benefits you with its security features, Ring vs Ring 2, are a must consider device, as Ring has released these two models coming with the elite features and are the best-selling devices these days in the market.

  • Thinking of its features, and is it worth buying? Finding a tough time preferring anyone out of the two amazing doorbells? 

One must know what things to notice in a smart doorbell before purchasing any from the market. So, here is a quick summary of a few points

What to notice in a Doorbell?

Crimes and robbery occur every single day, so you should consider a smart doorbell to help you get complete home security. Here are some of the elements to memorize:

Video Resolution

The higher the resolution, the clearer video will you get.

Most of the doorbells now come equipped with 1080P resolution to enhance the video quality.

So, before purchasing any doorbell just make sure to grab the one having 1080P HD quality.

Night Vision

Most of the incidents occur at night, so one must consider a doorbell providing the night vision feature.

By this, you would be able to observe anything outside at midnight, or even in dim lights. 

Moreover, it provides a complete 24/7 security system so you can live without any worries. 

Motion Detection

The smart doorbell cameras arrive with a motion sensor that gives you alerts and notifies you if any unusual motion is detected.

Some doorbells have modern features such as fixing some specific zones, while you can ignore other areas.

The motion detection feature, when specified, provides this facility so the user can keep a focus on the most suspected area. 

Field of View

A field of view offered by the doorbell means how far and how wide the camera can observe.

The best and smart doorbells launch with a 180-degree field of view so the user can see everything and everyone who is in front of the door and also at the side.

Mostly a wider and broader field of view is preferred when buying any doorbell.  

Power Source

There are normally two types of security doorbells, such as battery-powered or hardwired doorbells.

Most people prefer battery-powered doorbells, so you don’t have to keep them on charging or create any wire setting hustles.

On the other hand, if you have a traditional doorbell that can handle the fixing and wiring, then go for purchasing the hardwired video doorbell.

App Compatibility

Many devices are getting compatible with apps nowadays, and so is the video doorbell.

People find it a great advantage to connect their smart doorbells to mobile apps. 

Be sure to purchase the one that can connect with an app so you can easily get access to whoever is standing outside and communicate with them. 

Two-way Audio System

Similarly, in the advanced and smart doorbells, the companies introduced a feature called the two-way audio system.

One of the biggest advantages is that the user can communicate and also talk through a long distance from inside the home to the front door.

This two-way feature permits you to speak to anyone who ever came outside in a comfortable manner. 

Cloud Storage

Keeping a cloud storage option in many doorbells is a great idea!

With this, you can enhance your security system and also get the complete video footage stored in the cloud for up to thirty days.

So, even if due to some reasons you have skipped the recording, you can even watch it later.

Check the features if it includes “Cloud Storage” before buying any smart doorbell.

Includes Warranty

Various doorbells in the market vary in their warranty features. Mostly, the doorbells arrive with one, two, or maybe three years of limited warranty.

Not only this, but some doorbells appear to be with a limited lifetime warranty, so if any issue comes in the doorbell, the company takes over the issue efficiently.

Make sure to spend money on that doorbell which provides the user with a long-term warranty period otherwise the loss is yours!

Ring vs Ring 2 – Get a brief Comparison!

As you are aware of what features should be noticed in a smart video doorbell, here is a quick comparison between Ring vs Ring 2.

So you can go through their basic differences, and furthermore, it will assist you to decide and choose one!

If you talk about the video resolution, the first-generation Ring doorbell arrives at a lower quality than the other, Ring 2 video doorbell.

Not only this, but Ring 2 comes with a rechargeable and swappable battery along with an enhanced battery life which is unfortunately not present in Ring (first-generation).

  • Ring first-generations appear with 720P whereas the latter has a quality of 1080P HD.

So, if you choose the Ring doorbell, it comes with a 6-12 months’ battery while the latest Ring 2 smart doorbell has a comparatively less battery life of approximately six months. 

Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen) – 720p...Something Great
  • 720p HD video doorbell that lets you see, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet, or select Echo device.
Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video,...Something Great
  • 1080p HD video doorbell that lets you see, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet, or select Echo device. Includes privacy features, such as customizable privacy zones and audio privacy, to focus only on what's relevant to you.

Furthermore, the enhanced transformer feature facilitates you in avoiding the charging battery by directly connecting the doorbell with compatible transformers. 

The first-generation Ring doorbell finds an 8-24 VAC transformer, while the Ring 2 doorbell needs a transformer of 16-24 VAC, but neither of the two devices is compatible with DC power

Although the first-generation Ring video doorbell doesn’t provide the night vision feature as good as the Ring 2, it is up-hand in the field of view.

The old model provides an angle of view of 180-degree whereas, Ring 2 has a 160-degree wide range of view.

  • Not to forget, you can easily watch on the outside area with any one of the smart doorbells, Ring vs Ring 2.   

Besides all the differences and basic knowhow, if I were to select between Ring vs Ring 2, I would definitely choose the one at an affordable price and a lot of features’ range that is obviously Ring 2 video doorbell. 

Other than that, for your satisfaction and clarity, you can keep on reading the article to know more about their specs, main features, some pros and cons, and an overall review one by one. 

1. Ring Video Doorbell
Ring vs Ring 2


Brand Name: Ring | Style: Video Doorbell | Video Resolution: 720P | Battery Life: 6-12 months | Field of View: 180-degree |

Ring Video Doorbell
Ring Protect Plan

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Ring Video Doorbell Review

The company, Ring, always provided modern devices coming with elegant designs.

We compared the two doorbells, Ring vs Ring 2, and collected many different reviews to get to a conclusion.

Since it’s important to get complete security with the Ring Video Doorbell, it is made with the dimensions of 4.9 by 2.4 by 0.8 inches. 

Important: The Ring did a great job and comes in nickel surface and also with four different colors. Even if you compare the Ring doorbell with other devices like August Cam, Skybell, etc., this proved to be great!

The installation process is very simple as we set-up the device with Chime Pro, and amazingly it did a great job, also took just around 10 minutes.

Once the doorbell installs, you can easily get notifications on your mobile. 

You can also get alerts if someone passes by your door so the user gets comfortable related to security.

All in all, we just saw a single downside of this video doorbell that it isn’t smart enough to distinguish humans from vehicles, etc.

But as far as the layout concerns, it looks fabulous when you mount it on a wall and attracts the users. 

  • One of the amazing features is the two-way audio feature so you can communicate with the person standing outside.

It also has a built-in IR sensor that senses the body heat. In this way, there is no chance of getting false alerts.

Moreover, the amazing night vision feature allows the user to watch on things out their home even at night or in dim lights. It also has a 180-degree field of view to provide a broad range of accessibility. 

Features of Ring Video Doorbell

Smooth Video Quality

  • Get a complete view from your home by the 720HD video quality and provide complete surveillance to your home. 

Two-way Audio System

  • Furthermore, there is a feature of built-in microphones and speakers to provide a two-way audio system.

  • Moreover, you can easily communicate with the outsiders through this amazing feature. 

Activated Motion Detection

  • The advanced and activated motion detection offers you alerts on your phone, PC, or tablet if anyone presses your doorbell.

  • Moreover, you can also adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensors to grab the ideal settings of your home. 

Voice Command Feature

  • Ring video doorbell gets access to the voice command property, so it supports Amazon Echo or Alexa Google Assistance. 

Control Center

  • You can, further, add or remove the authorized client devices, choose linked accounts, and also share users from all the devices with this Control Center.

  • This feature comes installed in the video doorbell. 

Live View Feature

  • Now you can get the on-demand videos by simply pressing the buttons and use the Live View feature.

  • Moreover, this helps in providing audio or video at any time. 

Easy Installation 

  • The Ring video doorbell kit arrives with every tool needed to set-up the device.

  • Moreover, you can install the doorbell within minutes with the help of a guidebook and tools. 

Ring App

  • The Ring app allows you to get access and control all of your devices.

  • So, feel easy and connect your Ring doorbell with the app to enhance your home security. 

2. Ring 2 Video Doorbell
Ring vs Ring 2


Brand Name: Ring | Style: Video Doorbell | Video Resolution: 1080P HD | Battery Life: 6 months | Field of View: 160-degree |

Ring 2 Video Doorbell
Compatible with Alexa

Easily connect your Ring 2 doorbell with the mobile app that supports Alexa voice command so you get yourself hand-free and use this amazing feature.
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Ring 2 Video Doorbell Review 

If you see the first-generation doorbell, Ring 2 is almost similar to it and provides you with different outclass features.

The company made a bit more improvements and designed it in an elegant way. Although it is comparatively bulkier, the doorbell still finds to be one fabulous item. 

Important: Ring 2 video doorbell is also compatible with the mobile application so you can easily get notifications on your phone.

As soon as you install the doorbell, the mobile app will provide you with a complete guideline. 

This second-generation video doorbell launches with minimal issues to grab more and more customers. Ring 2 is comparatively better in motion detection and provides a fine quality of video with a resolution of 1080P. 

Moreover, it has enhanced battery life and as the doorbell works wirelessly, the company promised to provide a maximum battery life.

  • There is an improved night-vision feature as well so the user can easily detect people and things outside even at midnight.

There is also a two-way audio system that is quite impressive, so the users can communicate easily while sitting anywhere at home.

Most people would complain about sensitivity issues, but don’t go with these negative opinions as Ring 2 can easily adjust the sensitivity feature from the mobile app.

Moreover, a 160-degree field of view seems a perfect angle to provide a complete and wide range of security.

One of the downsides is that it might send some false alerts that feel annoying, but immediately after lowering the sensitivity just a bit, everything works fine and smooth. 

Features of Ring 2 Video Doorbell

High-end Video Quality

  • You can get the high-end quality by the amazing 1080P HD video. 

  • Stream and view the people outside by getting a clear image and get the enhanced security for your house. 

On-Demand Video with Live View 

  • Ring 2 video doorbell provides a complete video or audio anytime.

  • Moreover, you can get the on-demand videos by quickly pressing the buttons and aid from the Live View feature. 

Two-way Audio Feature

  • You can hear and communicate with the visitors outside with the help of your mobile.

  • This is because of the two-way feature provides a built-in microphone and speakers offering noise cancellation. 

Compatible with Alexa 

  • Moreover, the voice command facilitates the users as the doorbell is compatible with Alexa.

  • You can keep yourself hand-free by featuring it with Alexa.

Motion Sensor Feature

  • The built-in motion sensor feature triggers and sends notifications on your phone, tablet, or PC.

  • So, you can comfortably get access to whoever is roaming outside your door.


Interchangeable Faceplates

  • The Ring 2 doorbell provides some interchangeable faceplates as per the users’ demand.

  • Furthermore, you can get anyone complementary faceplate to match your home security.  

Removable Battery 

  • The company also provides a quick-release battery pack with the doorbell.

  • So, you can change your doorbell at any time without changing your device’s place.

Control Center 

  • Just as Ring Video Doorbell, this device provides a Control Center feature too. 

  • By this, you can add or remove the authorized client devices, share with other users, and also select multiple linked accounts. 

Simple Installation Process

  • Connect your doorbell with the compatible mobile app and get the guide access.

  • So this makes the device very simple to set-up or easily installs. 

Ring vs Ring 2 – Finalize Your Doorbell

If you compare both the Ring vs Ring 2 doorbells, you would have noticed that they add complete security and convenience to your home.

There might be several differences, but getting your hands on any one of them wouldn’t be a regret.

Ring video doorbell provides a wide range of 180-degree field of view whereas, Ring 2 video doorbell impresses the customers by a 160-degree angle of view and enhances the security range. 

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