Blink vs Ring – Which Security Camera Would You Choose?

Today we are here to talk about two top-notch companies, Blink vs Ring.

They provide absolute home security and are also highly effective if any homeowner or renter purchases it. 

Everything seems half-way between luxury and reliance.

Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security...Something Great
  • Extended battery life – 2 year battery life on two AA lithium batteries with a combination of two-way talk, live view, and motion recording. Double the usage of the XT on a single set of batteries when recording video.
Ring Stick Up Cam Solar HD security...Something Great
  • See, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet or select Echo device with Stick Up Cam Solar, a solar-powered camera that brings peace of mind rain or shine. Includes privacy features, such as customizable privacy zones and audio privacy, to focus only on what's relevant to you.

So to run in this speedy world everyone should make sure to provide their homes with complete surveillance that the two companies, Blink vs Ring, are offering side by side.

Both the Blink vs Ring provides the indoor or hidden security camera, and also the outdoor surveillance cameras, so the users can assure a throughout safety of their belongings.

Blink vs Ring – Quick Comparison 

Before any further delay, let’s get to a quick comparison between Blink vs Ring.

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System...Something Great
  • MOTION DETECTOR: Built-in motion sensor alarm, when motion detector is triggered, WIFI cameras send an alert to your smartphone and record a short clip of the event to the cloud

Both companies are Amazon compatible companies that propose DIY home securities and without any future contract.

Talking about the Blink, it has a huge collection of surveillance cameras that seem very easy to install, and you can also control them using your smartphones’ apps.

  • Also, there are different video doorbells or other security cameras that you can add on with the Blink cameras to enhance security.  

Whereas, the Ring cameras offer home securities that are immensely customizable, and you can also expand them as you want.

  • Not only this but with the Ring cameras, you’ll get essential features like sensors and motion detection.

We will further talk about two, two products and get a detailed contrast between Blink vs Ring cameras. 

1. Blink XT2 Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera
Blink vs Ring


Brand Name: Blink | Model Number: XT2 | Image Resolution: 1080P | Field of View: 110-degree diagonal | CPU: 4 cores/200 MHz |

Blink XT2 Security Camera
Resistant To The Elements

The security camera provides overall coverage by keeping itself resistant to different elements like climate change.
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Blink XT2 Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera Review

The installation process is very convenient for users. The wireless camera needs the initial configuration, so you are good to go!

  • Each of the XT2 cameras wants synchronization with the module. This happens by the Blink app, so it will update the firmware and get the synchronization done.

Now that the sync is completed, you have to connect the security camera to the Wifi. Make sure of providing it with an enhanced Wifi through a good Wifi router. You can also consider some easily affordable Wifi routers with good internet speed. 

Important: One very important point to consider is that before installation and syncing the device, you should remember to keep the module within less than 100-feet distance.

If you are searching for a camera with customized motion zones’ features, physical detection, and outdoor/indoor services, getting your hands on Blink XT2 is a great choice!

Moreover, the camera installs a video resolution of 1080P that is sufficient enough to provide a proper image result.

Whatever activities are going on outside your home, and whoever the camera detects, you will get a notification through the Blink mobile app.

Not only this, but the Amazon’s Alexa compatible Blink XT2 offers a very well hands-free facility as you can modify the features by giving the voice commands.

Features of Blink XT2 Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

Good Quality Video Resolution

  • The 1080P HD video resolution allows the user to get complete security and enhance the activity by clearly watching things.

Two-way Audio Service

  • The two-way audio feature is an amazing communication feature present in Blink XT2.

  • With the help of this service, the user can cover the communication gap with the one standing outside.

Great Battery Life

  • Due to the AA batteries provided by the company, this security camera enhances its battery life.

  • You can also comfortably use the device for up to two years without interruptions. 

Free Cloud Storage

  • Get the free cloud storage with Blink XT2 security camera and also get access to the stored pictures and videos.

Amazon Alexa Compatible

  • The voice command feature supported by the camera is one outstanding feature.

  • Furthermore, this aids in getting an approach to the features and other activities by the camera. 

Push Alerts

  • If the camera detects any unusual change, it will immediately send push alerts to your mobile, etc.

Weather Resistant Feature

  • The camera facilitates the user and he/she can install it either outside or inside the home.

  • So, the manufacturer made it water-resistant, so no environment change affects it.

Night Vision Property 

  • Due to this amazing property, Blink XT2 provides a clear image and video resolution even at night times at a distance of maximum feet.

Motion Detection Functioning

  • By motion detection, keep yourself comfortable because it will alert you with all the unusual activities if occurred.

  • Moreover, the motion zones are customizable, so you can adjust the camera to the most seen and important places outside your home.

Free of Contracts

  • Once you have paid the amount for the security camera, it’s all yours.

You don’t have to pay any amount further or get involved in any contracts.

2. Blink Indoor Security Camera
Blink vs Ring


Brand Name: Blink | Configuration: Indoor 1 Camera System | Camera Resolution: 720P | Camera Frame Rate: up to 30 frames per second | Field of View: 110-degree angle |

Blink Indoor Camera
Get Instant Alerts

If the camera detects any uncertain movement, you will get instant alerts via your phone, tablet, and PC, etc.
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Blink Indoor Security Camera Review

This Blink Indoor Security Camera is one great option out of many while you are in the market! 

The affordable security camera is a wire-free device that comes with maximum battery life, so the battery health provided by Blink Indoor security camera is for two years. 

Important: Remember to avoid water near to the device as it’s built for indoor purposes and not waterproof.

Moreover, the surveillance Blink camera offers the motion detection feature and the customizable motion zones so you can focus on your essential areas.

  • Not only this, but you will also get push notifications if someone passes by or any mishap occurs. 

Furthermore, the Blink indoor camera also aids in showing a broad view by the 110-degree field of view.

Also, the three times great digital zoom feature, and an IR LED for night vision property enhances the video quality

You cannot find any camera easier to install than this Blink indoor security camera. It’s a matter of just a couple of minutes, and you can then use the device to get enhanced security. 

Features of Blink Indoor Security Camera

HD Video Quality 

  • The video resolution of 720P HD makes sure that the user gets a complete and clear view of their house or office.

  • The company also worked hard to provide the best video results with minimal distortion or blurry issues. 

Instant Alerts

  • The feature of instant alerts allows the user to receive notifications in case the camera detects any movement.

  • So, by getting instant alerts through the linked video, the user would be able to know how and when to respond.

Motion Detecting Mode

  • If the motion detecting mode activates, it can sense and also record any movement triggered by someone.

  • So, the feature-rich system comes with the detection alerts and immediately records so the user can watch it. 

Live View Feature

  • The Live View feature allows the user not only to get access to the images but also the videos at any time.

  • Moreover, the easily accessible on-demand videos run the streaming through a Blink app.

Extended Battery Life

  • Moreover, only Blink cameras can provide a very long battery life.

  • The batteries of Blink cameras made of 2 AA non-rechargeable lithium batteries.

  • So the user can comfortably use the device for as long as a period of two years without any issues or troubles.

No Subscription Fee

  • It’s the ultimate right of the user to get peace of mind once they purchase any surveillance kit like Blink security camera.

  • The smart Blink camera isn’t coming with a monthly subscription fee, and you can use it easily once bought. 

Free Cloud Storage

  • The user can now watch the recorded videos or images if they skipped it due to some reason.

  • This is because the camera is providing a facility of free cloud storage.

Alexa Compatible

  • You can use all the Blink security cameras also this one, without even lifting your hands.

  • The amazing Amazon Alexa voice command feature allows the user to use their voice to reach the features and other changes. 

Advanced Security 

  • The advanced security provided by the Blink indoor security camera is one best device for home and pet monitoring.

  • You can use the device without getting into issues of not knowing what’s happening in your home.

Easy Installation

  • The wireless Blink indoor camera comes with all the tools in the kit and is also very easy to install. 

1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro
blink vs ring


Brand Name: Ring | Style: Video Doorbell Pro | Field of View: 160-degree horizontal, 90-degree vertical | Compatible Networks: 2.4/5 GHz 802.11 b/g/n | Video Resolution: 1080P HD |

Ring Video Doorbell Pro
Compatible with Alexa

Connect your doorbell with the mobile app, so it gets connected to Alexa voice command.
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Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review 

If you see the design and features, the Ring pro comes in an elegant design with some outclass features to provide complete home security.

Furthermore, you have to connect the doorbell through a hardwire and finally get the whole surveillance in your hands. As soon as you install the doorbell, the guidebook will help you through the set-up procedure.

Important: The company grabbed many customers by improving the features, so it is comparatively coming in better quality than the previous one providing 1080P HD.

Also, the enhancement in the motion detection feature is wonderful as it comes with activity zones. 

  • Furthermore, the strengthened battery life allows the user, a maximum time.

Also, the improved night-vision feature and wireless working of the doorbell permits the user to effectively keep an eye on people outside even at night or in dim lights.

You can contact the person standing outside by sitting anywhere in your house that feels so comfortable.

Some people might tell you about the sensitivity issues in the Ring video doorbell pro, but don’t go with the negative opinions as there are no such issues.

Moreover, a wide angle of 160-degree is perfect enough to provide an extent of security. 

All in all, if you want to grab a fine doorbell spending a sufficient amount, then preferably go for Ring Video Doorbell Pro. 

Features of Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Outclass Video Quality 

  • Get the high-end video quality with the incredible 1080P HD resolution.

  • So, you can stream the doorbell and watch on the people outside with a clear image. 

Maximum Power

  • The Ring Video Doorbell Pro provides a maximum power as it wires with your traditional doorbell.

  • So you can easily connect this device with the existing one and never charge your battery.

Connects with Wifi

  • The wireless connection by Ring Pro not only supports 2.4 GHz, but you can also connect it with 5 GHz if you wish so. 

Alexa Compatibility

  • The Ring Pro video doorbell is compatible with Amazon Echo and also Alexa.

  • This feature facilitates the user so you can keep themselves hands-free and use the device service. 

Advanced Motion Detection

  • The advanced motion detection feature also made it easy to keep an eye on the most seen places.

  • So, you can customize your motion zones and prioritize the important areas.

Interchangeable Faceplates

  • There are four major options regarding the faceplates that are also interchangeable.

  • So, it’s a choice for you to match your home security by changing the complimentary faceplates with one of your choices.

Live View Feature

  • You can also get a complete video or audio anytime by the Live View feature.

  • Furthermore, get the on-demand videos by just a single button press and get access to the outside view. 

Two-way Audio System 

  • The advanced two-way audio system permits the user to communicate and also hear the visitors coming outside.

  • Moreover, the built-in microphone and huge speakers offer noise cancellation along with the one-to-one audio setting.

Simple Installation 

  • Adjust the wiring of your new Ring Pro with the existing doorbell, and you are good to go!

  • Moreover, the installation is very simple that even a non-tech person can handle it. 

2. Ring Spotlight Cam
blink vs ring


Brand Name: Ring | Style: With Echo Show 5 | Video Resolution: 1080P HD | Field of View: 140-degree horizontal, 78-degree vertical | Brightness: 375 Lumens |

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired
Remote-activated Siren

Remotely get the siren facility from your phone, tablet, and PC, etc. by accessing it through your phone.
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Ring Spotlight Cam Review

The Ring spotlights introduced with wired connectivity looks almost the same as the wire-free security system.

The advanced motion detection feature helps the user to customize the most-watched places. This happens because of the “custom motion zones.” So, you will be notified with any motion that is detected nearby your house or in front of the door. 

There is a Ring app that is compatible with your wired spotlight cam.

Important: Irrespective of whatever model you select, we recommend you to connect the Ring spotlight cam with your Wifi network before setting it outside.

Moreover, the motion sensors detect any change occurred outside your home, and also you can adjust the sensitivity by using the Ring app.

The camera picks up and shows almost everything within an angle of 140-degree and an HD resolution of 1080P.

With the advanced night vision feature, the spotlight camera can detect the people at a distance of up to 30 feet. 

The review doesn’t just end here as we know the Amazon supports the Ring products now, so this beautiful wired spotlight is compatible with the Amazon’s Alexa voice command.

  • Not only this, but the other IFTTT devices come in the list as the compatibility is also with Wink home hubs, etc.  

Features of Ring Spotlight Cam

High-end Video Quality 

  • The high-end video resolution of 1080P HD provides a clear image, so you can suspect whoever is outside.

Siren remotely activated  

  • As the smart spotlight cam connects with the mobile app, so you can activate the siren.

  • This would help you to get the loud siren if you detect any human being outside.

Non-stop power provided 

  • Because of the wiring, the battery of this spotlight cam is maximum. 

  • Easily install the device and plug in the wiring so you’ll never have to load the battery power. 

Supports Alexa

  • We also are aware that Amazon took over all of the Ring products.

  • So, by this facility, all of the Ring products are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa including this Ring Spotlight Cam (wired). 

  • Get yourself convenient by using to Alexa voice command to control its features. 

Motion Activated Notifications

  • The built-in motion sensors facilitate the users so they can activate alerts on their phones, tablets, etc.

Motion Detection Feature

  • Moreover, you can customize the motion zones by this motion detection feature that focuses on the most important areas of your yard. 

Ring Protect Plan

  • Also, get the comprehensive service by this Ring Protect Plan. 

  • You can view whatever you have missed through saved videos by getting an extra subscription.

  • So, activate the subscription by paying $3/month per device or $10/month per household. 

Live View On-demand Videos

  • The live view feature is one amazing property as it provides complete audio and also the video at any time.

  • Moreover, easily get the on-demand videos by pressing a button immediately through the app. 


Two-way talk 

  • The mobile device allows you to speak to the people standing outside by the amazing two-way technology. 

  • Moreover, the built-in microphone provides a clear voice and transfers signals to communicate with the other. 

Easy installation through wiring 

  • As the name indicates, the Ring Spotlight Cam installs through wiring, and you can adjust it with the existing doorbell. 

Bling vs Ring – Get a Final Verdict!

As you are now aware of all the features and also the differences between Bling vs Ring, you are free to choose anyone.

Because both provide excellent functioning, and you can completely rely on the two companies to get your entire home security. 

Blink security cameras provide a basic system and don’t require any professional involvement whereas, the Ring surveillance cameras are the best options if you want to get your hands on a two-way communication feature also with high-end working. 

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