ASUS RT-AC68U vs RT-AC66U Complete Comparison Guide For Right Choice

Here we will introduce the two world-class routers ASUS RT-AC68U vs ASUS RT-AC66U to help you choose the right one!

Picking the perfect router for your use can be a difficult task especially when there are so many options available.

  • So, are you looking at the right place?

If you have not heard much about ASUS before, we have a news for you! It is a brand that offers one of the best routers in the market. Even while facing fierce competition , the company did not have easy feat to pull off.

Therefore, we will present you with a comprehensive comparison of ASUS RT-AC68U vs RT-AC66U and lend a hand in making the right decision next time.

ASUS RT-AC68U vs RT-AC66U: Quick Overview

Both the routers, RT-AC66U and RT-AC68U have emerged as reliable options in the world of wireless networking.

They offer additional qualities as compared to other traditional choices. There are thick chances you will find here what you were looking for in the router.

  • There is not much striking difference between the two Cheap Routers in terms of design because they both have a stylish exterior with the diamond-link pattern on top.
ASUS AC1900 WiFi Gaming Router...Something Great
  • Dual band with the latest 802; 11 AC 3x3 technology for combined speeds of up to 1900 Mbps
ASUS Dual-band 3x3 AC1750 Wifi 4-port...Something Great
  • 5th generation 802.11ac chipset gives you concurrent dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz for up to super-fast 1.75Gbps

Attention! Most users choose RT-AC68U because of its durability. It can be positioned vertically so it takes up less space and would not be swiped off the table easily. b

They are also alike with three detachable WiFi Antennas. However, the only difference in terms of design is that RT-AC68U offers ax extra USB 3.0 ports which the previous model does not.

From the hardware point of view, ASUS RT-AC68U might seem like a superior choice. It also offers an improved QoS and VPN service but that does not mean Rt-AC66U is any less!

Without further delay, we will give you a detailed comparison between the two products ASUS RT-AC68U vs RT-AC66U so you know which one to choose next time.

1. ASUS RT-AC68U – Dual-Band Router


Brand Name: ASUS | Model Number: RT-AC68U | Operating System: Windows 10, Vista, XP, Mac OS x 10.1 to 10.8, Linux | Wireless Type: 802.11 ac | Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.3 x 8.6 inches | Weight: 1.4 lbs

ASUS RT-AC68U Router
AiProtection Latest Feature

Trend Micro powers the AiProtection system. It provides complete security from cyber threats and malicious sites.
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ASUS RT-AC68U Review

ASUS RT-AC68U is an AC technology-based Dual Band Wireless router that utilizes the latest 802.11ac protocol.

Moreover, it is powered by a dual-core Broadcom BCM4709 chipset clocked at 800 MHz, along with 256 MB DDR RAM and 128 MB built-in flash memory.

  • Ultimately, RT-AC68U offers unparalleled speeds of up to 1900 Mbps over the network.

1300 Mbps is dedicated for 5 GHz band. On the other hand, the Turbo QAM technology enables the router to push speeds of 200 Mbps in each of the three spatial streams.

The built-in USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports allows connection of USB-enabled devices.

Important! The USB ports are used to attach storage drives for extending the storage capacity of the router. In fact, you can even connect internet dongle to share internet connection.

  • That’s not it!

The security of the data being routed through the RT-AC68U router is guaranteed by AiProtection powered by Trend Micro.

Additionally, the connectivity between the router and the compatible WiFi devices is made possible through 3×3 MIMO supported SoC.

Furthermore, AiRadar Beamforming focuses the WiFi signals towards the connected devices providing a strengthened signal with reduced interference.

Multiple Features of ASUS RT-AC68U Router

Impeccable Design

  • It is a $170 Wi-Fi router with sturdy, durable and futuristic design of 6.3×8.6×3.3 inches size looks pleasing to the eyes.

  • The router weighs around 1.4 pounds making it a bit heavier than its competitors which weigh less than 1 pound.

  • Additionally, the three antennas at the back are not detachable and the router may only be placed in a vertical position.

  • It has four Gigabit LAN ports, a USB 2.0, and a USB 3.0 port.

Two Is Better Than One!

  • A dual-core chipset enhances the performance of the router by allocating different cores for WiFi data and USB port data.

  • It allows WiFi speeds around 520 Mbps at 15 feet distance for 5 GHz band, while 205 Mbps for 2.4 GHz band.

  • Concurrently, writing speeds of 120 Mbps and reading speeds around 80 Mbps are attainable on USB 3.0 port.

  • Furthermore, Turbo QAM technology is utilized to enhance the speed of 2.4 GHz band up to 600 Mbps per spatial stream.

Security That You Need

FYI! With more and more devices connecting to each other through networks, the security of the data being carried by the network is of prime importance.

  • ASUS AiProtection provides multi-stage protection against coercion, if any, in the network.

  • AiProtection offers vulnerability protection by securing your data from the out-of-network attacks.

  • Furthermore, suspicious sites and already-infected devices are cordoned off to prevent and problem to other connected devices.

Beamforming Technology

  • ASUS AiRadar TX Beamforming technology allows the router to focus the WiFi signals towards the connected devices only.

  • This not only reduces the interference and strengthens the signal, but also increase the coverage of the router.

ASUS AiMesh Feature

  • Don’t throw away the old ASUS router or multiple ASUS Routers in your home or office!

  • ASUS AiMesh is an innovative new feature that connects all ASUS routers together to make a larger WiFi network.

  • This larger network may comprise of ASUS Routers of varying models. Hence older routers may easily be used to expand the Wi-Fi network.

Interacting With The User

  • ASUS’s reliable and user-friendly software, ASUSWRT, is used for setting up the router in 3-easy-steps.

  • The intuitive user interface provides complete information related to the router.

  • The Network Map, the Guest Network, the Traffic Manager (QoS), the Parental Controls, the USB application and the AiCloud are all available.

2. ASUS RT-AC66U – AC Technology Wireless Router


Brand Name: ASUS | Model Number: RT-AC66U | Operating System: Windows 7, Mac OS | Wireless Type: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac | Dimensions: 8.14 x 5.86 x 1.4 inches | Weight: 0.75 lbs

ASUS RT-AC66U Router
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The router can be placed anywhere in horizontal or vertical position. Moreover, it can be wall-mounted or hidden behind monitors as you please!
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ASUS RT-AC66U Review

  • RT-AC66U is an AC technology-based Dual Band Wireless Router having network speed cap of 1750 Mbps.

The 5 GHz band incorporating 802.11ac protocol use 1300 Mbps whereas 2.4Ghz band has network speed up to 450 Mbps.

Did You Know? According to ASUS, this router has the highest customer satisfaction feedback in US. Though it is a predecessor of RT-AC68U, but that’s no reason to think less of it.

A single-core Broadcom BCM4706 chipset powers up this router at 600 Mhz, supported by 256 MB of RAM and 128 MB of built-in storage memory. Furthermore, the RT-AC66U has different types of SoC for both bands.

A Broadcom BCM4331 radio SoC for the 2.4 GHz band and a Broadcom BCM4360 radio SoC for the 5GHz band.

  • Two USB 2.0 ports are there for connecting USB-enabled devices.

Connection of external storage devices via USB ports can be used to boost the storage capacity. Additionally, the USB ports may be used to connect and share USB devices over the network.

ASUS AiProtection ensures the integrity of the data being routed on the network.

ASUS AiRadar TX Beamforming enables the router to provide a reliable signal, with minimal interference by focusing the signal in a straight line towards the connected devices.

  • Lastly! ASUSWRT software allows easy setup and management of the RT-AC66U.

Multiple Features of ASUS RT-AC66U Router

Amazing Outlook

  • Having a price tag of $160 and carbon-fibre like feel, the 8.14 x 5.86 x 1.4 inches router is not something to be hidden under the table.

  • Therefore, it can be placed on the table horizontally or vertically or mounted on the wall using detachable base.

  • Furthermore, the hardware showcase three detachable antennas, WPS and WAN ports, 4 Gigabit LAN ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports.

Speed That You Wish For

  • The ASUS RT-AC66U uses a single-core Broadcom BCM4706 chipset to manage the whole system.

  • Furthermore, the RT-AC66U has separate dedicated radio SoC for both 2.4 GHz (450 Mbps) and 5 GHz band (1300 Mbps).

  • This high-speed is possible due to an embedded Power Amplifier, Skyworks SE5003L.

  • ASUS RT-AC66U using the 2.4GHz radio band (802.11n) at 15 feet, connected to one device, delivers 134 Mbps.

  • Whereas, the 5GHz radio band (802.11ac standard), produces a maximum of 345 Mbps at the same distance.

Ease of Connectivity

  • Though 4 Gigabit ports are there to connect Ethernet-enabled devices, the USB 2.0 ports allow another route for connecting devices.

  • The USB-enabled devices can easily be connected to the network. These include external storage, printers and 3G-enabled devices.

  • Finally, this will allow the extension of storage capability, sharing of printing resources over the network, and even sharing the internet connection of USB connected devices.

Superior Coverage

  • Thanks to ASUS AiRadar Beamforming technology, the router covers larger grounds by focusing the WiFi signals in a straight line.

  • Furthermore, the increased coverage using AiRadar Beamforming makes this router ideal for home-usage.

User-Friendly Interface

  • ASUSWRT dashboard UI manages the software side of RT-AC66U.

  • Additionally, the intuitive user interface allows management of connected devices and various settings including QoS, WPS, IPv6 etc.

  • Furthermore, AiCloud extends the storage capability by allowing storage on the cloud.

ASUS RT-AC68U vs RT-AC66U: Final Verdict

RT-AC66U is a WiFi router that is being used and appreciated by almost all customers worldwide. Undoubtedly, It has decent coverage and connectivity options.

In comparison, RT-AC68U is a newer WiFi router with little modification in the outlook but has major upgradations under the hood.

An almost similar price tag tips the balance in favour of RT-AC68U, which has a superior processor, higher networking speeds, support for AiMesh and USB 3.0 port.

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