Does Verizon Offer Internet Services For Free In Any Of The Plans?

Verizon is well-recognized for its phone plans but it is common for users to wonder does Verizon offer internet as well because both services have become need of the era!

Do You Get Internet Services With Verizon?


You can avail of internet services with Verizon. Additionally, it offers high-speed DSL with Verizon FIOS plans. The up-to-date, fiber-only internet service is not just quicker but more reliable than traditional networking.

Verizon has different internet packages that offer multiple speeds and amount for you to choose from.

  • Each package obviously differs in cost but you can tailor the one that is most suitable for you.

Additionally, Verizon offers bundles as well. These are all-in-one packages that offer multiple services together like internet, phone, cable TV, etc.

You can choose from these to make your monthly package less costly.

Does Verizon Offer Internet Through WiFi?

You can get WiFi with Verizon through three different methods.

  • Verizon DSL internet with high-speed WiFi Gateway.
  • Verizon FIOS using the FIOS router.
  • Quantum Gateway router WiFi.

The last option seems to be the best one as it has a dual-core processor and offers 3X the speed of a typical wireless router.

Are There Any Internet-Only Plans With Verizon?

A large proportion of Verizon users rely on it for internet services only whereas subscribing to different providers for home phone and cables.

That makes since Verizon provides one of the most reliable network coverage and affordable internet-only plans.

Three internet-only options that you choose from with Verizon are listed as:

  • 200 Mbps plan: Suitable for older people and students who just need the internet connection to play mobile games, browse internet or occasionally stream videos only.
  • 400 Mbps connection: It is frequently opted by those who are into gaming, video streaming, music streaming, etc. It is also a reliable package when you have multiple devices using the same network.
  • 940/880 FIOS Gigabit connection: It is the fastest internet option with Verizon. The Gigabit connection offers enough bandwidth to cater to more than 100 devices at once. This one is the best choice for online multiplayer gamers who can’t deal with any lags or for people running businesses online which needs a reliable network.

You can get these internet-only plans without any contract and some offer unlimited data on Verizon as well.

This means you cancel the subscription as well and there will not be Early Termination fees. You can switch to any other provider whenever you want.

  • However, it is highly unlikely that any of Verizon internet user would choose to do so.

Because Verizon FIOS fiber-only network and high-speed DSL by Verizon are both reliable and fast internet connection comparable to none other in the market.

Can You Get Verizon Internet Security?

You will get internet security with Verizon through Digital Secure service which is a tool to protect the safety and privacy of home and mobile devices.

As part of the deal, following will be included in the service.

  • App privacy that manage the information of installed apps. It will also analyze the apps on daily basis and assess them in terms of privacy concerns.
  • Web security features for your safety as you browse online.
  • Security protocols to keep you away from dangerous websites or downloads before you harm your device.
  • Antivirus and anti-malware to scan devices and keep threats at bay.
  • Identity theft protection features to safeguard your account from hackers and scammers.
  • WiFi security that will warn you if you are connecting to an unsafe network.
  • Ability to keep your OS updated at all times through System Check at regular intervals.
  • The System Check will also notify you if the device is rooter.
  • Tools for cyber monitoring, social media monitoring and recovery support.

You can get all these services and guarantee the security of your network by simply download Digital Secure right now.

In case of confusion, you can get in touch with online agents to guide you, cancel credit or debit card online, and request for reissuance if needed.

How Much Does Verizon Charge For Internet?

The charges for Verizon FIOS internet depend on the plan you choose and the amount of data you opt for. To give you a rough idea, I have listed some figures below.

  • Verizon FIOS charges $40 per month for 200 Mbps.
  • It offers $60 per month for 400 Mbps.
  • You have to pay $80 per month with Gigabit option.

The charges would also be different if Verizon FIOs internet is not available in your area and you have to choose high-speed DSL internet instead.

Why Should You Choose Internet Plan From Verizon?

Verizon internet plans are safe, affordable and reliable. You can subscribe to the service without any hassle.

My Verizon account would let you keep a check on remaining data and access additional features on the go. Some other benefits that you would simply love include:

  • Verizon has different discount offers that you can take advantage of from time to time.
  • You can subscribe to the internet and get bundle package offers in case you need home phone and TV services too.
  • It offers multiple packages so you can choose the speed and the budget that you need.
  • It has dedicated performance in that it does not share the bandwidth allotted to you with others in the location.
  • Verizon FIOS internet is integrated with comprehensive security solutions.
  • The company helps troubleshoot operating system issues whenever you need.
  • You can utilize parental controls and set up wireless networks whenever you need.

Can You Get TV Services With Internet On Verizon?

Bundles for TV services and and internet with Verizon are a smart way to avoid hefty charges that you will have to pay if you subscribe to both services separately.

Verizon FIOS offers multiple monthly packages to choose from and there are frequent promotions as well that can further save your money.

  • With FIOS Mix and Match, you can select which internet and TV plan suits you. This is one of the best deals as compared to other providers in the market.
  • FIOS internet will cost you up to $39.99 for 200 Mbps.
  • The charges may be as high as $89.99 for Gigabit Connection.
  • You can avoid the setup fee of $99 by ordering it online.
  • Verizon basic TV plan is available for $100 per month.
  • Generally, the television plans vary in cost between $65 to $105.

There is a crucial thing to watch out for when you wish to avail TV and Internet bundle with Verizon. Verizon FIOS is not available nationwide.

This means you may not be able to access the service at all parts in the US. Therefore, you must check if it is present in your location beforehand.

Can You Get Home Phone Services With Internet on Verizon?

You can get Verizon bundles that include both, home internet and phone services. In fact, buying this package is more cost-effective that having internet plan and home phone package separately.

  • One of the best bundles in this regard is FIOS Digital Voice.

It offer unlimited local calling and unlimited long-distance calling to US, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

On top of that, features such as live call notifications on your TV and call log management are also part of the plan.

Can You Connect WiFi-Enabled Verizon Devices With Mobile Hotspot?

Yes. WiFi hotspots can connect with Verizon devices that have WiFi technology as well to keep you connected to 4G LTE network all the time.

You can easily connect it to your laptop, computers, mobile devices etc. Moreover, hotspot can be used with multiple devices simultaneously.

This is a reliable way to stay connected to internet when you are out or on the go.

In a Nutshell

You can choose between high-speed DSL or FIOS internet with Verizon. The monthly charges will depend on the package you select, internet speed, data amount, etc. You can also choose from all-in-one packages that offer multiple services together like internet, phone, cable TV to make it less costly.