Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Tips

stardew valley egg hunt will be held in the egg festival in spring. Egg hunt is also the first festival of the year in stardew valley . Egg hunt is the most anticipated game among players, players and villagers. Let ’s compete together to see who can collect the most eggs in egg hunt. Many players are very worried about why they don’t collect as many eggs as Abigail each time . Here are some tips for egg hunting in Stardew valley . To successfully win the event , you must read the egg hunt tips below. Also want to see more stardew valley information guide articles, please visit .

1. Stardew Valley Eggs Festival Contents:

In order to successfully participate in the egg hunt, you must first understand all the relevant content of the egg festival. In order to avoid missing the event time, you must know when and where the egg festival will be held, and what the festival is about. To keep in mind, here’s everything you need to know about Egg Fest.

starts on the 13th day of spring every year . Players can come to Pelican Town Square from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm to participate in the Egg Festival. After the festival, everyone will leave at 10:00 pm Return to the farm .

A special market opens in Pelican Town during Eggfest , a stall run by Pierre , where you can buy decorative lawn flamingos , plush pink bunnies , seasonal plants and strawberry seeds . You just have to walk above Pierre’s booth and talk to Pierre to buy whatever you want .

If you buy strawberry seeds with 100 g of gold , then you can plant and harvest strawberries before summer. Lawn flamingos and pink plush rabbits are both very classic pieces of furniture that can only be purchased during egg festival , and they cost 400g and 2000g respectively. A Seasonal Plant is a decorative plant that changes appearance with the seasons and costs 500g.

In addition , villagers and players will participate in the easter egg hunt game , which is the key event of the egg festival. Players and villagers have 50 seconds to find eggs hidden around the town. The player who collects the most eggs will receive an egg. Special straw hat , but it needs to be the first time you win the egg hunt, and the second and subsequent egg hunts will give you 1000 g.

2. Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Tips:

Egg Hunt is all about egg hunts , and in order to collect as many eggs as possible within the allotted time , here are some egg hunt tips and hints:

In egg hunt your goal is to collect nine eggs , this goal will not be so easy to achieve in the first hunt , if you collect less than 9 eggs then Abigail wins , she can every time Collect 8 to 9 eggs .

An egg can be found on the fence of Sam’s house , this one will be covered by the fence, you need to look closely , there is also an egg inside the fence along Sam’s house. There’s an egg each in Emily’s Bystander and Sam’s Lower River . There is an egg in the lower right corner of the sewer and next to the water tree outside. Eggs can also be collected in Tombstone Bushes and by the guardrails of Bridges over the Ocean . Anyway, once you know where the eggs are, you can easily find a lot of them around town.

Also you should be aware that eggs are not always visible , you can collect eggs behind trees, bushes and buildings , if you follow the above tips and advice , I believe that defeating Abigail will not be a problem.

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