Why Are My Minecraft Blocks Not Breaking And How Do I Fix Them?

In Minecraft, the trademark feature is its 3D block design world, and a crucial part of its gameplay revolves around blocks, players can break blocks to store in the inventory, use them to make up various items, and build numerous structures.

So, to summarize blocks are the basic unit structures that act as building materials for almost everything. All and every obtainable item is in the form of a block in the game.

These blocks take up precisely a single cell of space. These can be stored and stacked up together in inventory depending on the items.

For example, 64 blocks of dirt can be stored in your inventory. After that, storing an additional 64 blocks of dirt will take up another cell.

Likewise, when you mine an item, it gets transformed into an obtainable block. So now we understand why blocks are pretty important in Minecraft.

How to Fix Minecraft Blocks Not Breaking?

As discussed above, blocks are a vital part of Minecraft. But some users have reported facing an issue where blocks will disappear after breaking and very quickly reappear afterward.

Whoa, did you know that Minecraft blocks don’t break?

I didn’t either! I was playing a survival game on Minecraft and I went to break a block of dirt with my shovel. But it didn’t break. So then I tried to break a block of stone with my pickaxe. Nope! It didn’t work either.

What gives? Why won’t these blocks break?

It turns out that the blocks in Minecraft are made up of different materials—some are made from stone, some from wood, some from dirt and sand—and none of those materials can be broken by tools like shovels or pickaxes.

This is why when you try to break them, nothing happens: all you’re doing is wasting your time and your energy trying to break something that can’t be broken.

Many users are annoyed with this issue because it doesn’t allow the players to obtain the required block.

In this article, we have compiled a list of reasons why this issue occurs and the 6 simple ways to resolve them!

1. Lower Render Distance

Render distance in Minecraft refers to the number of chunks of blocks visible to you in a single moment.

Having low render distance is preferred because fewer chunks allow you to render each frame faster giving a high FPS (frame per second) value.

This is a simple yet highly effective way to fix this issue, by simply lowering their render distance. Low render distance also helps with the lag sometimes users face

High render distance in Minecraft has posed quite a few problems that is why it is suggested to operate using lower render distance. A render distance value of 8 or lower is suggested for optimum results.

2. Turn on VBOs In Video Settings

A vertex buffer object or VBO in short is an OpenGL (Open graphics library).

In simpler terms, its use in Minecraft is that it specifically offers an approximate 10% performance increase when turned on.

It works by reducing the workload on your CPU & RAM and redirecting it to your GPU memory, this method, however, is only recommended if, in the least, you have a fairly decent graphic card.

  • Turning the VBO on generally increases the average FPS. It is advised to always keep this option on.

Many players have reported that turning VBOs on have fixed unnecessary lag in the game, including the issue of Minecraft blocks not breaking

To activate the VBOs, just head over to options in Minecraft. Go to video settings, and locate “Use VBOs” and simply turn the option on.

3. Create a New World/Refresh the Old One

Another common reason why this issue has come up might be because the world that you are playing in right now is poorly loaded.

It is suggested to wait 30-60 seconds just to let things load. Restarting the game often helps in this scenario and in the worst case; you just have to create a new default world.

4. Look Into Your Mods And RAM’s

Sometimes having the wrong mods which do not support your server version will create lags and bugs like Minecraft blocks not breaking.

  • Checking how much dedicated ram you have on Minecraft, in comparison to how much ram your computer has is a great idea.

If you use excessive RAM you can get this block lag and other annoying errors in a single player.

5. Switched Modes And Settings

The case could be that you have accidentally switched to adventure mode. While this allows you to interact with items like chests/buttons, it does not let you destroy, wreck or place any blocks.

Also, there is a setting called Immutable World, which also restricts the placers from placing or breaking blocks so, make sure that you have turned that setting off.

6. Spawn Protection

It is a setting in my craft in which players can’t place or break blocks around spawns until they generate to fix this, we need to follow these steps:

1. Firstly, go to the Multicraft server website and then log in

2. Click on the stop button to temporarily stop the server

3. Then on the left-hand side options you need to go to files, and then click on config files, and then server settings.

4. Scroll down and locate Spawn protection size and reduce that value to zero.

5. Once completed, scroll down to the bottom and click on the save option.

6. Now to go back to the server click on back and then click on start to get the server running again.

7. You have now successfully disabled spawn protection and will no longer face the error of Minecraft blocks not breaking!


Error Minecraft blocks not breaking is not a difficult error to resolve like some other errors. By following these simple hacks you will easily be able to get back to your game and start mining!

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