What Is Entity Cramming Minecraft? Potential To Move or Be Moved

What Are Entities?

To understand Entity cramming Minecraft we need to take a look at what an entity is. 

An entity, in Minecraft, is a term used to describe essentially anything that occupies space and has the potential to move or be moved, without having to become an item first and then placed by players, or with the need of pistons.

  • Using this definition, we players, are considered entities too. Mobs, both hostile and harmless also fall under this category.

It is interesting to know that although boats and mine carts are not exactly living objects they are considered entities because we can push, ride and move with them.

Shot arrows, experience orbs, ender crystals, thrown eggs, thrown snowballs, armor stands, shot fireballs, charged TNT, and fireworks, etc are also included in entities because can move/be moved in forms other than items.

 It is to be noted that blocks are not included in entities because they are broken up and used. They may produce entities but are not considered entities themselves.

Are All Entities Hostile?

Now, the question is, if we, ourselves, are entities, include harmless objects like boats and mine carts, why are entities associated with a bad connotation?

  • Why are they more linked with monstrosities in the game?

That is because, in popular game culture, the word just became synonymous with ‘scary’ and ‘terrifying’ entities, and even in some cases named as such, for example, entity 303, entity 404, entity 505, entity zero, etc.

  • But just because these characters have the word ‘entity in their name doesn’t necessarily mean all entities are ‘scary’.

Entities interact with the player in different ways throughout the game. Some are harmless, some are hostile and can kill you, and some attack only when you show intention to hurt them and some are made to kill you, player, during the game.

To keep your player alive you would have to battle these entities with the right kind of gear.

  • For that players have to be innovative and think quickly to gather as many resources as they can before they get attacked.

Entity Cramming Minecraft

The game, especially, in survival mode exposes players to various challenges to keep the game moving forward.

However, these challenges shouldn’t be so hard that the players cannot complete them. That is why even though the game looks simple, it is very hard to play.

  • To balance these challenges, Minecraft proposed rules and limitations to help balance the game in survival mode.

Entity cramming Minecraft is a feature in-game but most players are unaware of it.

Purpose Of Entity Cramming

In Minecraft, a rule exists that limits the number of entities within a single block space.

This rule is called entity cramming Minecraft and is a very handy tool to build your farms and gather resources as it automatically kills the exceeding numbers of mobs.

And it also allows you to do AFK farming. You need to set up and save your items and farms before these mobs kill you or another error occurs.

The default limit of an entity is 24 but you are also allowed to customize this number. On the MCA survival server, it has been exceeded by up to 100.

How To Set Up Entity Cramming

All you need to set up entity cramming in Minecraft is to enter a simple command. It is a fairly easy command, just type the following command in your game,

game rule maxEntityCramming X

And you’ll be good to go!

Here, X is the number of spawning mobs. That means if you set the value of X for 100, 100 mobs will spawn from that area.

Is It Applicable Through Someone Else’s Server?

Sadly, you cannot execute this rule on somebody else’s server. Entity cramming Minecraft can only be edited by the server owner.

The default value is commonly set to 24-26. To change that, users will need to do it on their server.

 The only way to change values on someone else’s server is to ask the owner of the server to modify the value of spawns for you.

Wind Up

Through this article, we have tried to clearly explain what is entity cramming Minecraft. We hope this will be a useful article for you, just keep in mind that this feature is available only in survival mode.

If you are facing problems connecting to Minecraft, make sure to check out our other helpful articles on the issue.

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