Do you want unlimited internet access without spending more on the hefty billing cycle of internet data?


Well, with the help of some smart moves and intelligent techniques, you can now extend the speed of your WiFi easily.

Many people use wifi range extenders at their homes to extract speed from their routers and expand it to the dead zones of the house.

Important: You can Double the Speed to an Unlimited Range if you just add another Extender with your Router.

Some think that using two extenders at the same time will limit the bandwidth of the first extender, leaving the speed limit the same as before. they are mostly concerned that their extender will go bad like this.

However, this trick is tried and tested. People who are using two extenders at the same time experience more interference-free internet with unlimited speed.

This is just a one-time investment to save on the monthly internet bills without compromising the speed limit. 

There are a lot of things that you plan to do with your internet connection, whether it is related to work, home use, or entertainment.

Everyone wants high definition results while they are watching an online movie and a lag-free connection while they are upon a video call or live streaming session.

An extended speed can also enhance your WiFi Range Outside Your House.

You can get it all by adding another extender with your router. Make sure that the second extender is connected independently to the router instead of working as a slave extender. 

How To Use 2 Wifi Extenders At The Same Time?

Following are some of the major things you should do before you go for buying a new extender to add with your existing one.

If you have checked everything, and you are sure that you want another extender to boost your WiFi speed, you are free to welcome the new extender at your home or workplace with open hands. 

Check For All The Dead Zones

Let’s face it! You will never have a single no-signal zone in your house or office.

  • Especially in office buildings where offices are on different floors, you can never expect the range to extend from the ground floor to the 10th floor with only a single extender.

  • Companies use mesh technology that includes even more than just two extenders to expand the range and transmit the WiFi signals through the building.

  • It is important to do a survey to find the other dead zones that are not under the extender you are already using.

  • There are many applications available on the app stores that can help you conduct a detailed survey of all the rooms for the dead zones.

  • Just install any Wifi analyzer survey app, launch it and walk around the house to get the signal strength and speed.

  • Make sure you check not only the rooms but also the yards and balconies. If the signal strength is weak but near to zero, adding a new extender in that area with the existing one can expand the range.
  • However, if the signals are extremely week, the performance o the new extender will be slow.

Decide Where You Want To Place The Extender 

There will be rooms where the signal strength will be satisfactory or even strong. Those rooms do not need any extender.

However, the rooms or areas with weak signals during the survey needs a miracle to catch a signal from the router.

A new extender plugged in that area independent of the previous one in another room will do the magic for you. So, set up the new extender in the room near that area that needs attention. 

Connect the new extender to the router by checking in the control panel of its web user interface.

Convert the extender in to and Access Point for the router so that the router will provide signals to both the extenders separately. 

You can choose the same SSID and username for this new extender as your previous one.

The security implications suggest that you should consider a New SSID to keep your Internet Safe from Getting Hacked.

There are a lot of WiFi extenders from which you can choose and buy. If you are concerned about the compatibility of the new extender with your router, you can always go for the WiFi range extenders that are universally compatible with any model of your router. 


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