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The world is advancing so rapidly that if you fail to cope up with the flow even for a minute, you will lose track and be left behind.

This is why having a stable internet connection is essential for everyone. Everyone is struggling to be the winning horse of the race; be it work, business, home, or entertainment.

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Internet has taken over the globe with its Futuristic Features and Unmatched convenience.

The question here arises is how to have proper access to a stable internet connection that doesn’t go bad, lag, disconnect, or keeps on reconnecting.

To be very honest, a mere wifi device can never do the work alone if you think it will suffice. You always need something more; a device that can work as a Gateway IP between your wifi device and your personal devices.

Wifi range extenders are the best solution for all your internet range and speed problems to date. Every network may face some issues due to which their range gets limited.

Your wifi stops responding to your personal devices and the signals drop as soon as you enter a no range zone. Wifi extenders are what you need for boosting and extending your internet speed for a lag-free connection. 

What Are Wifi Extenders? 

  • A wifi range extender is actually a device that gets plugged into any electrical source like a socket or so.
  • This device is designed to expand the wifi signals to the places in your house that are considered dead zones.
  • Your balcony, the backroom in the upper portion, your front lawn, or your backyard is the most vulnerable areas where the wifi device fails to extend the signals.
  • In this situation, wifi extenders work as a connecting source between your personal devices and your best wifi router. 

Why Do You Need

Before you go buying a wifi extender ask yourself whether you really need it or not. Wifi range extenders are by no means an easy investment.

If you need a nice one for your home or office internet, they can be very expensive for the budget, which is why to think before you buy.

Changing the placement can do wonders. If it doesn’t work, then you really are in a dire need of a new range extender 

However, if you know you cannot afford it at the moment, try a different way. Place your router somewhere in the middle of the house where it can get in connection with every room.

If you are Constantly Facing the Signal Dropping Issue, and you have the Budget, then you can go for it.

How Wifi Extenders Work

The process is simple. Just plug in the extender, turn it on, and connect it with the router with the help of the web user interface of the router.

The extender will send information to the router. When the router will accept it, the extender will receive the radio wave signals from the router.

Convert them into WiFi signals, and extend them to the dead zones so that your devices can access the internet without any interference. 

Important: Wifi Range Extenders work as a Bridge between your wifi Router and the Device Connected to it, your Personal Devices will directly connect to the Extender, and the Extender will Connect to the Router.

Can Wifi Range Extenders Go Bad?

Just like everything, wifi extenders also have a lifespan. An extender is just a manmade device that can go bad anytime.

Although extenders are deemed to be very durable, and with proper maintenance, they can last up to years.

The most common issue that you can face when the extender goes bad is that your devices will keep on disconnecting and reconnecting. 

When there are rapid weather changes and your extender is plugged in a room where there is more heat the electrical joints get trained due to which the extender slows down.

Extenders need a good ventilation point so that the heat that they are absorbing releases as well. If you have set your wifi extender in a ventilated place, then there are very low chances that it will go bad.

However, if it goes bad, you might need a firmware update. Here is what you can do

How To Fix The Issues?
  • Connect your wifi extender to the electrical source or power adapter.
  • Connect it to the wifi network that you are currently using.
  • Open the extender’s GUI, and enter the email and password with which you created your extenders account.
  • Check the update activity of your firmware. If it still hasn’t upgraded to the latest version, do it.
  • Once the firmware is upgraded, reset the extender by pressing the rest hole with a pin for 30 seconds. When the resetting will complete, the extender will show a green light.

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