Want to Use the Internet When you’re Out? Learn to Extend WiFi Range Outside

Who doesn’t want to have an internet connection that isn’t limited just inside the walls of the house?

Your internet may not seem to be troubling at all when you are cozying around inside, but the frustration starts when you step out.

If you like to scroll down your news feed while you are sitting on your patio, or walking on the lawn, a broken connection will be very disturbing for you. So, you all be wondering how to extend WiFi Range outside?

Most of the WiFi Devices are not so capable with their Range Compatibility that the moment you step out of its range, you are out of Connection.

Take a chill pill cause we are going to give you a solution here.

No doubt that outdoor time is supposed to be your time with your own self or with your family because the modern world has stopped promoting family life.

Is it a Good Idea? Extend WiFi Range Outside

If you want to bring your work out to your lawn for more productivity, nothing can be compared to the idea of taking your work alongside your family.

The thing to consider is that you should have a Stable and Reliable Source that helps you to Extend the Internet Speed to your Outdoor.

With the advent of this digitalized lifestyle, you want to be able to upgrade your internet connection by increasing its range to the outdoor areas of your house.

Well, this is now not as much difficult as it seems to be. Because of the strong and layered concrete walls of your house, your WiFi signals usually get lost during their way to run behind your devices as you step in your front lawn, your patio, or your balcony.

With the below-detailed tips and ideas, you will see that your internet will be accompanying you to your outdoor ventures as well.

Tips To Extend WiFi Range Outside:

Following are some of the most convenient, effective, and result-inducing methods through which you can easily increase and expand the range of your wifi outside your house.

Change The Placement Of Your Router

  • We can say that this is the promptest and result-friendly way to extend your internet speed out of your house. In addition, it is also the cheapest one among all. Do not hang your router over your rooftop or patio just to catch a signal or two. Play smart!
  • Set your router in the upper portion room of your house that has a front-facing window. Place the router beside the window where it gets directly connected with the outdoor.
  • You can change your setting to this one when you are spending more time of the day outside on your patio or lawn. However, this setting is not so ideal when you are inside your house.

Wifi extenders are a source of extending your network speed both indoor and outdoor as they work as a partner router with your existing network router.

So, connecting a new wifi extender can help you a great deal in easing internet access & Extend WiFi Range Outside in your residence.

Buy A Wifi Extender

  • One of the best things you can do for extending the range and speed of your wifi is to buy a wifi range extender.
  • These devices are designed to extend the signals that your router transmits by converting the radio waves into wifi signals.
  • You can easily set it up with your router by plugging in any electrical socket and it will strengthen your signal strength by using the same SSID, username, and password.

Wireless Access Points

  • If you do not want a detailed process to get internet outside your house, or you don’t want to disturb your indoor wifi settings, you can always use a wireless access point.
  • It is a small hardware device that you can easily connect to a cabled network. This device gets attached to the router by using an ethernet port.
  • All you have to take care of is the length of the cable that will easily reach you outdoors whenever you need a connection there.

Switch To Powerline Adapters

  • Powerline networking is also trending in the industry nowadays, and you can also count on the powerline adapters if you want a range that has the capacity to exceed the area outside your patio and front lawn; i.e. your house lane.
  • However, if you opt for a powerline, make sure you keep your connection private by hiding your SSID because the longer the range is, the higher the risk is for your network to get hacked.

Set Your Ethernet To A New Location

  • Another great idea to work on is to get a buried ethernet cable and take it to the place where you want to get internet success. Usually, patios, garages, shed, and backyards are the areas that don’t catch signals or don’t have the range access.
  • This method is great, but the work and labor increase with the digging up and materials you will need in the underground wiring.

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