Verizon Competitors + Alternatives | Top Wireless Service Providers

Verizon may be a leading name in the world of wireless cell phone service providers but the list of Verizon competitors is pretty long.

Do you which other companies have a strong coverage and huge mobile customer base in the US and around the globe? Let me tell you about some of these!

What Are Verizon Competitors In The Market?

Whether big or small, you will find a number of companies in competition with Verizon. Some offer better coverage, others hand mobile phones and plans you just can’t turn down. So if you are thinking of switching from the Verizon service, here are some good alternatives to look into.

1. T-Mobile

T-Mobile emerged as a competitor to Verizon first as a stand-along telecommunication company and currently by merger with Sprint, making it an even bigger rival to fear.

According to the recent surveys, T-Mobile has already taken the lead in 5G network coverage as compared to Verizon.

Moreover, it hosts a variety of deals and some of the best smartphones that you will find in the market. No wonder clients have started looking into queries like Will Verizon phone work with T-Mobile.

2. AT&T

The toughest competition that Verizon faces is by AT&T. Although the competitor lags behind when we look into network range and subscription affordability, AT&T is a clear winner in terms of 5G coverage.

With more and more people looking for reliable internet services in the future and 5G gaining more popularity, it is possible that AT&T will take the lead over Verizon soon.

In fact, the situation was pretty evident in 2021 when AT&T had 44.8% share of wireless subscriptions in the US and Verizon only had 29.1%. The results are yet to be collected for the ongoing year.

3. Spectrum

Analysts don’t often consider Spectrum a rival to Verizon because both vary on a very prominent feature: Verizon user fiber technology whereas Spectrum relies on cable.

With that being said, there is no doubt that Spectrum offers one of the best services in areas of network security, cell phones, television, etc.

There are also great number of deals and discounts available on Spectrum just like you will find on Verizon FIOS.

Verizon became user’s favorite majorly because it put out mix and match deals. This meant customers could get a combined package for cell phone, home internet, home phone, and television subscription all at one place. As it turns out, Spectrum offers similar packages as well and at lower prices.

4. COX Enterprise

Cox Communications, a subsidiary to Cox, is a huge competitor to Verizon in the telecommunication and television market. It has now become of the largest supplier of cable television in the US so it can be said that Verizon has already been seconded in this market.

5. Airtel

Airtel is a competitor not just to Verizon but other well known names as well including AT&T, Spectrum, and Xfinity.

However, Verizon is definitely taking the lead as the only similarity here is that both telecommunication companies provide similar services.

Other than that, Verizon has better coverage, promotional discounts from time to time, supports number of devices, and has significantly more prominent recognition amongst users than Airtel.

6. Comcast/ Xfinity Mobile

Comcast is giving competition to Verizon in more than just one category.

You may have heard the name as one of the biggest internet service provider in the US and that is true.

So, Verizon faces competition from Comcast when it comes to internet services, coverage, signal strength, etc. Other than that, the two are also head-on over television services in the US.

  • Xfinity Mobile is a mobile phone service you can get if you are a Comcast subscriber.

That makes it a competition in this field as well and since the plans are available for lower prices on Xfinity Mobile, many customer on tight budget have already considered switching.

The biggest deal breaker for Verizon here is that Comcast Xfinity Mobile offers the same 5G Network coverage but with cheaper plans as compared to Verizon Unlimited.

7. Centurylink

Currently, Centurylink and Verizon are head-on over internet services in America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

In fact, Centurylink has more than 250,000 miles of fiber networking in the US only making it a prominent name in the internet market.

However, this is the only sphere where the competition exacts. Centurylink does plan to expand its services to compete even more with Verizon as well as other leading names in the world of wireless service providers.

8. Metro by T-Mobile

T-Mobile offers services just like Verizon Wireless and Metro By T-Mobile is a reliable cell phone provider that you can trust with 5G coverage all over US.

Other than that, the plans that it offers are affordable and it has some of the best cell phones, again available at lower prices as compared to Verizon.

In a nutshell, Metro by T-Mobile is a great choice for people who are on a tight budget. You can look into accessories like phone cases as well and almost everything will be budget-friendly, something that is not the case with Verizon.

9. Cricket Wireless

Similar to Verizon services, Cricket wireless offers tablets, accessories, cell phone plans, etc. making it a direct competitor to Verizon in all these niches.

In fact, Cricket may just take the lead given it has cheaper plans than Verizon.

Currently, Cricket Wireless is under the ownership of AT&T and uses its network. This provides for reliable coverage and decent service efficiency all around the nation.

If you are new to this network, do check out the Cricket coverage map to see the regions where it is available.

10. Vodafone

Vodafone is one of the strongest competitors to Verizon because it is working with similar plans, phones, and focusing on globalization of its services. You will find most of the products and services here that Verizon providers.

At one point, Vodafone has 45% stake in Verizon wireless and with 625 million active users, it was recognized as the second-largest mobile network internationally.

Now more similar companies have emerged but Vodafone reserves it status as well as the trust of millions of dedicated users.

11. RCN Telecom Services

Launched in New Jersey, the RCN Telecom Services offers high-speed internet, digital phone services, and digital television services.

Since Verizon has similar plans and offerings, it is considered a commendable competitor to Verizon FIOS in the telecommunications industry.

12. America Movil

America Movil operates in more than 25 countries where Verizon is available too. This includes Latin America, United States, Europe and others.

The greatest competition is found in Mexico where America Movil is one of the biggest mobile operator.

Now the company is focusing more on international market although it has recently sold Tracfone to Verizon. It is still a competitor in many spheres.

13. Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is considered a competitor to Verizon largely because it offers low-cost cell phones and plans. Other than that, its 5G coverage is commendable.

Although Boost Mobile has approximately 300 million active users, it does not offer network of its own currently. This phone company is part of Dish and relies on AT&T network for coverage.

14. Deutsche Telekom

This company was found in Germany but currently, it is operating in more than 50 countries around the globe with 200,000+ employees.

Due to its excellent telecommunication services, Deutsche Telekom is a competitor to Verizon taking the lead in many regions with its own subsidiaries, T-mobile.

Thorough review shows that it is actually dominating the market in Europe.

15. Tigo

Tigo is mostly popular as a backup internet provider. It is stable, safe, and offers affordable packages. So far, users have recognized it for pocket-friendly services but consider Verizon better in terms of coverage and equipment quality.

16. TELUS Mobility

TELUS Mobility is a competitor to Verizon especially when we talk about international coverage. It has commendable signal strength in Mexico, Brazil, Germany, etc.

If you are someone who travels a lot and can not deal with spotty network, this might be a good option to consider when Verizon TravelPass charges seem a bit too much.

In a Nutshell

From the list of Verizon competitors, it is obvious that AT&T and T-Mobile are the biggest competition that Verizon faces with comparable services, products, and coverage. Although there are other brands to consider like Vodafone or RCN, users inclination towards these is often due to limited budget only as most of the services are cheaper compared to Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.