Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me? How To Deal With Scam Call

It was not long after I had signed up for Verizon services that I started to panic as I couldn’t figure out why Verizon voicemail keeps calling me.

Stories about spam calls and fraudsters stealing sensitive data and even financial information had me worries.

However, I was able to talk to representatives at Verizon and found answers to most of my questions.

They guaranteed that the company did its best to protect users from scammers but also suggested a few safety tips if I repetitively got calls from a number as “voicemail”. I will share them with you now!

Why Does Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me?

There are two instances where you will get Verizon voicemail call.

First of all, Verizon does call its customers sometimes if it has inform or inquire about something important.

If you do not pick up the call, it is hardly likely that Verizon will call you again. It would leave instructions in the voicenote and wait for you to respond.

In another scenario, if you do respond to the call, the company would never ask about financial details or sensitive information like credit card number or account PIN.

The call is typically a voice-recording in which you can choose to shift to a live representative if need be.

Then we come to the second reason why Verizon voicemail might be calling you and this is where you need to be attentive!

If the voicemail is calling repetitively, this might be a scam attempt so be careful. Company never places multiple calls but a fraudster might.

Scammers use approaches for identity theft or getting financial information from you that they can mis-use for un-authorized transactions or stealing your money.

Fraudsters will do anything to convince you that it is actually Verizon calling. As they have hacked your account, they can easily produce personal information such as telling your name or address in attempt to make you fall prey to their attack.

What To Do When Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me?

100% sure that Verizon voicemail keeps calling you in a scam attempt? Well, the first thing to do is not panic.

They can not harm you as long as you deal carefully with the situation at hand. Here’s what you need to do when scam call happens.

1. Ignore The Call

The first, and the most crucial step, is to understand how important it is to ignore the call. You must not engage in any communication with a number you don’t trust.

If you think Verizon is calling you directly and there may be some issues that they want to report, call back on the official Verizon helpline to inquire about that yourself.

Confirm that it was Verizon calling you previously. If not, report the calls.

It is also possible for the hackers to access your account and then make changes that mess with normal functionality of your Verizon account set up.

You may not be able identify the changes yourself but you must have them reversed timely.

No matter how serious the issue seems, picking up the call when hackers are trying to contact you is never a good idea.

2. Call Customer Service at Verizon

Reporting the incident to Verizon customer support team immediately is crucial. Once you have ignored the fraudulent call, get in touch with Verizon and have the company investigate what is going on.

Verizon would also move to block spam calls if need be. As part of the insurance packages, Verizon also offer Identity Protect Service that can take care of spam calls for you!

Additionally, you should check the bank transaction history to ensure that no money transfers have taken place without your authorization.

Timely identification can help the bank immediately reverse the transaction and take other necessary steps for your account protection.

3. Protect Your Personal and Financial Information

Hackers can misuse your personal or financial information such as credit card number, etc, to harm you in many different ways.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you safeguard these details in every manner possible.

For example, customers who picked up scam calls unknowingly reported that fraudsters tried to rip them off their personal information using following tactics.

  • Asking for credit card number because it has to be updated in Verizon records.
  • Informing about discounted offers or promotional packages that they want to share with you.
  • Have you sign up for a new service without charges.

That is what sets apart Verizon call from a scammer. The company clearly mentions that it never requires sensitive information like credit cards number from their customers.

Anyone who has access to your account would already know some of the details such as:

  • Date of birth.
  • Full name.
  • Last 4 digits of SSN.
  • Subscription number, etc.

Requesting the caller to share any of these as a way to confirm if it is Verizon calling or not will not work.

You will still end up losing important data and the hackers may use it to steal money or get you involved in illegal transactions.

4. Change Login Credentials To Stay Safe

The first step to protect your account is to change the login credentials as soon as possible and then choose to log out of all devices immediately.

This will save you from losing any more private information once the hacked have breached privacy with unwanted access.

5. Block The Fishy Number

Smartphones now have in-built features to block a number that you do not want to interact with. It does not require you to download any app or sign up with additional services.

You will find the “block number” option in the Privacy Settings of most of the devices.

Alternatively, you can simply press and hold the number to wait for a drop-down option box to appear. This will let you block the number directly and within seconds.

Can You Turn Off Voicemail on Verizon?

You can also turn off Verizon voicemail if it keeps calling you. Here’s how to get that done.

  • Call the Verizon customer support team at 1-800-922-0204.
  • Generate a request with the team to turn off your service.

Does Verizon Call Customers Directly?

Yes! Not every call that you get from Verizon is a scam attempt. Subscribers can expect to get calls from them, however, the company only does so within working hours. If you are getting calls at an odd time, it mostly probably is a scammers.

Moreover, Verizon will try to call you once or twice only. If there is no response, it may leave a voice note sharing whatever is urgent. The company never calls constantly regardless of how urgent the communication is.

Likewise, Verizon may leave voicemails as well. If you are in doubt about sender of a particular voicemail, call Verizon at 800-922-0204 to confirm directly with a company representative.

How To Deal With Spam Calls on Verizon?

There are additional steps you can take to avoid spam calls in the future. The best part is that none of these come with additional charges!

1. Use Google Assistant

Android phone users can work as a community to protect each other from spam calls. This happens through the help of Google Assistant.

The tool creates a directory of spam callers. This means, if you are an Android user and get a call from a number which has been previously reported as spam, it will be displayed on your screen.

Likewise, if you identify and verify a spam callers, you can add it through Google Assistance so future recipients that the same number tries to contact will be warned.

2. Use Block Spam Caller Apps

Did you know that there are apps available on the app store or Google store that can help you block spam calls for good? You can download the app on your device and activate it right away to block annoying callers.

However, there is a downside. Block spam caller apps are not always reliable as they may not recognize the spam number every time. Although they have an extensive database, identification of new spamming number takes time.

You can manually add the number to your account when you want to block it.

3. Request Verizon To Block The Spam Caller

Verizon has a number of security features that they can use to block spam calls on your behalf. However, you need to file an official request for this by calling the helpline number.

The team will ask you to verify your account, report the number, and then determine if it is a spam or not.

Once the scrutiny is finished, Verizon will block the number so you won’t get any calls from them in the future.

In a Nutshell

You need to be careful how to manage spam calls when Verizon voicemail keeps calling you. Moreover, you can always choose to disable the service altogether which will save you from scammers and lower plan charges. In case you come across a fraudulent party trying to get information out of you on a scam call, ignore the number and have it reported to Verizon as soon as possible.