Verizon Cancellation Policy – Charges, Deduction and FAQ’s

It looks like even the best cell phone service provider may not be able to keep all its clients happy. Therefore, many choose to cancel a subscription a few months into the plan. If you happen to be a Verizon user, here is a thing or two to learn about Verizon Cancellation Policy.

What Is Verizon Cancellation Policy?

As per the Cancellation protocol, any Verizon user can choose to unsubscribe from the sewirvice within 14 days without any penalty charges.

Verizon FIOS users have up to 30 days to cancel it and the company will not charge an Early Termination Fee.

However, if this window has expired, there will be penalty charges for cancellation. These depend on how much you are into the contract in terms of the month.

Canceling the service closer to the end date has lower charges as compared to cancellations just after a couple of months into the plan.

Moreover, only the account owner can cancel a Verizon plan. This is verified through the account PIN and the last 4 digits of his or her social security number.

How To Cancel Verizon Service?

The company does not make it a hassle to cancel the service any time you want. There are just a couple of steps involved. Let me show you how it is done.

1. Confirm Your Identity

When you call the customer support team for cancellation, the first thing you need to do is to provide proof of identity as the account owner. Furthermore, you will be asked to verify it with an account PIN

2. Request Verizon Customer Service For Cancellation

Then you can move on to the cancellation procedure. The team is available for contact at 1-800-922-0204.

  • It will provide guidance and you have to choose the relevant prompts to cancel the service.
  • As part of the protocol, Verizon will request you to stay as a customer and inquire about the reason for cancellation.
  • You have to verbally accept over the phone that you want to cancel the service.
  • Then note down the reference number given to you.

The company will assess your request and soon cancel the service. However, it is advisable to keep the reference number with you in case you need any assistance in the future.

Furthermore, you must pay for the phone service at the end of the billing cycle even if you have canceled the plan somewhere in the middle of the contract. I will talk more about this in the sections below!

What Is Verizon Cancellation Fee?

Verizon support number is the best way to get any kind of help such as if your Verizon not working. This is number that you can dial anytime and anywhere you want and will be able to reach Verizon tech support service easily.

The fee for Verizon cancellation is variable. First of all, there are no charges if you cancel within 14 days as per the Verizon Customer Agreement.

If you are beyond that point, the cancellation fee would depend on how far you are from the end of the contract.

The highest Early Termination Fee is $350. This is charged when you cancel immediately after your 14-day period ends. The fee is gradually decreased as you move closer to the last few months of the contract.

Is There a Penalty Fee For Early Service Cancellation?

Verizon is not very generous when it comes to the cancellation of their service before the end date of the contract. There are penalty fees for early cancellation and these can be as high as $350.

The exact penalty charges depend on how far you are from the date of the contract end.

Generally, you will pay a higher fee if you cancel within the first few months and lesser charges are applied if there are only a couple of months left of the contract.

  • Verizon charges up to $350 for immediate cancellation.
  • You will have to pay up to $300 if you cancel in the first few months.
  • The penalty fee is less than $80 if you cancel in the last few months.

This is a rough estimate only. You can get in touch with Verizon customer support service for further guidelines on this matter.

You should have to return the equipment within 30 days of the cancellation of your plan. Failure to do so will result in further penalty charges.

Verizon equipment must be returned with shipping labels. These are available on the Fios website for printing. Don’t forget to paste them on each item respectively before you send them back.

Furthermore, not all items are eligible for return. Go through Verizon’s return policy or get help from the Customer Care center to see which ones should be returned.

Can I Only Cancel Verizon Within 14 Days?

It is ideal to cancel the service if you don’t find it fit for your use, within 14 days of finalizing the contract.

This is the only way to avoid any type of fees and get reimbursement for equipment setup charges. However, this offer is limited as soon as you enter day 15.

Can I Cancel My Verizon FIOS Contract Within 30 Days?

There is no Early Termination Fee as long as you cancel the Verizon contract within 30 days of the contract with FIOS and return the equipment in the time window as well.

Moreover, Verizon will return any fee that you paid for equipment or its setup during this time.

Do You Pay For Phone Plans After You Cancel Verizon?

It is a valid question since there is a lot of ambiguity amongst users who have canceled Verizon service but are still under the Verizon Payment plan with some subscription time left.

So the policy around this matter is that subscribers must pay for whatever’s left on the plan when the next bill from Verizon arrives. You can also visit the Verizon Disconnected Accounts to pay off the remaining bill online.

Moreover, you can use their official webpage as well even after your service has been disconnected. Just enter the mobile phone number and choose to transfer the remaining balance.

In a Nutshell

You can cancel Verizon service in 14 days and with Verizon Fios, the window is up to 30 days in which a full refund is possible and no additional fees are charged for cancellation. If you are only months into the contract when you cancel the plan, Verizon may charge you up to a $350 Early Termination Fee.

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