Nest Cam vs Canary | The Eyes You Can Undeniably Rely On

There are a number of reasons why you would want to keep an eye at the door or within a room. When exploring the world of static security cameras Nest Cam vs Canary is a review worth reading.

Canary Pro Indoor Home Security Camera...Something Great
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Google Nest Cam Indoor - 1st Generation...Something Great
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Google Nest Cam was expected to be a big hit. Although the device did win over thousands of users around the US, it still left some room for its competitors, and that’s when Canary entered the pictures.

Canary security cam came equipped with multiple sensors and a range of features which made it a good choice over the Nest Cam.

  • However, a closer look indicates that both the cameras are competent enough to be in a full showdown.

Considering their similar and contrasting features, we thought a detailed Nest Cam vs Canary review is in order!

In this article, we would take you through a full comparison of the two products, their pros, cons, features, as well as the things they have in common.

At the end of the reading, we would try to make a reasonable suggestion on which of the two products should you go for depending on what you need!

Without further ado, let us jump into the comparative analysis.

Nest Cam vs Canary – Comparative Analysis

The first thing under consideration when buying a security camera is often the video quality. In this aspect, Canary takes the lead. This is because it provides 1080p in high definition whereas Nest Cam does so in lower resolution.

  • Next, Canary has a wider field of view.

It provides a 147-degrees view in comparison to a lesser 130-degrees offered by Google Nest Cam.

Another major difference is in the zoom capabilities of the two cameras. Nest Cam is capable of providing an 8x enhanced and zoomed image that the Canary can not do. Nonetheless, both the cameras are equipped with a digital pan.

In terms of performance, Nest Cam provides full coverage with 24/7 streaming. Canary can miss a couple of moments since it saves snippets and not the entire day in a form of a full video.

Both the devices are WiFi-enabled, but Canary hosts connection with a larger number of devices such as smartphones or apps.

Note: Nest Cam can only connect with Nest devices and Amazon Alexa for voice control.

Canary also allows you to save 12 hours of footage and view them without a subscription. However, a subscription is a must if you want to enjoy the same feature with Google Nest Cam.

This was just a quick overview of Nest Cam vs Canary. We will now explore the two products separately and talk about their features in detail.

Let’s go!

1. Nest Cam – Enhanced Night Vision


Brand Name: Google | Model Number: NC1102ES | Weight: 7.2 ounces | Product Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 4.5 inches | Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery | Launched on: June 17, 2015

Google Nest Cam
Enhanced Night Vision

It now hosts 8 high-powered Infra-red LEDs to take care of the dark images produced at night.
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Nest cam Review

Nest Cam offers almost all the features that are typical of a good security camera but with a little extra cherries on the top.

It provides the users with 1080p video, enhanced night vision and motion alerts. If a suspicious movement is detected it will send both motion and sound alerts to the mobile app so you can choose how to respond.

The security camera can be set easily using the Nest app guides. Moreover, you can place it on the shelf, on the wall, or hang it using the magnetic base. All up to you!

Furthermore, Nest Cam is a great option if you want to integrate with other Nest devices to create a complete smart home. Compatible devices include Nest thermostat, Nest Protects, and Nest Wi-Fi devices that we would talk about the features section.

Note: The use of Nest Cam and mobile Nest Aware will begin with a 30-day free trial

Later on, you can choose a basic subscription plan for the Nest Aware Plus plan.

The basic plan allows 30 days of video history whereas the Plus plan comes with 60 days of event history and additional 10 days of video streaming 24/7.

A feature that enables Nest Cam to stand out is its up-to-date security program. It uses a combination of 2048-bit RSA and 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your videos and data.

Features of Nest Cam

Enhanced Night Vision

  • Google Nest Cam offers 1080p video quality and live streaming that is available in every part of the day.

  • You can also share the save clips with relatives or friends in 1920 x 1080 resolution.

  • In addition to that, the night vision has been improved in this model. It now hosts 8 high-powered IR LEDs to take care of the dark images produced at night.

Security-Enabled Setup

  • The camera makes sure that your data is protected at all costs.

  • Therefore, it features a unique 2048-bit RSA key in combination with 128-bit SSL encryption.

  • Both of these features work hand in hand to protects your videos and data from getting into the wrong hands.

  • You can also choose to enable two-factor authentication. This ensures you are always notified when there is a login.

A FREE Trial of 30 Days

  • On the purchase of Nest Cam, you will be offered a 30-day free trial of Nest Aware.

  • However, if you choose to buy the subscription plan, you will be delighted to find out that it starts at as low as $6 for all the integrated Nest devices.

Mobile Notifications

  • Motion alerts will be instantly sent to your mobile so you can review them and decide if an action is needed.

  • You can also save the alert for sharing later.

  • The camera allows for a 3-hour snapshot history so you get to watch everything that is important.

  • From the settings option, you can enable intelligent alerts which means that you will only get motion and sound alerts that matter.

Easy Use

  • You can place the camera in any orientation you wish, in addition to placing on the shelf or mounting on the wall.

  • You can also make use of the magnet base in case you want to stick it to any compatible surface other than the wall.

  • Once the power outlet is connected, the Nest App will take you through an easy guide on how to complete the installation process.

  • Furthermore, the camera has a weather-proof body so you can place it outdoor without the worry of losing it to the heavy rainfall.

Combination of Nest Features

  • Nest Cam hosts a Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation.

  • It automatically syncs to the temperature you like and adjusts accordingly saving energy and provide a good atmosphere for you!

  • Another compatible gadget is the Nest Protect which is a home alarm that can be managed via a mobile phone.

  • Since Nest Cam can integrate well with all these devices, it can be used to create a complete smart home system with a range of Google Nest products.

2. Canary – HomeHealthy Technology


Brand Name: Canary | Model Number: CAN100USBK | Weight: 13.9 ounces | Product Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 6 inches | Batteries: N/A | Launched on: December 20, 2014

Canary Security Camera
HomeHealthy Technology

The camera comes with an in-built temperature sensor that can track the quality of the air and the level of humidity in the room.
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Canary Review

The Canary security camera catches the eye both, because of its looks and the collection of features that it offers.

  • It’s available in solid black, white, and black graphite shade.

Just like Google Nest Cam, Canary also allows for 1080p high-definition video, with live streaming, a night-vision, motion alerts, sound alerts, and much more!

The setup process is also very easy and can be completed in less than 20 minutes. Furthermore, with a 147-degrees view, you get to keep an eye on everything.

Furthermore, as the camera is Wi-Fi enables you can connect it to smartphones and other devices for a good integration system. It is also equipped with a two-way audio system allowing you to talk to the person at the door.

Personally, we loved it for the addition of a 90-decibel siren that can be armed as soon as you notice something fishy going on. Are you scared that you don’t know the person entering your home? Immediately use the app to sound the alarm so they know someone is watching!

  • Another catchy addition is that of HomeHealth technology.

The camera also comes with an in-built temperature sensor. Furthermore, it can track the quality of the air and the level of humidity in the room.

Features of Canary

Motion Alerts

  • The powerful artificial intelligence installed in this security camera enables it to filter out motion alerts that are not significant.

  • The software is wise enough to know when to send alerts for a movement.

  • Furthermore, in case of emergency, there is a list of emergency numbers given in the app that you can contact immediately.

  • Moreover, the camera stores video and audio clips in case the police need to identify the burglars later on.

HomeHealth Technology

  • If keeping an eye on your door was not enough, the Canary security camera has extra features to make your life easier!

  • The camera, additionally, comes with an in-built temperature sensor.

  • Furthermore, it can track the quality of the air and the level of humidity in the room.

  • These measurements are essential to know if the environment can affect your health in any way.

Built-In Alarm System

  • Canary security camera understands your need to feel safe and secure in your home.

  • Have you caught the burglar in action? Use the app to instantly boom an alert siren as loud as 90+ decibels.

  • The siren would scare off the unwanted visitors before they have a chance to cause any problem.

Clear and Full Video Feed

  • The Canary security camera will give you access to both, live feed, in addition to recorded clips that you can use as per need.

  • There is no extra hassle of installation as the setup process is easy and can be completed in less than 20 minutes.

  • It features a high-definition 1080p video feed with a 147-degrees view that ensures you get to keep an eye on everything.

Two-Way Audio and Sound Recording

  • The camera comes with a built-in microphone that allows you to communicate with the visitor at door.

  • This is a great addition when you want to make the delivery person wait as you attend to the chores that won’t let you get to the door!

  • Thanks to this system, the security camera also saves sounds recordings so you not only see what’s on the screen but also hear what’s going on loud and clear.

Connectivity Options

  • The Canary camera needs to connect with a good Wi-Fi router with a wireless protocol 802.11 b/g/n to function.

  • Furthermore, it also supports connection with voice control of Amazon Alexa if you wish to verbally handle the camera’s settings.

Nest Cam vs Canary – Similar Features

Since we have elaborated on the differences so well, it only makes sense to pen down a number of similarities too.

First of all, the video quality that the two security cameras offer is the same. They both provide a 1080p video. The night vision is also available in both products.

Nest Cam and Canary host motion detection system. They will send out alerts or alarms when a shady movement is observed around their zone.

They are also equipped with a two-way audio system. The microphone quality is good and you would be able to communicate with the visitor with good sound quality output.

  • Luckily, the two devices are also easy to set up.

You can use the detailed installation process via a mobile app or find a guide on the internet. Either way, it should not take more than 15 minutes to have the camera running.

Lastly, both Nest Cam and Canary come with a warranty of one year.

The manufacturers have not highlighted any information regarding free technical support although you can reach out to the customer support services if you have any issues.

Nest Cam vs Canary – Find a Verdict

Both Nest Cam and Canary are good options that you can invest in with your eyes closed. As you have already seen they have more similarities than differences therefore you would be in safe hands regardless of the product you decide to go with.

However, the kind of integration you are hoping for might make a lot of difference. Since Nest Cam is compatible with Nest devices and Canary connects with almost all Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets, you need to check what are other devices that you would want to connect your camera with.

Nonetheless, Nest Cam is still an industry-leading product with better features and more secure use. As soon as you buy the subscription, this camera would automatically become more effective.

Have you made up your mind yet? We would love to hear the final decision you made! Remember to drop these in the comment section below and also feel free to add anything else that you might find important about the products.

Thank you!

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