Blink XT vs XT2 Comparison – Affordable Home Security Camera

Having difficulty deciding which security camera to buy? The Blink XT vs XT2 comparison article will surely help you out.

  • Nowadays security cameras have two-fold advantages.

You can see any activity happening outside or inside your home, additionally, you can communicate with someone on the other side through the camera.

You may find several home security cameras in the market, but this article is going to compare two models of security cameras from Blink, an Amazon company.

Did You Know? Blink was a Kickstarter program in 2014 for the development of a wireless home security camera. Amazon bought this startup in 2017.

There are certain necessary features you want in your home security camera. These features include but are not limited to HD video, wireless communication, and cloud storage.

However, modern-day home security cameras have tons of features including night vision, two-way communication, and motion detection.

  • As more and more features are being added to security cameras, they require more hardware with them.

For example, a central hub, having a link with both the camera and the internet is required. This hub will take the video feed from the camera and upload it on the cloud using the internet.

Therefore, if you don’t have an internet signal in the vicinity of the camera then you might need to install a new Wi-Fi router or a range extender.

Well, Blink XT vs XT2 comparison article will discuss in detail the different features of these wireless cameras, in addition to a comparison.

Blink XT vs XT2 – Comparative Analysis

Before discussing the features of these home security cameras individually, let’s have a face-off between them.

To start with, XT2 is an advanced model of XT. Blink XT camera is the first home security camera Blink introduced in the market. Whereas XT2 is its successor.

As both cameras are from the same factory floor, they’ll definitely have some similarities.

  • However, as XT2 succeeds XT, it’ll surely have some upgradations.

Talking about the similarities first, rest assured that both cameras are completely weather-resistant and may be installed either outdoor or indoor.

Blink XT Home Security Camera System - 3...Something Great
  • WEATHERPROOF FOR OUTDOOR OR INDOOR USE: Place and move your wireless Blink camera anywhere around your home both inside and out. Start off with a small system and expand to up to 10 cameras on one Blink Sync Module.
Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security...Something Great
  • Extended battery life – 2 year battery life on two AA lithium batteries with a combination of two-way talk, live view, and motion recording. Double the usage of the XT on a single set of batteries when recording video.

Furthermore, both have a field of view (FOV) of 110 degrees and features a motion detection sensor.

Thanks to this motion sensor, the camera knows when to start recording and/or send you an alert regarding any activity happening in front of the camera.

  • Moreover, both Blink XTvs XT2 can communicate wirelessly and send video on the free cloud storage via a Wi-Fi connection.

As Blink is an Amazon-managed company, both cameras are perfectly compatible with Alexa. In fact, they have built-in integration of Alexa.

Besides, to run on 2 AA batteries, you can plug-in USB power wire in case the batteries run out.

These cameras may run for two years on batteries.

These were all the similarities you’ll find in these two cameras. Now I’ll present the differences between the two. These differences will allow you to choose one over the other.

Firstly, Blink XT2 can view and record 1080p HD video, whereas Blink XT can only go up to 720p resolution.

Secondly, Blink XT2 features a mic and a speaker for two-way communication which is completely absent in Blink XT.

Thirdly, though both cameras have motion detection sensors, in XT2 you can additionally set activity zones as well.

  • So, you’ll have more command over motion detection.

Lastly, XT2 features a much easier installation mount as compared to XT and accomplishes more feats on the same batteries.

Blink XT2 has a bit higher price tag but considering the features it has, the price difference seems quite negligible.

I’ve very clearly stated the similarities and differences between Blink XT vs XT2 and hope it’ll be easy for you to make a decision. However, you may keep on reading if you want detailed features of both cameras.

1. Blink XT – 1st Gen Home Security Camera

Blink XT vs XT2


Brand Name: Blink | Model Number: XT | Field of View: 110 deg. | Resolution: 720p | FPS: 30 | Weight: 119g | Size: 71 x 71 x 34 mm | Audio: One-way recording

Blink XT Security Camera
1st Gen Home Security Camera

Blink XT is a 1st generation home security camera from Blink, featuring motion detection, free cloud storage and night vision.
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Review of Blink XT

Blink XT is a smart and stylish, all-black wireless security camera.

Blink, an Amazon company, introduced this home security camera back in 2016. This affordable security camera compares well with security cameras of similar price range from various manufacturers.

Furthermore, featuring HD video and audio recording and automatic uploading to free cloud storage make this camera a reasonable option.

Moreover, night vision capability and automatic recording when motion activity is detected make this camera desirable for all kinds of situations.

In addition to recording, it’ll also send you alerts about the motion activity.

Blink XT presents an easy setup. Firstly, you’ll have to mount the camera at the desired location and turn it on. Secondly, connect it to the Blink Sync Module with a push of a button, and install the Blink app on your mobile device to view and manage this camera.

Blink XT has built-in support for Alexa. Therefore, you can control and monitor this camera through voice commands via Alexa.

In addition to being completely weather resistant with IP-65 certification, this camera will remain powered up for 2-years on 2 AA batteries. Isn’t it great? You don’t have to worry about the depletion of batteries for quite a long time.

Features of Blink XT

Wireless Connection

  • Blink XT connects with Blink Sync Module wirelessly through native Wi-Fi.

  • Moreover, a single Blink Sync Module can cater up to 10 Blink XT cameras at a time.

  • Furthermore, Blink Sync Module, using your internet connection, uploads recorded to feed on the internet.

Motion Detection

  • The camera has a responsive Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor for detecting any motion in its FOV.

  • Therefore, on the detection of any motion, the camera automatically starts recording and sends you an alert as well.

HD Video Recording

  • Though it is claimed that Blink XT can record up to 1080p video, but in practice, it goes up to 720p resolution only.

  • This resolution further degrades at low-light conditions.

2-years Battery Life

  • Although the camera module has a USB power port, it can run on batteries as well.

  • Moreover, it can not just run on batteries for some time, but around 2 years.

Free Cloud Storage

  • Blink offers free cloud storage for all their Blink Sync Modules.

  • Firstly, you need to download the Blink app and create an account on it.

  • Then everything that the camera records will be stored on the cloud for safekeeping.

Built-in Support For Alexa

  • It’s not a surprise that Blink, owned by Amazon, adds built-in support for Alexa into this camera.

  • You can view recorded videos, change the camera, and additionally, perform various other tasks using your voice commands.

Night Vision

  • What use would a camera be off if it can’t see in the night? Well, Blink XT has a grey-scale night vision mode as well.

  • However, you’ll only get a black and white video at night which sometimes makes it difficult to recognize specific details of the video.

Weather Resistance

  • Blink XT can be used either outdoor or indoor.

  • Thanks to IP-65 dust and waterproof certification, this camera can withstand any kind of weather.

2. Blink XT2 – Smart Security Camera

Blink XT vs XT2


Brand Name: Blink | Model Number: XT2 | Field of View: 110 deg. | Resolution: 1080p | FPS: 30 | Weight: 89g | Size: 71 x 71 x 34 mm | Audio: Two-way recording

Blink XT2 Security Camera
Camera with cloud storage

Blink XT2 features motion detection enabled automatic recording of video and audio in user-defined activity zones.
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Review of Blink XT2

  • Blink XT2 is a revision of Blink XT.

Blink studied the shortcomings of XT and came up with a really improved version of a home security camera. Therefore, Blink XT2 has several essential features that XT was missing.

First of all, XT2 can also connect to Blink Sync Module wirelessly and have its recorded feed stored on free cloud storage. Secondly, XT2 can truly capture and record 1080p resolution videos and high-quality audio.

One of the major upgrades that Blink XT2 received is the introduction of Two-Way audio communication and recording. Therefore, now you can communicate with the person on the other side of the camera without opening the door.

Furthermore, the motion detection algorithm has also been upgraded. With Blink XT2 you can define motion detection zones so that any activity in these zones will trigger automatic recording of video feed.

Important: Blink XT doesn’t have the option of user-defined activity zones. The complete FOV is scanned for motion detection.

Besides these major upgrades, Blink XT2 is quite similar to XT. Although XT2 is lightweight than XT, both cameras have the same size.

Blink XT2 has IP-65 dust and waterproof certification, therefore it may be used in any kind of weather without any worry of malfunctioning of performance degradation.

Moreover, Blink XT2 can work for 2 years just on 2 AA batteries. However, a USB power port is also there to run the camera on USB power.

Features of Blink XT2

Wireless Connection

  • Blink XT2 can connect to Blink Sync Module via Wi-Fi signals, eliminating the need for any wired connection.

1080p HD Video Recording

  • The camera can record 1080p resolution HD videos.

  • It can also store these videos on free cloud storage for later viewing.

Motion Detection

  • Blink XT2 has a robust PIR motion detection sensor.

  • Additionally, the user can define activity zones to monitor motion, instead of detecting motion in the complete FOV.

Two-Way Audio

  • Unlike XT, XT2 has a speaker that is used to communicate with the person on the other side of the camera.

  • Additionally, in case the video is being recorded, HD audio of both sides shall also be recorded.

Built-in Support For Alexa

  • All Blink home security cameras have built-in support of Alexa.

  • Using the Alexa platform you can control various features of the camera through your voice commands.

Night Vision

  • Blink XT2 has a better night vision response.

  • Thanks to the high-resolution video, the night vision feed is quite useable.

Weather Resistance

  • Blink XT2 can be used either indoor or outdoor.

  • It has IP-65 dust and waterproof certification.

  • So, no matter what’s the mood of the weather, XT2 can keep on serving you.

Blink XT vs XT2 – Final Words

Blink XT vs XT2 compares two pioneer home security cameras from Blink, an Amazon company. Both cameras have several common features, but XT2 is more advanced and has additional essential features.

Blink XT has only on advantage over XT2 and that is of lower price. This advantage becomes quite negligible if features of XT2 are considered. Therefore, if you are trying to find the best out of these two, then my suggestion is to simply go with Blink XT2.

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