Bose Soundbar 500 vs 700 | What Is The Best Choice?

Are you having trouble choosing the best sound system between Bose Soundbar 500 vs 700 for home theatre or maybe just your room?

It is true that you would take a number of factors into account before making a final choice like sound quality, size, accessories, aesthetics, design, durability, reliability, warranty etc.

Bose Soundbar 500 with Alexa voice...Something Great
  • Designed slim and engineered powerful for a better sound experience that won't get in the way of your TV screen
Bose Smart Soundbar 700: Premium...Something Great
  • Best Bose soundbar: The best-performing soundbar from Bose, featuring immersive sound, deep bass, and easy access to your entertainment. Use the Bose Music app for guided setup

Bose Soundbar 500 vs 700: Comparison Summary

In this world of audio products, with an aim to offer excellent sound quality to listeners, this corporation has come up with innumerable audio products like speaking, headphones, etc.

Bose stands as a very strong competitor with the number of products that have swept the users off their feet.

This article reviews 2 such speakers, Bose Soundbar 500 vs 700, side by side to give you a clearer idea about the one that best suits your needs.

1. Bose Soundbar 500 – Smart Speaker
bose soundbar 500
Soundbar 500 – Smart Speaker
Best streamlined Design

Bold and best sound quality with splash proof rugged design is all you want for a portable heavy bass Bluetooth speaker.- description
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Bose Soundbar 500 Review

Bose 500 is a great replacement for in-built TV speakers. Users also love it for the sharp design and great sound quality. In the future, it will be updated with the integration of the Apple Airplay 2.

Important: Bose Soundbar 500 is the best choice,as it has a low price and it also offers flexibility in its use when installed Amazon Alexa function.

It fits perfectly under the TV screen giving it a more discreet feel. You will not even know where the music is coming from! Now with integrated Alexa and Google Assistant, you can play music totally hands-free.

Features Of Bose Soundbar 500 Smart Speaker

High-End Design

  • Bose 500 is a must-have for users who do not want to compromise on the aesthetics of their home.

  • The matte black finish reduces dust or fingerprint stains.

  • It fits in perfectly with another entertainment setup in your lounge and looks great as an additional décor accessory.

  • The control buttons on top are touch-sensitive and barely visible. They allow you to control power for the microphones and actions of the device.

  • The back of the speaker contains an HDMI port and 1 optical audio input.

Compact Size

  • One of the most catchy features of Bose 500 is its mid-range size.

  • This makes it adequate even for a small room although some users do not like the “dwarfed” sound system when considering it a massive home theatre.

  • If you are just starting out with an entertainment setup and need a great sound quality then Bose Soundbar 500 is a great choice.

Easy Setup

  • You will have to download the Boss Music app and get the step-by-step guide on how to get the speakers up and running.

  • You can begin by adding files from Amazon Music or Spotify.

Great Sound Quality

  • Unless you are comparing it with the latest models and products, the Bose 500 has an amazing sound quality that stands out on its own.

  • The high-quality audio is sufficient to bring life to the party in a medium-sized room.

  • Sharp vocals with clear mids and highs will make take your music experience a step ahead.

Tip! “Without a subwoofer, the bass is average, but you can always add a base module to improve the bump and it makes a big difference.”

Voice Assistants

  • Bose 500 will let you choose between Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa but you can not opt for both at the same time.

  • Either of the voice recognition systems works great in controlling volume, playing or changing music, or performing other typical tasks with the mobile.

  • Both of them are not compatible with changing input on the soundbar so it is best if you keep the mobile app ready in this case.

2. Bose Soundbar 700 – Smart Speaker
bose soundbar 700

Bose Soundbar 700 – Smart Speaker
Universal Remote Featured

The universal remote is compatible with entire entertainment system with highlighted buttons relevant to the source in use.
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Bose Soundbar 700 Review

Bose Soundbar 700 comes with extra accessories in the box. For example, you will not have to invest in an HDMI cable or optical cable later on. It also provides an IQ headset to optimize sound output.

Important: Bose 700 has won a greater number of votes due to its sleek design and much better sound quality as compared to Boss 500.

The mobile app works smoother too. Bose 700 universal remote makes it a more reliable choice and its high-end look and superb quality make it worth the hefty price tag.

Features of Bose Soundbar 700

Acceptable Design

  • Although the design is much similar as compared to Bose 500, the glass top is rather prone to collecting fingerprints and dust.

  • Above is primarily the reason why the package contains a cleaning cloth to deal with the issue.

  • Many users remark that it is annoying to deal with this problem. Other than that, the elegant overall look can fit well with current settings.

Sizable Soundbar

  • The size of Bose Soundbar 700 is not praised by many who think the overall design is bulky for use.

  • Nonetheless, additional features can make up for it. In fact, it is a smart choice for a large room or a home theatre setup.

  • The size will boast the best sound for an expansive lounge.

Higher Quality Sound

  • Bose 700 comes with a greater number of in-built drivers for enhanced sound quality.

  • It presents a broader sound stage and an excellent soundbar for bigger rooms.

  • You will most definitely enjoy the bass and vocal pops more using this product!

  • The bass is amazing even without any subwoofer. It can also decode DTS and Dolby digital format.

  • One other tacky feature is that it can translate older surround system technologies so you get to enjoy the classics too.

Complete Wireless Control

  • Users have loved Bose 700 for its universal remote that is compatible with the entire entertainment set up not just the speakers.

  • Furthermore, Google Assistant and Alexa have now also been integrated for better navigation.

  • Not in the mood to talk to Alexa today? Then you can choose to control Soundbar 700 with a mobile app.

  • It gives you full control over music sources such as Spotify, Amazon music, podcast, etc.

Bose Soundbar 500 vs 700: What Are The Differences?

The major difference that most users notice is the size of Bose Soundbar 500 as compared to Bose 700. While Bose 700 has enhanced sound quality and a universal remote accessory.

Below is an elaborate comparison chart that would give you a clearer idea of the product that would suit you best.

  Bose Soundbar 500 Bose Soundbar 700
Price $499 $699
Weight 7 lbs 10.5 lbs
Cleanliness Dust-resistant Easily stained
Design Matte-finish top Premium glass top
Performance Classic Bose Loud, Spacious
DTS No Yes
Dolby Digital No Yes
Cleaning Cloth No Yes
Optical Cable No Yes
HDMI Cable Length 5.0 ft 4.9 ft
Low-Frequency Extension 59.9 Hz 55.8 Hz
High-Frequency Extension 14.3 Hz 18.5 Hz
Crosstalk Error 1.89 dB 1.59 dB

What’s New? Bose takes care of your privacy by keeping the sounds loud and clear. With Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 you can enjoy a personal TV listening experience.

Both products share a range of common features too. Both are designed from a single perforated aluminum piece that wraps around the sides.

There is also the similarity in HDMI with ARC and one optical audio input at the back. Bose 500 and 700 are capable of being expanded.

They are compatible with optional subwoofers and wireless surround speakers that can be added to the entertainment setup.

Final Verdict – Bose Soundbar 500 vs 700

Bose is an excellent name to rely on for amazing audio. If you want to stay on top of the game then it is best to choose Soundbar 700. There are few who disagree with the hefty price tag regardless of the improvements.

However, the sophisticated design and exceptional sound are capable of bringing music to life in full power. Bose 500 is a safe choice too. You can add a few extra upgrades later to give better-than-average sound quality.

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