Will Verizon Phone Work With Straight Talk and For Free?

Verizon may be a leading wireless phone service in the US but that does not free it from tough competition in the market. In fact, many users switch to alternatives such as Straight Talk as it offers prepaid cell phone plan without any contracts! Sounds interesting? If you plan to do the same, it is crucial to know will Verizon phone work with Straight Talk or not?

Will Verizon Phone Work With Straight Talk?

Any Verizon phone that is compatible with Straight Talk should not have any issues when you switch the network. However, you first need to ensure compatibility in any case.

Luckily, Straight Talk lets you do that through its official website. After that, you are free to remove the Verizon SIM and replace it with a SIM from Straight Talk to activate it.

Do You Need an Unlocked Verizon Phone?

Locked Verizon phones can not be switched to another network whether you are considering Straight Talk or any other. You will have to wait for up to 60 days until the company unlocks your phone.

Once the phone is unlocked, it will work smoothly with Straight Talk.

Locked phones do not support any other network except the one it has been registered on and, therefore, you need an unlocked Verizon phone to work with Straight Talk.

There is a tricky thing to consider here!

Although NO locked phone will be able to switch to Straight Talk, there is no guarantee that ALL unlocked phones do.

Some of the device may not be compatible with Straight Talk at all regardless of whether they are locked or not. Make sure you check device compatibility before deciding to switch network.

Does Prepaid Verizon Phone Work on Straight Talk?

Verizon prepaid phones are compatible with Straight Talk but there are certain rules and regulations to consider beforehand.

  • You must activate the prepaid phone.
  • It is also compulsary to purchase at least 30 days of Verizon service.
  • You can make the switch after the payment for one-month plan is complete.
  • These rules apply to 4G LTE prepaid devices only.
  • You may be exempted from the above rules with a 3G devices.
  • Keep in mind that most older 3G devices are now not available for purchase.

Should You Bring Phone To Straight Talk To Check Compatibility?

You can check if the Verizon phone is compatible with Straight Talk or not by visiting the Straight Talk Compatibility Page online. It will require you to enter certain phone specs before letting you know.

The bottom line is that there is no need to bring the phone to Straight Talk just to check compatibility. However, you may need to bring it over when you want to make the switch.

What Are The Charges For Switching?

Straight Talk does not charge you to switch but you have to complete fees that are due from your side to Verizon. These may include the following.

  • Verizon phone bills until the end of the cycle.
  • An cost associated with porting number from Verizon to Straight Talk.
  • Early Termination Fee if you were under a Verizon contract that has months left till end date. This may be up to $350 or less.

Can You Port Number From Verizon To Straight Talk?

You can port Verizon number to Straight Talk when you are switching the network.

The process is simple and should be finished within a couple of hours if its a mobile phone or may take up to a week in case of a landline. The guidelines to do this are summarized below.

  • Open the Straight Talk Activation Page through the web browser.
  • Then tap on the relevant section that mentions porting.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.

It is crucial that you keep Verizon service active when the porting is underway. When you cancel the Verizon plan, it will make your phone number invalid for porting and can cause issue changing it to Straight Talk network.

However, you should cancel your Verizon phone insurance if you had it active before.

Where To Get Straight Talk SIM For Your Verizon Phone?

Straight Talk SIMs should not be hard to find as they have plenty of stores located nationwide. Some of the ways in which you can buy the SIM are listed here!

  • Go to any of the Straight Talk store and request for a SIM.
  • You can only use their online Store Locator to find company outlet closest to your place.
  • Straight Talk also delivers SIM if you buy it online through its website.

How To Activate Straight Talk SIM on Verizon Phone?

There are two methods to activate the Straight Talk SIM on your Verizon phone.

The first approach is to use the online Activation website. Let me show you how that works.

  • Ensure that the Verizon phone is unlocked.
  • Also check that the phone is compatible with Straight Talk network.
  • Get a Straight Talk SIM from the company website or at any of the company’s stores.
  • Then begin the activation procedure by visiting the page.
  • Enter the device IMEI number.
  • Continue to provide any phone details that the website asks for.
  • Choose a Straight Talk monthly plan and a payment method such as debit card or credit card.

There is also an instructional video included on the website setup guide that you can watch if you having any trouble activating the new SIM.

The second approach is to simply call the Straight Talk customer support team. It will put you through to the relevant department and representative there will guide you verbally on how to activate the SIM.

What Are Straight Talk Plans To Choose From?

It is compulsary to choose a monthly plan when you are activating the new SIM. Since you are new to the network, let me give you some idea of what its plans offer.

  • Platinum Unlimited: Unlimited data, Nationwide calling, International calling, Mobile Protect for $65 per month.
  • Ultimate Unlimited: Unlimited data for $55 per month, Nationwide calls, Calls to Canada and Mexico.

In a Nutshell

Compatible Verizon phone work just fine with Straight Talk as long as they are unlocked. If you have made up your mind to switch network, you can port the same Verizon number to the new network within a couple of hours. However, it is a must to purchase a new SIM and choose a plan before your Straight Talk network can be activated.