Roomba e5 vs 960 | A Modern-Day Robotic Vacuum

Ever wondered what a modern-day vacuum should be like? Roomba e5 vs 960 reviews and compares two modern-day robotic vacuums from iRobot.

iRobot Roomba E5 (5150) Robot Vacuum -...Something Great
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE AND POWERFUL PICK-UP - Pulls in stubborn dirt and messes with a Premium 3-Stage Cleaning System and 5X the Power-Lifting Suction. Control how you clean with the iRobot HOME app or your voice assistant.

Robotic vacuums are not a new thing nowadays. They have been around us for about 20 years now from various manufacturers.

Did you know? iRobot came into existence in 1990 and has become the leading robotic product manufacturers in the US.

iRobot has to offer the latest tech options in their recent vacuum models. Both of these models are premier example of advanced features.

Roomba series of robotic vacuums have several category devices ranging from the basics ones to the most advanced ones. So, you’ll have multiple options for robotic vacuums to choose from.

  • So many choices often make the decision process difficult and leave you strangled between all the options to choose from.

Alternate Roomba Series

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi...Something Great
  • Sleek, premium design complements your home décor; Includes 1 dual mode virtual wall barrier for more control over where your robot cleans
iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaning Robot...Something Great
  • iAdapt Multi Room Navigation uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home

This article is specifically for you if you are looking for such a vacuum and can’t make up your mind. We are going to present a comparison and detailed analysis of two advanced vacuum robots, Roomba e5 vs 960.

Roomba e5 vs 960 – Comparative Analysis

Roomba e5 vs 960 matches well in terms of basic vacuuming functionality. However, 960 has several advanced features making it more attractive.

Roomba e5 has an all-black contoured body in comparison to the flat grayish top of Roomba 960. Additionally, Roomba e5 is a bit smaller in size but not in power.

Both products utilize a 3-stage cleaning system and powerful motors to generate enough suction power to collect the stickiest dirt particles.

Moreover, both have full compatibility with the iRobot HOME App, Alexa, and Google Assistant and hence can be voice-controlled.

  • In addition to working effectively on hard floors, both vacuums give good performance on carpets as well, picking up pet hairs as well.

The trademarked Dirt Detect Sensors allows both vacuums to effectively detect areas with more dirt so that extra cleaning can be performed there.

  • Apart from these similarities, there are none other.

Roomba 960 utilizes an advanced version of the iAdapt navigation allowing it to better navigate around obstacles. Furthermore, it can use vSLAM technology to map the whole environment.

  • Mapping allows 960 to move in straight lines, in comparison to the adaptive movement of Roomba e5.

Moreover, Roomba 960 has Imprint Link technology, allowing it to communicate with Braava Jet M6, a mopping robot, to start mopping once vacuuming is done.

Roomba e5 can detect and automatically return to the charging dock for recharging. Roomba 960 can additionally remember where it left the cleaning process.

Once recharged, Roomba 960 will automatically resume cleaning from the same place where it discontinued.

We have given you a complete comparison of Roomba e5 vs 960. However, if you still can’t make up your mind then keep on reading to find a detailed analysis of both products.

1.Roomba e5 – Powerful Performance Vacuum
Roomba e5 vs 960
Roomba e5 Robot Vacuum
Powerful Performance Vacuum

5x power-lifting suction ability in addition to 3-stage cleaning system allows the Roomba e5 to pick up the stickiest dirt particles quite easily.
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Roomba e5 Review

An affordable choice that will get the job done.

Roomba e5 belongs to the e-series of Roomba products, therefore it has a slightly different outlook than the Roomba 6-series or 9-series. You’ll see contours on top of this vacuum robot, specific to the e-series.

Roomba e5 is equipped with iRobot’s patented 3-Stage Cleaning System coupled with powerful motors. This won’t leave any dirt strangled on any kind of surface. You’ll get equally good performance on hard floors or carpets.

Roomba e5 will take care of pet hairs along with any kinds of pet allergens that may be present in the environment.

  • Allergens are trapped into the HEPA AeroForce filters.

Furthermore, Roomba e5 can learn your cleaning schedules and can listen to you via Alexa or Google Assistant. Moreover, its ability to navigate seamlessly around the whole floor makes it perfect for the home environment.

The proprietary Dirt Detect Sensors allow Roomba e5 to look for dirtier areas and do some extra cleaning there. But this extra cleaning does take a big chunk of battery charge, which you don’t need to worry about it.

  • Once below critical, the Roomba e5 will automatically return to its charging dock.

It’ll take around 2 to 3 hours to get fully charged. Once charged you can place it at your desired location and press the ‘Clean’ button to start the cleaning process again.

Features of Roomba e5

3-Stage Cleaning System

  • Roomba e5 utilizes 3-Stage Cleaning System that has been patented by iRobot.

  • This system generates a powerful updraft of air to suck in even the stickiest dirt particles.

  • Powerful motors and strategically placed brushes and filters allow this device to deliver the best performance.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • A built-in Wi-Fi allows this device to connect to the companion iRobot HOME app.

  • Additionally, it may be controlled via voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant.

  • However, the iRobot HOME app can be used to manage various aspects of Roomba e5 ranging from charging to cleaning schedules.

Smart Navigation

  • The Roomba e5 is equipped with iAdapt navigation software.

  • This allows it smartly to navigate around the obstacles, in addition to avoiding stairs.

  • Moreover, Roomba e5 utilizes adaptive navigation that makes this device move randomly to cover the whole living space.

Automatic Recharge

  • A single battery charge can last up to 90 minutes.

  • Afterwards, it’ll take 2 to 3 hours to fully recharge.

  • As soon as the battery level falls below 10%, the Roomba e5 automatically returns to its charging dock.

Learning Ability

  • The Roomba e5 learns your everyday cleaning habits.

  • Once it has acquired a substantial amount of data, it may suggest cleaning schedules that’ll suit your routine.

Dirt Detect Sensors

  • The advanced Dirt Detect sensors will keep an eye for dirtier areas.

  • Therefore, the Roomba e5 will spend more time in such areas to clean them thoroughly.

2.Roomba 960 – vSLAM Capability Vacuum
Roomba e5 vs 960
Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum
vSLAM Capability Vacuum

Roomba 960 utilize latest iAdapt 2.0 navigation software that can map the whole surroundings perfectly via vSLAM technology.
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Roomba 960 Review

Roomba 960 is one of the most advanced robotic vacuums you’ll find in the market.

This iconically designed Roomba vacuum can give a tough challenge to any other modern-day robotic vacuum.

  • It has all features ranging from basic to advanced ones, therefore comes at a bit higher price.

It has the patented 3-Stage Cleaning System like most of the Roomba products. Additionally, equipped with powerful motors to generate enough air-suction to pick up almost any kind of dirt.

  • Moreover, the powerful motors allow it to work equally well on all kinds of surfaces ranging from hard floors to thick carpets.

In addition to pet hairs, the HEPA AeroForce filters can also capture and trap the pet allergens so that your pets won’t encounter any allergies.

In addition to basic functionalities, the Roomba 960 is equipped with the latest iAdapt navigation system. It allows the robot to navigate seamlessly and map the whole floor as well.

Did you know? vSLAM is Visual Simultaneously Localization And Mapping which allows the host to completely localize itself in the area using a mapping function.

Moreover, Roomba 960 can be fully controlled via Alexa, Google Assistant, or the iRobot HOME app. Additionally, it’ll keep on learning your commands and cleaning schedules so that in the future it can intelligently suggest cleaning routines.

The 900 series was the first one to have Imprint Link Technology. Additionally, iRobot launched a mopping robot as well, called Braava Jet.

  • The imprint link technology allows Roomba 960 to tell Braava Jet M6 to start mopping once it has finished vacuuming.

Lastly, it’ll automatically monitor its battery level and return to the charging dock once its charge falls below critical. After recharging it’ll resume the cleaning from where it left.

Features of Roomba 960

Efficient Cleaning System

  • The patented 3-Stage Cleaning System allows this vacuum to clean the floor efficiently.

  • Furthermore, 5x suction air is generated by powerful motors.

  • Therefore, this vacuum gives good performance on the hard floor as well as carpets.

  • Moreover, it will not leave any pet hairs no matter how deeply they are stuck in the carpet.

State-of-the-Art Navigation

  • Roomba 960 utilizes the latest version of iAdapt navigation software, which is iAdapt 2.0.

  • Therefore, it can easily avoid obstacles and falloffs near stairs.

  • Furthermore, vSLAM technology allows Roomba 960 to map the whole floor precisely.

  • Therefore, it moves in straight lines instead of random directions, cleaning the floor from one side to the other.

AeroForce Filters

  • It has the HEPA AeroForce filters which are the best you can find in the market.

  • These filters can capture cats and dogs’ allergens in addition to fine dust.

Voice Controlled

  • Like many other models of Roomba, this model can also be controlled through voice commands.

  • The Wi-Fi connectivity allows Roomba 960 to connect to the iRobot HOME app.

  • You can manage and control it via this companion app quite easily.

  • Moreover, Roomba 960 can also be connected and controlled via voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant.

Imprint Link Technology

  • Unlike many other models of Roomba, Roomba 960 has Imprint Link Technology in it.

  • This technology allows it to communicate with Braava Jet M6, a mopping robot.

  • Roomba 960 through this link tells Braava Jet M6 to start mopping once it has finished vacuuming a certain area.

Learning Ability

  • Roomba 960 has an on-board memory that is used to store your cleaning habits and schedules.

  • Based on a considerable amount of data, it can suggest optimum cleaning schedules.

Completely Automated Device

  • Roomba 960 can sense when its battery charge falls below critical.

  • It’ll halt the cleaning process and go to the docking station for recharging.

  • Once recharged it’ll resume the cleaning process from wherever it left.

  • So, you don’t have to worry about resuming the cleaning process, Roomba 960 knows from where it should start again.

Common Features of Roomba e5 vs 960

Although both devices belong to different series of Roomba vacuums, they still have several features similar to each other.

To start with, the patented 3-Stage Cleaning System is common to both. Both vacuums utilize multiple brushes to agitate, brush, and then vacuum any kind of dirt or debris. Furthermore, both can perform efficient cleaning on types of floors ranging from hard ones to soft, thick carpets.

Moreover, the Dirt Detect Sensors in these robotic vacuums allow these devices to point areas that contain more than usual dirt or are used frequently. Once such an area is pointed out, the vacuum spends a bit of extra time, cleaning harder in such areas.

Moving on, both Roomba e5 and 960 are fully controllable via Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands. Moreover, you can manage both devices via iRobot’s official mobile app, iRobot HOME, as well.

  • Via this app you may start/stop cleaning, schedule the tasks, check the status of the cleaning tasks, and access various other features as well.

Lastly, both devices can keep a close eye on how you use the device every day. They will learn the cleaning habits and schedules so that after acquiring sufficient data they may propose an optimized cleaning schedule.

  • The suggestion may involve the time, depth, and sequence of cleaning.

This pretty much sums up the common features of Roomba e5 and Roomba 960. Other than these features there are no worth mentioning common features between the two devices.

Find a Verdict on Roomba e5 vs 960

The article Roomba e5 vs 960 reviews and compares in detail these two models of Roomba Vacuum robots. It can be easily seen that they have quite a few common things, however, Roomba 960 has several advanced features as well.

The advanced features of Roomba 960, like mapping, imprint link technology, and completely automatic cleaning procedure, comes at a higher price tag.

Therefore, if you have a bit of flexibility in your budget then the obvious choice would be Roomba 960. Whereas Roomba e5 will be lighter on your pocket but will deliver features of all modern-day vacuum robots.

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