Pay Off My Verizon Phone | What Are Your Payment Options?

People paying for their device on schedule often become interested in how to pay off my Verizon phone early when they realize that could help them lower the Verizon bill.

So, if you are in hunt for information that can help you in this regards, here’s everything you need to know and more!

Can I Pay Off My Verizon Phone Earlier Than the Due Date?

Yes, you have several payment plans that you can use to pay off the verizon phone early. This will also help you score eligibility for a device upgrade and get rid of device payment charges once and for all.

However, remember that you will still have to pay for Verizon monthly plan that you have chose for talk time, text, and data usage.

How To Pay Off My Verizon Phone Early?

Now you have to learn about different ways in which this payment can be completed. There are multiple methods you can use to pay off for your Verizon phone early. Check out the prominent options below!

1. Local Verizon Store

If you are on the go, you can consider stopping at a local Verizon store and paying off the phone early here. All you would need is the account number and necessary billing information.

The payment methods accepted here include cash, debit cards, Verizon gift cards, credit cards, etc.

2. My Verizon App

The easiest way to pay off your Verizon Phone early is to get it done via the mobile app. Download it if you don’t have it already and then follow the guidelines below.

  • Open the app and log in your account.
  • Then tap on Account and verify via face ID, password, or fingerprints.
  • Choose Manage All Devices on the next page.
  • Locate the phone number for the phone device that you want to pay off.
  • Then tap on Pay Off.
  • Re-check the information displayed on the screen.
  • Choose Continue after confirming that the payment information is correct.
  • Click on Continue again.
  • Review the information for one last time and tap on Complete Pay Off.
  • Choose Got It and the device will be paid off immediately.

3. My Verizon Website

The website also hosts pay off option. You can click on it and then locate the phone number for the device that you want to clear the billing for.

Just tap on Pay Off Device and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment online.

4. Your Verizon Phone

Those with a Verizon phone can pay off the device early by simply dialing #PMT from the mobile. This will generate automated voice system that will guide you and process the payment in a hassle-free manner.

Does Paying Off Early Removes Device Payments From The Bill?

When you pay off the complete bill for the device that you have purchased, the payment will be removed from your Verizon bill immediately. This will also be the case if you complete the payment on schedule.

The bill that you receive in the next month will be lesser but it depends on factors like existing Verizon plan, number of lines on your account, data usage, and more that determine how much the bill goes down.

Needless to say, if you and your friend got done with phone payment and check your Verizon bill next month, it is not compulsary that the amount of money that goes down will be same for you and him.

Can I Upgrade To New Phone After Paying Off Early For Old Verizon Phone?

Want to upgrade to a new device? Well, you don’t have to wait till you have paid off for the old Verizon phone before you can get a new one.

It is possible to trade off the phone instead and cater to expenses like bill payment or accessories purchase. If you don’t need the extra money, you can just keep the old phone that you have paid off and get the new one too.

Will My Promotional Credits Continue When I Pay Off My Verizon Phone?

Keep in mind that you will stop getting promotional credit as soon as you pay off for the Verizon device.

Some people are shocked to see the phone bill once the promotional credits are removed so it is a good idea to get in touch with Verizon customer support team and discuss this beforehand.

In a Nutshell

You can get rid of payment charges on your account by paying off the device early. Although this will help you in the long-run, a short-term drawback is that you will not be able to access any promotional credits afterwards. You can, however, upgrade your device. Keep in mind that you will continue to pay for the plan on the phone as you were before it was paid off.