Who Uses Verizon Towers | 15 Best MVNOs on Verizon Network

Verizon guarantees reliable coverage throughout the country thanks to those service provider who uses Verizon Towers. You will see these huge signal-amplifying hubs planted at multiple locations and wonder where are they used?

To maintain dependable coverage, some cell phone companies rely on Verizon tower access to forward signals to their clients. Now I will tell you more about these cellular service providers and what they offer.

Who Uses Verizon Towers In This Year?

Mobile Virtual Network Operators, also known as MVNOs, are cellular service offers by various mobile companies. They require Verizon towers to provide adequate coverage to customers.

Moreover, they offer different plans, charges, and separate customer support service to their clients.

Let’s say you register with a company that uses Verizon towers. Later on, you want to switch to another cellular service but without giving up your phone.

Fortunately, you can get this done without compromising on the coverage, by choosing another cell phone service that uses Verizon towers as well.

You are then free to choose a different cell phone and any other plan that suits you. However, this required thorough knowledge of who uses Verizon Towers to operate.

1. Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum Mobile requires Verizon towers for coverage when you are outside the WiFi zone. Moreover, you have to be a Spectrum internet home service provider to avail this.

There are various packages here that promise free talk time, text, data, and hotspot service wherever you are in the US. You can choose according to your budget.

On top of that you can get unlimited data supply in just $45 or upgrade from the previous plan by paying $14. When you sign up for Spectrum, it will charge you $10 one-time activation fee. Afterwards, you are free to switch from one plan to another.

2. Xfinity Mobile

All Comcast subscribers can get Xfinity mobile plan with excellent coverage thanks to Verizon towers. Moreover, certain plans by Xfinity are quite affordable and you have multiple options to choose from.

Xfinity plans start at $45 per month per line with unlimited data, text, and talk time. They also offers 18 million hotspots around the United States.

3. Straight Talk Wireless

It is one of the most widely used MVNOs in the US probably because it has excellent coverage everywhere and multiple plans to select from.

Other than Verizon, you can Straight Talk Wireless with AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint as well.

The cheapest plan here starts at $35 and offers 3G and 4G internet. There are also alternatives like a $44 per month plan with 25 GB and 4G LTE cellular data.

4. Red Pocket

Red Pocket also uses Verizon Towers to provide customers with efficient Verizon coverage around the clock. Its service is up to quality.

Currently, Red Pocket offers a monthly plan for as cheap as $20. This package includes unlimited talk and text with 3 GB of data. Other than this, there are plans that you can use with different fees and features as per your liking.

5. Total Wireless

You can get a reliable coverage with Total Wireless and choose a suitable plan from a variety of options that it has. In fact, Total Wireless is one of the most affordable MVNOs on the list.

Customers can avail a plan as low as $23 per month. There is another option of $33 per month packages that promises 5 GB of LTE data.

If 5G does not cut the deal for you and the internet usage at your end is higher then you can go for 25 GB of LTE data plan that will cost you $47 per month.

6. Lively

Another cell phone provider who uses Verizon towers is Lively. There are multiple cell phones and packages available here for purchase.

The lowest package you can opt for is priced $18 per month. It offers additional feature senior subscribers including emergency services, access to locksmiths and medical help at all times.

7. Visible

Visible uses Verizon towers for coverage and it has some offers that help it stand out from the rest of the options.

For example, it is backed up by quite a helpful website that lets you create accounts, sign up subscriptions, change services remotely.

You can get unlimited talk, text, and data of 5 mbps in $40 per month. This will be sufficient for streaming videos as well. Moreover, you can tailor the plan specifications as per your need.

8. Net10

Net10 relies on Verizon towers to guarantee excellent coverage to its customers. Moreover, it has 12 different plans and variable that you can choose from.

You can get unlimited plan with Net10 for just $20 per month. This includes 2 GB of high-speed data service to all users at all times.

9. Ting

Looking for cheap plans without data? Ting uses Verizon towers and offers one of the most affordable plans starting at just $10 per month! You will get unlimited talk and text with any of the plan that you choose.

There are 5 different plans to choose from. One of the most popular choice with Ting is the Unlimited plan that offer unlimited text, talk, and data with $45 monthly charges.

10. US Mobile

It is a well known cell phone service provider that offers multiple plans and uses Verizon towers to provide excellent coverage.

It has up to 16 monthly plans to choose from. You can get unlimited text, talk and data in just $40 per month.

The best part is that you get an outstanding 4G LTE coverage with US Mobile. Along with that, it offers personalized packages as well. You can tailor the monthly plans according to your needs.

11. Twigby

Although it is not a famous mobile virtual network operator, Twigby offers Verizon coverage through installed towers.

It has a handful of monthly plans only. You can pay $10 per month to get unlimited talk and text along with 3 GB of data.

12. Tracfone

Tracfone is a relatively new addition to prepaid phone options that Verizon tower covers now. You can access multiple perks through this service as a Verizon user.

First of all, the company has more than 10 different plans that you can choose from. I am sure you will be a able to find a payment plan of your choice here. On top of that, you get unlimited talk and text for just $20 per month.

13. Reach Mobile

Another option on the list of MVNOs who use Verizon towers is Reach Mobile. You can enjoy no-contract cell phone experience or choose plans starting at just $10 per month. This will include unlimited text, talk, and 2 GB of data.

Another option is to get everything unlimited if you are willing to pay $35 per month.

14. Page Plus

This one also runs on Verizon network and offers both, prepaid and no-contract cell phone plans to interested customers.

Some plans here are available for as low as $10 per month. You will get unlimited text, data plan, and talk if you pay $50 per month. This packages may be a bit pricey if you consider other options but the coverage it offers is also the most reliable.

15. CREDO Mobile

CREDO Mobile has multiple plans and you can choose any depending on the amount of data that you need. The lowest of these would cost you $35 per month.

Regardless of the plan that you decide to go with, this MVNO offers excellent coverage to all customers. The reception strength is commendable no matter where you are in the states.

How To Choose The Right Company Who Uses Verizon Towers?

The only way to choose the right service providers who use Verizon Towers is to determine what you are looking for. Different MVNOs are suitable for different purposes. Here are some pointers to help you out with that.

  • Red Pocket is the best choice for those on a tight budget. It will help you keep your bill low as long as your phone usage is minimal and you are okay with limited plans that it has.
  • Xfinity Mobile offers the best bundles with good overall savings. However, it is accessible only to those with existing Xfinity internet packages.
  • Twigby is an ideal choice if you are a low-data user who does not need more than 10 GBs to last a month. It will keep the expenses at bay and offer reasonable coverage throughout.
  • Visible Wireless definitely offers the best value in the market. It has reasonably priced monthly plans with tons of data and an unlimited plan for just $30 really stands out!

In a Nutshell

As you can see, there is a long list of MVNOs that use Verizon towers to provide full coverage and efficient service to the customers. These towers ensure you always get interruption-free signals in whichever location you are. Moreover, you can sign up with a suitable monthly package with these cellular services to get unlimited text, talk and even data time.