OBi200 vs OBi300 – Finding The Best VoIP Phone Adapter

Struggling to find the best VoIP device? This article will present a comparison of OBi200 vs OBi300 to help you choose the best one.

Did You Know? Obihai is a chain of products from Poly, a company established in 2019 by the merger of Plantronics and Polycom.
Obihai Technology OBi300 VoIP Telephone...Something Great
  • The OBi300 is a SIP service provider only product. Note: The OBi300 does not support the Google Voice communications service.

Obihai products are voice over IP (VoIP) phone adapters. If you still want to use your analogue phone, then a VoIP phone adapter will solve your problem.

Talking specifically about OBi200 vs OBi300, it’s difficult to choose one over the other. However, as you might have concluded, OBi300 is an advanced version of OBi200.

Though OBi300 is an advanced version, OBi200 still gives it a tough competition if the two are compared.

So, what are the main features of each device and why to choose any one of these, are the questions I’m going to address in this article.

Therefore, let’s buckle up and start with a quick face-off between the two devices.

OBi200 vs OBi300 – Relative Analysis

OBi200 vs OBi300 is a comparison between the two best VoIP phone adapters available. To start with both offer 4 SIP connections through a single phone line.

  • Furthermore, both devices have similar ways of setting up.

You just need to plug the internet cable or use OBiWiFi5G to connect to the Wi-Fi router, phone cable, and power cable to get the device running.

Both OBi200 and OBi300 can be configured and managed through the OBiTalk web portal. Furthermore, both support the T.38 fax protocol.

  • However, OBi300 additionally supports analogue fax as well.

Apart from these similarities, there aren’t any more.

A major difference between the two adapters is the technology being utilized for routing audio signals.

OBi300 uses superior technology and has a much better signal routing and connectivity.

Additionally, OBi200 supports Google Voice, Anveo, PhonePower, and many other VoIP services.

  • On the contrary, OBi300 doesn’t support Google Voice at all.

OBi300 is capable of bridging 4 SIP voice services and an OBiTALK service allowing you to connect with multiple users at a time. Therefore, it is better for a small business setup. 

The use of multi-proxy redundancy and multi-service redundancy allows OBi300 to deliver the best possible quality of service.

  • These features, however, are missing an OBi200.

Moreover, both OBi200 vs OBi300 features a USB port for connection to Obihai accessories like ObiWiFi5G, OBiBT, and OBiLINE.

Lastly, OBi200 costs $40 more than OBi300, probably because it supports Google Voice. Therefore, if you want to use Google Voice, OBi200 can be your only choice.

However, in the other case, OBi300 is a much superior device as far as voice over the internet connection is concerned.

If you are still hovering between the two devices, then keep on reading to find in-detail features of both devices.

1. OBi200 – Google Voice VoIP Adapter
OBi200 vs OBi300


Brand Name: Obihai | Model Number: OBi200 | SIP Services: 4 | Fax Standard: T.38 | USB: 1 | Weight: 7 ounces |

OBi200 Google Voice VoIP Adapter
Voice and Fax Support

Making calls through Google Voice, using your standard phone set is now possible thanks to OBi200
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OBi200 Review

  • OBi200 provides all the basic features anyone wants in a VoIP phone adapter.

Full support for Google Voice and several other VoIP services make this adapter a famous one. Additionally, it also supports the T.38 fax protocol.

Not just that, it can handle 4 different VoIP services over the same phone port.

OBi200 features a quick and easy setup through the OBiTALK web portal. Furthermore, OBiTALK subscription fees are the lowest in the market.

Therefore, making calls using your internet and old hand-phone is now both possible and economical.

Additionally, you’ll get features like Caller ID, Call forwarding, Call waiting, Call blocking, etc. with an OBi phone adapter. Moreover, you can attach Obihai accessories with OBi200 via USB port to extend its functionality.

Therefore, it has all the features you want in a VoIP adapter and can be a good choice if you are looking for one.

Multiple Features of OBi200

Support Google Voice

  • OBi200 fully supports the famous Google Voice service.

  • Apart from this, OBi200 is not locked to any other service as well.


  • It’s quite simple to configure it through the OBiTALK web portal.

  • You can manage your subscriptions easily and without any hassle.

VoIP Services

  • Simultaneously OBi200 supports 4 different VoIP services.

  • All 4 of them are supported over a single phone line.

T.38 Fax Protocol

  • Apart from phone calls, you can send and receive facsimile as well.

  • OBi200 has a reliable T.38 fax protocol running in it.

Call Capacity

  • Though 4 different VoIP services are simultaneously supported by OBi200, you can only place 1 call at a time.

  • Therefore, this device is better suited for home use.

USB Port For Accessories

  • Obihai accessories like OBiWiFi5G, OBiBT, and OBiLINE can be attached to OBi200 via an available USB port.

  • OBiWiFi5G allows OBi200 to connect wirelessly to the internet instead of a wired connection.

  • OBiBT allows your mobile device to pair with OBi200 via Bluetooth, while OBiLINE allows you to make calls on landline services via phone.

2. OBi300 – Advanced Technology VoIP Adapter
OBi200 vs OBi300


Brand Name: Obihai | Model Number: OBi300 | SIP Services: 4 | Fax Standard: T.38& Analog | USB: 1 | Weight: 4.8 ounces |

OBi300 VoIP Telephone Adapter
Advanced Technology VoIP Adapter

OBi300 utilize G.711, G.726, G.729, iLBC algorithms to deliver superior performance and better sound quality.
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OBi300 Review

  • OBi300 packs almost all features of its competitor, in addition to superior performance thanks to advanced algorithms.
Important: It doesn’t support Google Voice.

Apart from Google Voice, OBi300 supports any other VoIP service provider. Additionally, 4 SIP connections can be managed through a single phone line, along with T.38 and Analog fax protocols.

Furthermore, OBiTALK web portal may be used to easily set up the device, in addition to placing free calls.

Yes, you heard me right. Apart from supporting 4 SIP service providers, 1 line of OBiTALK is also supported.

  • Through this, you can place free calls to other OBi devices.

Furthermore, you can have two separate registrations of VoIP service via primary and secondary proxies. This feature makes OBi300 perfect for small businesses.

Moreover, Caller ID, Call forwarding, Call waiting, Call blocking, etc. features are available with an OBiTALK subscription. A USB port is also there to extend OBi300 functionality by connecting Obihai accessories to it.

Overall, OBi300 is far better than OBi200 if you are not too touchy about Google Voice.

Multiple Features of OBi300

Advanced Technology

  • Thanks to G.711, G.726, G.729, iLBC algorithms, OBi300 is capable of delivering better voice and sound quality.

  • This technology is a major advantage of OBi300 over OBi200.

VoIP Services

  • Just like OBi200, OBi300 also supports 4 different VoIP services.

  • The only single phone line is utilized to manage all services simultaneously.


  • All Obihai devices can be set up via the OBiTALK web portal.

  • Easy configuration and management of subscriptions are possible through this web portal.

Dual Registration

  • OBi300 offers dual registrations with VoIP service providers.

  • Using primary and secondary proxy you can have two separate internet telephone connections via one device.

Fax Protocol

  • OBi300 features a T.38 fax protocol, in addition to analog fax protocol.

  • So, with OBi300 you can use your old analogue fax machines as well.

USB Port For Accessories

  • Just like OBi200, OBi300 also has a USB to connect to Obihai accessories like OBiWiFi5G, OBiBT, and OBiLINE.

Final Words on OBi200 vs OBi300

It’s quite straightforward to conclude that OBi300 is far better than OBi200. The only drawback of OBi300 is that it doesn’t support Google Voice. Apart from this OBi300 has several advantages over OBi200. Another amazing tip, For premium VOIP service, try using a Cloud PBX Office 365 on Azure windows 10 VM. Learn more about O365 Migration.

Therefore, if you are not strict about Google Voice, your only choice should be OBi300.

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