Netgear AC1750 vs Linksys AC1750 – Make Your Choice The Best

Are you confused between Netgear AC1750 vs Linksys AC1750?

Shopping for a router with all those specifications that can meet your home network requirements can be stressful.

NETGEAR Smart WiFi Router with Dual Band...Something Great
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa – Control your home network using voice commands.
Linksys EA7300 Max-Stream: AC1750...Something Great
  • Provides up to 1,500 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage for 10plus wireless devices

Most of the router seems to have many similar specifications, so it becomes hard to find out which one will serve better than others.

Both Netgear AC1750 vs Linksys AC1750 wireless routers are congruous with Amazon Alexa and also use the MIMO technology to handle its connectivity with multiple devices.

Netgear AC1750 vs Linksys AC1750 – Contrasting Features

Many people got confused while analyzing between AC1750 vs Linksys AC1750 because both can handle multiple devices at once without any disruption. Both these modems also have the facility of online streaming.

But before you spend your money or whip your credit card, let’s take a detailed look at the features of Netgear AC1750 vs Linksys AC1750, top wireless routers that you must consider before buying.

Its benefits in fast-growing technology can create acronyms to explain to them, so shopping for a new router between Netgear vs Linksys can be difficult.

So grab your seat and hold on tight as we will explore the fastest world of wireless routers.

1. Netgear AC1750 – Wireless Router
Netgear AC1750 vs Linksys AC1750


Brand Name: Netgear | Model Number: R6400 | Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP , 2000, Mac OS , UNIX , or Linux | Wireless Type: 802.11ac | Item Weight: 3 lbs | Dimensions: 12.1 x 10.4 x 3.5 inches |

Netgear AC1750 WiFi Router
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It assists in setting up router in just few steps. Simply connect mobile to the router and allow the app to walk you through the installation process.
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Netgear AC1750 Review

The Netgear AC1750 is a very capable and efficient WiFi router for home-based day to day use. It comes with frequent updates, so your system is always equipped with small improvements over time.

Important: Netgear AC1750 is undoubtedly the best choice. The device comes equipped with parental controls and lets you manage the content and time of any connected device.

It delivers speed up to 1750 Mbps as well as allows easy and quick connectivity with external devices including game consoles, smart TVs, etc via Gigabit Ethernet ports and USB ports.

Features of Netgear AC1750 Wireless Router

  • Netgear AC1750 provides incredible speed online gaming and HS streaming.

  • Using its dual-band technology, the device allows for complete coverage for a fast internet-connected home.

  • The additional high-performance antennas ensure excellent WiFi range and connectivity throughout the house. That guarantees excellent internet service on all the connected devices.

  • The router allows for secured storage access in an effortless manner. You can share memories, music, and other stored data with others via a USB hard drive or view them on your connected DLNA TV.

  • It comes with an easy installation process, and the management is simplistic too. You can connect it to your devices right away without any confusing set-up protocol.

  • Netgear AC1750 allows for high security across all the connected devices.T. Make sure you and your family are safe wherever they may be surfing online.

  • Netgear comes with the best cyber-security features for all connected devices.

2. Linksys AC1750 – Wireless Router
Netgear AC1750 vs Linksys AC1750


Brand Name: Linksys | Model Number: EA7500 | Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP , 2000, Mac OS | Wireless Type: 802.11ac | Item Weight: 1.68 lbs | Dimensions: 10 x 7.4 x 2.2 inches |

Linksys AC1750 Wireless Router
Latest MU-MIMO Technology

MU-MIMO improves connectivity when a number of family members are using the same WiFi. It help in fast and responsive internet even with many devices in use.
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Linksys AC1750 Review

Linksys MU-MIMO Technology is ideal for home users who require a high bandwidth across all the connected devices. Typically, the router works best for small set-ups because of the limited range. MU-MIMO technology and dual-band also cater well to the high-speed requirement of many users.

Important: In a nutshell, it is a high-speed, powerful router that is affordable as well as easy to use. With features such as dual bands, speed, app support, dual-core processor, etc.,

Linksys AC1750 will work great for fast data transfer as well as interruption-free internet use. It is one of the latest Cisco’s Linksys WiFi routers. The device has been updated with many catchy improvements and features.

Features of Linksys AC1750 Wireless Router

  • It can send out WiFi signals to multiple devices at the same time, allowing for the same speed.

  • The whole family can enjoy internet surfing, streaming, online gaming, and much more without facing any lag or buffering issues.

  • You can pair it up with a WiFi range extender, for example, RE7000, for more reliable signals that would encompass the entire household area.

  • This seamless roaming allows your device to automatically connect to the strongest available signal as you move around.

  • Dual bands that combine to deliver a speed of 1.7 Gbps. Furthermore, you can connect it with as many as ten devices.

  • It possesses a dual-core processor enabling multiple simultaneous data streaming, improved WiFi performance, and overall speed to each device.

  • Linksys AC1750 has been optimized for home-based use.

  • The three external high-performance antennas transmit strong signals and ensure high connectivity in all areas.

  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports are available to connect external devices and share files at 10X faster speed.

  • Also, connect the storage device using USB 3.0 and transfer data with the blink of an eye.

Netgear AC1750 vs Linksys AC1750: Final Verdict 

Undoubtedly, both Netgear AC1750 and Linksys 1750 are good options for home-based use. They are capable of providing good WiFi signal strength and speed.

However, Linksys comes with a greater RAM to provide faster data processing. It also manages the signals well when multiple devices are connected.

With its outstanding MU-MIMO technology, Linksys AC1750 ensures that each device receives functional connectivity and speed for internet surfing and browsing.

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