Does Verizon Work In Canada For Free With The Unlimited Plan?

US residents who travel to Canada a lot often wonder does Verizon work in Canada, and if yes, how good is the coverage and the service there? You will find all of these answers here and more so stay tuned!

Can You Use Verizon In Canada?

Verizon will work in Canada as long as you have a device that supports GSM network.

Most Verizon phones work on CDMA but there are a few models that have both functionality. Such phones should have no trouble working in Canada.

To make Verizon available in Canada, the company has signed an agreement with Canadian cell phone service providers to cover the network.

So not only does Verizon work in Canada but also, with Verizon Unlimited plan, you can avoid excessive fees while using the phone in Canada. In fact, you will not be charges for data, texts, or calls.


Toronto has one of best Verizon network coverage in Canada. The signal strength and speed should be as good as the service you get in the United States.


Verizon should work fine in Edmonton as most of this region get good coverage for the network. Users have not reported any issues such as dead zones or drop calls when using Verizon.


Ontario is unfortunately out of the region marked on Verizon International Coverage map. Therefore, you will not find any service here but signals will improve once you move away to the surroundings.


You can use Verizon service in Alberta, Canada. The region has full coverage and there should not be any issue with signal receptions or dead zones moving around this city.

Do Verizon Phones Work In Canada?

Verizon phones work just fine in Canada. This is because Verizon has signed an agreement with Canadian companies like Rogers to act as Canadian provider for Verizon network.

However, keep in mind that you phone might be in roaming mode when you use it in Canada.

Another thing crucial to consider is that not all Verizon phones work in Canada. You will have better luck using the phone on the trip if it has both, dual GSM and CDMA capabilities.

This happens because Verizon uses CDMA where as Canadian service provider companies largely rely on GSM network.

What Are The Charges of Using Verizon In Canada?

Whether Verizon is free for you or not when using in Canada depends on which package you have. Subscribers with Verizon Unlimited plan will get free text, talk, and data when traveling inside the country.

It is also free to call, text someone in Canada when you are in the United States.

However, it is important to note that unlimited data is often not unlimited. You will experience speed as long as 2G once you go over the data cap of 5 GB per day.

Therefore, you have to be careful when using data in Canada as Verizon throttles speed even when you are on an unlimited plan.

Can You Use Verizon Prepaid In Canada?

Prepaid Verizon phones work, not everywhere, but in majority of the regions in Canada. If you intend to use such a device, there are two things to consider beforehand.

  • Check that you are in the region where Verizon prepaid phones works. The customer support service should be able to guide you on this matter.
  • Moreover, confirm that you are using a prepaid phone that works internationally because not all Verizon prepaid phones do.

Is Verizon Prepaid Free In Canada?

With the exception of the basic plan, all the Verizon prepaid plans offer unlimited talk time, data, and texts to and from Canada.

Canada is clearly listed in coverage map for 15 GB and above prepaid plans. On the other hand, if you have subscribed to the basic plan then the work-around for using Verizon in Canada would be to get a Verizon Prepaid TravelPass to avoid charges.

Can You Use Your Verizon Jetpack in Canada?

Whether Jetpack works in Canada or not depends on which plan you have. If you have subscribed to a monthly Verizon plans that allows for Jetpack international use, then it will work not just in Canada but 200+ other supported countries as well.

Does Verizon Hotspot Work In Canada?

If your device is working in Canada, the hotspot will function as well. Phone compatibility with Canadian service providers is a must for Verizon Hotspot to work.

Moreover, Verizon Unlimited plan includes hotspot which means you will be able to use data as well as this service for free when subscribed to this monthly package.

It is the best way to avoid excessive charges when traveling to Canada.

Is Canada Considered “Long Distance” For Verizon International Calls?

Verizon charges for Canada as per its international call packages if you are subscribed to one.

Regardless of whether it is long distance or not, some of the fees you have to keep in mind are listed below.

  • Verizon Unlimited plan will save you from a number of fees as you get free calls, data, and texts internationally when subscribed to this package.
  • Pay-as-you-go option will charge $0.99 per minutes for calls in Canada.
  • It will also cost you $0.50 per outgoing text and $0.05 for incoming text messages.
  • If you subscribe to TravelPass, you will only be charges $5 per day every time you use phone line in Canada.

How To Activate Verizon TravelPass?

Verizon TravelPass is a good choice when you are traveling abroad on a basic plan and do not want to end up incurring high fees for data usage or calls.

You can activate it on your account by using the simple guidelines below.

  • Just write a message “Travel” and send it to 4004.
  • You can also activate it by visiting Verizon TravelPass website.
  • Furthermore, you can request Verizon to activate TravelPass by calling the customer support service.
  • Request to talk to representative and then speak about activating the service. This should only take a couple of minutes.

You can also cancel the TravelPass once you are back from the trip. There is not set date or time for cancellation and no additional charges as well.

In a Nutshell

Verizon works in major parts of Canada because the company has agreement with Canadian providers to maintain efficient coverage at all locations. Moreover, you can make the trip to Canada cost-effective by subscribing to Verizon Unlimited plan that will let you make free calls, texts, and use data.