Does Verizon Pay You to Switch From Another Service Provider?

Verizon customer base has grown immensely over the years. Many users that it has right now shifted from different service providers probably because they were not happy with the performance. However, some were motivated for the transfer when they figured out does Verizon pay you to switch?

Does Verizon Pay You to Switch From Another Phone Carrier?

Verizon not only pays off the money that you owe but also offers prepaid card of different values to cover for fees such as contract charges, device installments plans, Early Termination Fee by the previous cell phone provider and much more.

It is hard to determine the exact amount of money that Verizon will provide you to switch. It is variable depending on the provider you are switching from and also the money that you still owe.

In any case, the incentive is enough to cover for early termination fees. Moreover, there are special promotional offers from time to time that you can avail of.

Below are some of the service providers whose fees Verizon will pay you to switch from.


  • It offers $650 per line if you exchange the old device with Verizon, get a new one and subscribe to a payment plan right away.


  • Verizon provider a $650 prepaid card to cover the Early Termination Fees from Sprint and contract charges.
  • You can get a prepaid card with variable amount of money depending on how much you need to pay off as AT&T balance.
  • Furthermore, you are eligible for $350 prepaid card to cover for Early Termination Fee.


  • You can get a $650 prepaid card from Verizon to cover fees such as the installment plan balance.
  • It also offers a $350 prepaid card to cater to Early Termination Fee, if any, imposed by T-Mobile when you switch.

Will Verizon Cover My Phone Money That I Owe If I Switch?

Verizon would love you to switch to its network. As an incentive, it even promises to pay off any money that you owe to the current phone service!

Verizon also covers the fees for the installments of the device. It communicates with the old provider on your behalf to determine how to save you some money as you make the switch.

Are There Any Pay-To-Switch Promotions With Verizon?

Verizon has introduced a number of pay-to-switch promotions over the year but they vary in the amount and are also not available all the time.

You may be able to bag a good deal at specific times of the year. Some opportunities that you can look into are listed below.

  • You can save between $500 to $700 whenever you choose to switch. Customers have reported saving an average of $650.
  • Some bigger promotion are introduced once or twice a year with which you can save up to $1,000 switching from another cell phone provider to Verizon.
  • There may be an introductory offer when new devices are launched. Visit Verizon official website to get more details on how to switch over and earn money.

How to Port Same Number to Verizon When Switching?

You can port the same number to Verizon Network when you switch. In fact, there are no additional fees for this and you can keep a check on Verizon port status throughout the process.

  • Do not cancel the current contract before you talk to Verizon about porting the number.
  • Keep the number with you when Verizon is processing the transfer till it is complete.
  • You can register the request to any of Verizon’s employee through the helpline.
  • Provide the phone number to the customer care representative.
  • Also provide your area code and other necessary account information.

Verizon will then contact your previous service provider on your behalf and inform about the transfer. It will then get the phone number for your new Verizon account.

In a Nutshell

Verizon does pay you to switch carriers. It offers the cover-up fees in form of a prepaid card that will have enough money to cater to remaining installment balance, early termination fees and other similar expenses.

How much you can get from Verizon, however, depends on the promotion that you are able to grab. Some pay as much as $1,000 to make the switch!