A Guide To Minecraft Best Bow Enchantments

Players are often seen asking the question of best bow enchantments. In Minecraft players have a variety of weapon gear in their inventory to use for their survival and combat enemies.

The bow is a valuable item in this arsenal. The bow’s primary feature is that it allows players to battle these enemies from a distance.

  • But moving forward in the game, the level of intensity and hardness increases, and players need more potent weapons to ensure victory.

That is why players enchant their weapons. Enchantment of the player’s weapons such as swords, bows, and crossbows, tridents, etc. makes the weapons more resilient, strong, and powerful.

Enchanting necessitates the acquisition of an enchantment table.

Before he can finally create an enchantment table and enchant his gear, a player needs to obtain diamond resources to craft the enchantment table.

Why Is Bow Enchantment Important?

Enchantments are indeed a big part of Minecraft, and because there are so many of them, picking the right ones for your tools and weapons can be difficult.

There are numerous enchantments to choose from, each serving a different function than the last, whether you want to enchant a pickaxe, sword, shovel, bow, or any other weapon. 

Since Minecraft enchantments can be very costly, it’s important to keep in mind which ones to seek out and which ones to avoid.

To help you through this ordeal we have compiled below a list of the best bow enchantments in Minecraft.


When it comes to using the best bow enchantments, mending is probably the most loved enchantment.

We will explain how.

During the fighting, the bow does not increase your damage or anything else instead any time you kill an opponent, it will automatically fix your bow.

  • When you hit a mob or an enemy player, mending is enabled.

If your bow has the Mending bow enchantment, you can use the collected experience orbs or XP from killed players to fix it.

This ability will help save and conserve your time from having to create an anvil, return to your base, or use resources to construct another bow. This means you won’t have to patch your bow ever again!

Even though the Mending enchantment appears to lack the ability to strike enemies, it compensates by repairing your bow.

For players who don’t want to spend time having a new bow or fixing it with money, the Mending bow enchantment is a great option.

  • To aid you in your adventures, combine this bow enchantment with any other strong enchantment on your bow.

 But the very common mistake players make while picking out the best bow enchantments, is that to get an endless supply of arrows and bows, players combine mending and infinity enchantments.

 To be honest, this combination isn’t possible. Both of these enchantments cannot be used together due to apparent balance problems.


Infinity is a fierce enchantment that complements powerful enchantment. When you use any of these at the same time, you’ll be an ultimate fighting force with a bow.

  • The Infinity enchantment essentially doubles your arrow count to infinity!
  • The two most difficult enchantments to choose from are Infinity and Mending.

Since you can’t get both Mending and Infinity in the same bow, you’ll have to pick one to go along with the remainder of the enchantments.

Now the question is if this is such a valuable enchantment, which allows unlimited arrow use, why isn’t this top-rated tool on the list?

Using this enchantment implies that once you’ve applied the infinity enchantment, you’ll just need one arrow in your inventory. Isn’t it very enticing?

There is, nevertheless, a catch. Though you can use an infinite number of arrows. Your bow, however, will still be susceptible to breaking (link blocks not breaking).

Regrettably, the bow would not be able to repair itself.

Sure, if you add Infinity and Unbreaking 3, you’ll be able to fire at least plus 6,000 arrows before the bow shatter.

Due to the repair cost cap on an enchanted item, you can repair the bow until you can’t anymore.

  • However, even though you can fix the bow many times, it will eventually split.

Infinity isn’t as useful as you would expect, depending on the situation, particularly when playing in single-player mode. Later in the game, making arrows will be a breeze.

Furthermore, having Infinity becomes more enjoyable.

In multiplayer, Infinity comes in handy as the number of arrows needed in combat grows. For that purpose, this enchantment will be useful:

 “spamming arrows until you win.”


Unbreaking is a technique for making the gear more resilient. If you use bows often, you can find that your bows are frequently damaged and broken.

Repairing a bow is always a pain and will quickly deplete your funds. This is why this is such a useful enchantment to have on your bow.

A bow can be enchanted to three different degrees of unbreakable enchantment. You’ll be able to fire thousands of arrows until it eventually breaks in Unbreaking 3!

This bow enchantment does not auto-repair your bow as Mending does, but it does extend the life and durability of your weapon.

  • The Unbreaking bow enchantment is available on three separate levels.

Unbreaking 3 is said to require you to fire over 6,000 arrows before breaking. Isn’t it fantastic?

When paired with Infinity, this bow magic is fantastic.

  • It satisfies the needs of the inmates.
  • It satisfies the infinity enchantment’s requirements and prevents the bow from breaking.

This enchantment is a great deal because you wouldn’t want a bow that can only fire 365 arrows.


Power is an enchantment that increases the bow’s damage, and it can reach a maximum of 5 levels.

When a Power level 5 shot is fully charged, it can do 23 heart damage. A bow without the Power bow enchantment, on the other hand, can only deal with 9 fully charged cores.

Isn’t it a quick and easy kill? You’ll be a death machine if you combine this with Infinity or Flame bow enchantments.

  • The Power enchantment can be obtained from the enchantment table, but only levels 1 to 4 are accessible.

The Anvil is the only way to get the Level 5 Power enchantment. Level 5 Power can be obtained by combining two different bows with a Level 4 Power enchantment.


The Flame bow enchantment allows you to set a hostile object on fire when the arrow hits it. If you’re battling other players on an online server, this is extremely useful.

  • This Flame bow enchantment is particularly useful because it adds fire damage to enemies in addition to the arrow’s base damage.

Furthermore, it does two hearts of fire harm over five seconds. Enemies are also slowed because they can’t run away as easily.

  • The flame enchantment is a great support function for your bow, and it’s also a nice enchantment to have if you just want to set your enemies on fire for fun.

Nonetheless, combining the Flame and Power bow enchantments ensures a successful one-shot kill.


Punch and Knockback are pretty much the same for sword enchantments (link how many enchantments can a sword have).

  • Punch is a bow enchantment that increases your knockback power and allows you to hit the enemy from a reasonable distance away.

This is useful for chasing down enemies or directing them towards a hole in the ground or something potentially dangerous that may help you in your battle.

Punch is a wonderful bow enchantment because it increases knockback by three blocks per step.

The higher the knockback force, the more likely your enemies will succumb to fall damage and lose health.

However, depending on the situation, this bow enchantment has advantages and disadvantages.

  • When battling another player, you can knock them out of the way to make your escape easier.

If you’re in single-player mode and a swarm of zombies approaches, using the bow enchantment to drive them back is a viable choice.

When you use this bow enchantment to pursue an enemy player, you are simply “assisting” them in escaping because you are driving them away from you.

  • This disadvantage makes them more difficult to work with.


The Curse of Vanishing is a bow spell that causes your arm to disappear when and where you die.

  • Since you lose your whole bow when you die, you do not want to make this enchantment a priority. Plus, you’ll never be able to get it back.

However, the Curse of Vanishing as a bow enchantment has the advantage of preventing enemy players from obtaining your valuable and upgrade bow if you are killed.

For example, when my friends on factions or survival servers battle other players or go out to raid an enemy base, they use this bow enchantment.

In a strategic context, being afraid of being killed by the enemy because they don’t want the enemy to get their bows after they die and use them against them or keep them for themselves is a pro in PvP scenarios.

  • At the same time, that’s a disadvantage because you won’t get it back after you die.

However, if you succeed in the end, you can receive your opponents’ products to compensate for your defeats.

This enchantment can be obtained in a variety of ways. To fish it out of the sea, trade with villagers, or find naturally spawned chests in the Minecraft world, you’ll need luck for example Dungeons, Villages, and Mineshafts.

Unfortunately, unlike the rest of the bow enchantments on the list, you can’t get this using the enchantment table.

Wrap Up – Best Bow Enchantments

In Minecraft, these are the best bow enchantments. Some of these enchantments may be used in conjunction with one another. Combining power with either infinity or mending is a good idea. This will give you the best outcomes depending on your needs.

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