TP-Link Archer c5 vs c7 – Which Dual-Band Router Will Stand Out For your Need?

Since Tp-Link has marked its name well in the world of wireless routers, we will compare two of its famous products here, TP-Link Archer c5 vs c7.

When you talk about the most reliable router manufacturers, you can never skip TP-Link. We can not really imagine a day without the internet.

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  • It has become a universal need in businesses and homes.

However, to ensure a rapid internet experience you need to invest in the best router. It is equally important to stay up to date about the latest devices.

TP-Link routers are globally known for their high-quality wireless connection. They not only offer modern features but also come with a relatively inexpensive price tag.

So you might be ready to try your hands on one of the TP-Link’s routers but it is impossible to make a choice without knowing what the device can offer.

Therefore we found it useful to let our readers go through a detailed comparison of TP-Link Archer c5 vs c7 so that they can make a well-informed decision next time.

TP-Link Archer c5 vs c7 – Comparative Analysis

There are only selective differences that you will be able to spot between the two products.

These two routers were launched into the market a year apart (2013 and 2014) with only a few minor differences.

  • The first one of these is that c5 has 4 external antennas as compared to 3 present in Archer c7.

Both devices have Qualcomm Atheros QCA9558 chipset and 128 MB RAM although c5 AC1200 has 16 MB Flash instead of 8 MB as seen in c7.

Since the routers belong to two different AC series (AC1200 and AC1750 respectively, the maximum speed output they can provide also differs.

TP-Link Archer c5 is capable of providing 300+867 Mbps of speed whereas TP-Link Archer c7 AC1950 offers 450+1300 Mbps of speed.

With that aside, both the routers follow the wireless protocol of IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac.

  • You can connect them with external devices using 2 USB ports, 1 WAN port and 4 LAN ports at your disposal.

They are quite similar in terms of security features as well. They are equipped with WEP, WPA, WPA3 and WPS encryption types.

You can make guest connections to keep visitors away from the main network.

We understand that this might not be enough of a comparison to help you choose between the two.

Therefore, now let us have a look at their specs, pros, cons, and features to give you a clearer idea of what your choice should be.

1. TP-Link Archer c5 – An Affordable Router
TP-Link Archer c5 vs c7


Brand name: TP-Link | Model number: ArcherC5 | Operating system: MacOS (10.X or higher), Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, NetWare, UNIX or Linus | Wireless type: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac | Dimensions: 12.5 x 2.8 9.5 inches | Weight: 1.9 lbs 

TP-Link Archer c5 AC1200
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Tp-Link Archer C5 Review

TP-Link Archer c5 is a classic router available for the lowest price in the market.

It has a dual-band design that provides a maximum bandwidth of 1200 Mbps, 300 Mbps for 2.4 GHz and 867 Mbps for 5 GHz.

There are 4 external antennas that are detachable and adjustable so you set signal direction as per your liking.

The modest single-core processor runs at 600 MHz and provides 8 MB firmware storage. The router also supports 2 x 2 MU-MIMO transfers.

WAN port, Ethernet port and USB 2.0 ports can be found at the back of the device which also contains the WPS button and the power button. 

The WPS feature allows for easy configuration of the router. Like other devices, the setup wizard will take you through simple steps to select an internet connection, assign a username, password, etc.

Important: Multi-lingual support is not offered by the router. All the directions are only available in English.

Lastly, the router provides an excellent 5 GHz performance although 2.4 GHz output is a bit disappointing. Overall, you can expect to make quick data transfers without interruptions.

Features of TP-Link Archer c5

Up-To-date Design

  • Choose to mount it on the wall or lay flat on the table depending on your liking.

  • Overall, the device is pretty lightweight and the 4 feet provide all the stability you were looking for. 

  • There are also external LED lights for indicating the statuses of different router activities such as WAN port connection, WPS function, etc.

Connectivity Options

  • Archer c5 has two USB 2.0 ports that can be used to connect to external devices such as compatible USB printers.

  • You can also make use of the in-built NAS feature.

Security Features

  • TP-Link Archer c5 is equipped with WPA, WPA2, and WPS encryption types.

  • However, there is no advanced DoS protection against cyber threats.

  • Furthermore, you can create a Guest Network.

  • This would be password protected and separate from the main network for a safer experience.  

Reliable Hardware

  • It has 128 MB of DDR3 RAM and double storage (16 MB) as compared to the previous model.

  • It can handle simultaneous 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz connections for enhanced wireless performance.

  • The device can easily deliver 367 Mbps at 5 GHz band even at a distance of 15 ft.

2. TP-Link Archer c7 – Dual-Band Wireless Router
TP-Link Archer c5 vs c7


Brand name: TP-Link | Model number: ArcherC7 | Operating system: Windows 7 or Higher, MacOS (10.X or higher) | Wireless type: 802.11ac | Item weight: 1.12 lbs  | Dimensions: 9.5 x 6 x 1.4 inches.

TP-Link Archer c7 AC1750
Dual-Band Wireless Router

2.4GHz provide strong connection for surfing and browsing. 5GHz helps in amazing streaming and gaming experience.
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Tp-Link Archer C7 Review

The Archer C7 AC1750 is a solid winner as it provides reasonable performance along with good device connectivity.

This router is a cheap option when compared with other similar products in the market. Nonetheless, the design still allows for extended range and higher speed than competitors.

The device is equipped with 3 external and internal antennas that provide stronger connectivity.

In addition to this, Archer c7 can deliver a maximum speed of 1750 Mbps with dual bands that allow for greater bandwidth use.  

Operation at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz ensures you have the best HD streaming experience and get to download large files without any delay!

  • TP-Link Archer c7 provides 16 MB firmware storage.

In addition to that, there is a 128 MB RAM just like the previous c5 model.

With features such as parental control, you can learn to optimize its settings and enjoy the experience just the way you want.

Features of TP-Link Archer c7

Easy Setup

  • You can choose to go through the setup process in languages other than English.

  • If you think that the guide given in the package is not for you, then you can get a more elaborate one through the online portal.

Flexible Connectivity

  • The router also allows for fast local connections via multiple ports WAN, LAN and Ethernet ports.

  • You can easily connect the USB ports with external devices for example printers to share data and perform other tasks. 

Dual-Band Design

  • Users can experience perfect Wi-Fi networking with efficient operation at both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

  • 2.4 GHz is suitable for minor internet browsing and day-to-day Wi-Fi use.

  • On the other hand, 5 GHz ensures lag-free streaming and the best gaming experience.

Other Advanced Features

  • Archer c7 has been designed with the IPv6 protocol.

  • You can also create more than one guest network to keep your private files safe from multiple visitors.

  • The web interface is quite comprehensive that you can use for the initial setup.

TP-Link Archer c5 vs c7 – Find a Verdict

When comparing TP-Link Archer c5 vs c7 the bottom line is that the few extra dollars you will be paying for c7 AC1750 will make up for the bit of extra speed it offers.

Besides, there is not a major point of comparison between the two. Since both the devices are cheaper than an average router, we find Archer c7 to be a better choice.

It is more usable with excellent downstream speed. You will also not have to deal with poor 2.4 GHz performance. Additionally, security features have been improved to provide a better user experience.

Let us know about your final choice in the comment section below. Good Luck!

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