The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Online Industry:

The rise in technological advancement has seen an all-around change in different sectors of the economy. From health, finance, research, medicine, and gaming, the whole world has been subjected to significant changes which have affected these sectors. One such technological advancement that has made changes to the gaming world is Artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence is the development of machines that are equipped to perform functions that require human intelligence. A lot of time and finances have been invested in developing more and more artificial intelligence solutions. According to our expert Michelle Thomas, here are some of the ways artificial intelligence has influenced online gambling:

Identifying Addicts

Gambling is one of the most addictive habits since time immemorial. It is so addictive that you may not even feel you are becoming addicted despite spending most of the time in a casino and losing a lot of money in the process. Gambling addicts paint a bad picture on other people who, in turn, stereotype gambling as an addictive sport.

Identifying casino addicts in land-based casinos is easier than doing it in online casinos. This is because, in the land-based casinos, you can see and study a player’s behavior and determine whether they are addicts. It is, however, very hard to tell an online casino addict since there is no physical interaction whatsoever. Artificial intelligence in casino gaming is, however, coming in to help remedy the situation. Artificial intelligence is being used to detect early addiction among online players. 

By using algorithms and neurons, Artificial Intelligence is being used to monitor player activity in real-time. Through artificial intelligence, once it analyses player activity, it reports any form of gambling addiction and immediately suspends the gambling account. Through artificial intelligence, information is passed to the operator, who in turn offers help to the suspended gambler before they fully become casino addicts.

Better Customer Service

A close look at the sites featured on the online Cananda platform shows that customer service is an important rating feature. You may have experienced a customer support staff who is rude or doesn’t answer your specific question. This is what artificial intelligence is seeking to improve on. Through artificial intelligence, services offered by customer support are going to greatly improve. This is mainly because Artificial Intelligence has access to personal data, which means that the solutions offered by the customer support are all personalized.

Smart Data

Online casinos have large amounts of data from their clients. This allows the casino to serve its clients in the best possible way. The data from the casino through gaming analytics AI is useful in providing better deals to players. The data is also used in the creation of personalized gaming modes as well as gaming offers. Due to the quantity of data in the online casino, the human brain is prone to make small mistakes, making it hard to do data analysis.

This is why casino operators are heavily investing in Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence makes data analysis very easy as it carefully analyses personal player data to create patterns and offer predictions based on the data. However, the downside of using artificial intelligence is that casino operators may take advantage of player data and use it to their advantage. This is because all analysis of personal player data is reported back to the casino operator.

Cheating Prevention

AI Bots are now being used to prevent cheating in online casinos. Cheating in online casinos is easy compared to a land-based casino with cameras all over and casino security who keep checking for cheating gamblers. 

Casinos are using online casino AI to get a highly skilled gambler who is focused on winning alone. This, however, can also be used by cheating gamblers to train a highly-skilled player who keeps beating the online casino every time. This now turns into a competition on who has the strongest and most sophisticated artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is certainly a game-changer in the gaming world that is set to greatly influence how gaming is conducted now and in the future. The creation of a gambling robot, analytics, and smart data are examples of the best applications that Canadian gamblers can bank on. 

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