10 Hidden Gems in Mobile Gaming You Can Discover

Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular as people are getting back to their normal lives following the pandemic. It’s already said to be an industry worth $98 billion, and experts forecast that to almost triple by the end of the decade. We’re certainly in the midst of a boom and it shows.

Some of the bigger established video game companies such as EA, Nintendo and Sony are all looking to capitalise on the interest. There’s lots of huge titles out there, from big franchises like Call of Duty, to smaller games which don’t get the attention they deserve.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at just some of those hidden gems that you may not have yet come across. Here’s our pick of them below.


This is a great alternative to Minecraft for your mobile. With all the elements you know and love, crafting, resource creation and a similar graphical style. Although there’s more of a 2D look to it, which is arguably better suited to mobile platforms. Add in a nod to The Sims too, as you ensure your character is fed and watered to survive the day. It’s a real blast.

Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef

What’s cuter than a Shiba Inu pup? Well, that’s a Shiba Inu pup that cooks for visitors to its food truck! After all, owning a food truck seems to be the rage at the moment. See if you can grow your business from a local car park to a thriving global empire, customizing it as you go.

Touchdown Hero

There’s nothing like a little retro gaming to get the juices flowing and for those yearning for some NFL sports action, this is the game for you. Whilst looking like an old school GTA game, the top down visuals aligned with a simple play system work fantastically.


Gladiator is a terrific slot game, and its visuals are stunning. As Gala Casino’s write-up on the game states, it has “some of the finest graphics around” in the slot category and they aren’t wrong. In addition, the gameplay is just as good. If visiting casinos to play their latest games is your thing, you’ll love this online slot.

Titan Slots

More and more slot games are appearing on mobile platforms now, with varied success. Whilst Titan Slots isn’t the most visually appealing of the casino options in comparison to Gladiator, it really is a good, yet more basic representation of the popular pastime which shouldn’t be overlooked.

Mr Crab 2

The first game to feature the auto-running crustacean was a hit, and the sequel just builds on its predecessor’s popularity. Mr Crab 2 is overall, a very good game. It’s not only pleasing on the eye, the character design is good and the level design equally so.

Onmoyji: The Card Game

Across all mobile platforms this is a title which has certainly made its mark with card game players. This turn based game has unique characters to add to its terrific story mode, creating a game which will soon have you hooked. The battles are intense, gripping and just add another layer to an already quality title.

Match Land

The world is well aware of the ‘match 3’ games and their popularity. You only have to see that Candy Crush made over $1.5 billion a few years ago to prove it. But there are plenty of alternatives and Match Land is one of the best. It has a nice battle system within it, which puts a different spin on the color matching puzzle genre, making it both challenging and rewarding.

Tales Of The Mirror

This is an experience different to the other games on this list; it’s a visual novel of sorts which excels due to its combination of visuals and sound design. Tales Of The Mirror is a much slower paced title which relies more on the storytelling and its nuanced puzzles. You won’t find any manic button bashing here. Make sure you connect your headphones to fully enjoy, a great storytelling experience.

Shopping Cart Hero 5

This is crazy. There’s no other way of putting it, it’s a game of laugh out loud moments and epic collisions. Get into your cart, hurtle off a big ramp and do stunts. Think Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater but exchange the skateboard for a shopping cart in 2D. Graphically Shopping Cart Hero doesn’t excel, however don’t be fooled by its basic look. The gameplay and control system works fantastically and that’s the key to its success.

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