How Many Enchantments Can A Sword Have In Minecraft

Minecraft is a game about pushing the boundaries of imagination.

Players in the famous sandbox game have always been encouraged to create and construct whatever comes to mind.

  • The construction, on the other hand, isn’t so easy.

Minecraft has a variety of features that players must master to fully enjoy the game. Fight, discovery, puzzles, and other activities are included.

Enchanting is one of the other useful functions. It especially comes in handy in battle. That is also why many players ask questions like how many enchantments can a sword have?

What Is Enchanting?

Enchanting is one of Minecraft’s many interesting and challenging mechanics. It is a feature that allows players to upgrade their weapon gear such as bows, crossbows, tridents, etc.

As well as other items such as tools and armor. It’s a mechanic that, when used correctly, can be extremely beneficial to players.

Enchantments are available in a variety of forms for various types of equipment. Some enchantments are used to boost an item’s effect, while others are used to enhance durability, such as best bow enchantments.

Understanding all of these different types of enchantments, as well as how to use them correctly with all of your equipment, is crucial to your survival in Minecraft.

Players can also use several enchantments on an object at the same time in the game. Users can stack various enchantment effects to make their objects as powerful as possible.

Players can, for example, enchant their swords or other weapons with multiple enchantments.

How Many Enchantments Can A Sword Have?

As previously stated, players can stack enchantments on all of their weapons, including swords.

The number of enchantments that can be added to a sword, theoretically, has no real limit. This means that players can enchant their sword with any enchantment they want to make it stronger but this isn’t practically possible.

  • It’s important to remember that stacking enchantments isn’t as simple as it appears and takes some effort.

So it’s picky, but there is a “limit.” Nothing can be enchanted beyond level 39; after that, the anvil simply says “too expensive.” Depending on how the enchantment was created, such as through a book, this can dramatically increase.

  • So, putting Mending first on a sword, for example, could cost 5 levels. Let’s say the next enchant is Looting III, and it costs 11 levels.

This will continue to increase on that one sword until it can no longer anticipate because the next enchant is higher than level 39. Look at what could go on your sword, in this case, in your enchanting table.

  • If the name isn’t what you’re looking for, enchant a book at the lowest rank, then bring the sword back in and see what you get.

You can’t promise that you’ll get several enchantments at once, however you can guarantee that you’ll get at least one for a reasonable price.

Depending on the level this number varies. But generally, a single sword may have up to seven enchantments.

They are looting, sweeping edge, unbreaking, fire aspect, knockback, mending, and finally your option of sharpness, smite, or bane of arthropods excluding curse of vanishing.

  • By combining the sword and any books in a bracket pattern down to one piece, you can get all 7 on the sword at once. 

To put it another way, don’t just throw one book onto the sword at a time. Instead, mix all of the ingredients together in pairs, and so on.

For the new version of Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac), here is a list of sword enchantments:

  • Bane of Arthropods (Minecraft ID: 18): increases the amount of damage is done to arthropods

  • Curse of vanishing (Minecraft ID: 71): After the player dies, the cursed object will vanish.

  • Fire aspect (Minecraft ID: 20): sets targets ablaze.

  • Knockback  (Minecraft ID: 19): Increases the amount of knockback dealt (enemies repel backward).

  • Looting (Minecraft ID: 21): When a mob is killed, the amount of loot dropped increases.

  • Mending (Minecraft ID: 70): Repairs your equipment, guns, and armor with XP.

  • Sharpness (Minecraft ID: 16): Increases the amount of attack damage done to mobs.

  • Smite (Minecraft ID: 17): Attack damage against undead mobs is increased.

  • Sweeping edge (Minecraft ID: 22): Increases the sweep attack’s damage.

  • Unbreaking (Minecraft ID: 34): Increases the item’s longevity.

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