Minecraft Error Unable To Start Game | Fixed In Six Simple Steps!

Minecraft is one of the most successful video games that have ever been published that is why Minecraft error unable to start game is a big setback for the players.

  • Even though it was released in 2011, the game remains the best-selling game of all time.

Players have encountered a variety of problems such as error 500 and glitches (render distance not working) over the course of the game’s nearly ten-year lifespan.

These problems were eventually resolved, but a few players continue to experience them.

Minecraft Error Unable To Start Game

This is a very common topic among players. Minecraft will not start properly, resulting in an error.

The error essentially informs the player that it was unable to start properly. When the game crashes, the error appears.

  • Players who are experiencing this problem are unable to play the game.

Methods To Resolve Minecraft Error Unable To Start Game

1- Run The Program As An Administrator

Other programs can be messing with your game if you aren’t running it as an administrator. The first thing you can do is log in as an administrator and play the game.

Simply right-click your Minecraft program and select “Run as Administrator” from the context menu.

If an alert message appears, choose yes or ok.

As an administrator, you will now be in charge of the game and be able to fix Minecraft error unable to start the game

2- Reinstall The Most Recent Version Of Java

Using an older version of Java in Minecraft can result in a number of bugs including errors that are caused to unable to start the game.

Instead of simply upgrading your Javascript, you can reinstall it. Remove Java from your machine first.

Now, go to the internet and download the most recent version of Java. After you’ve uninstalled Java, make sure you restart your machine.

If you were using an older version of Java, Minecraft should now run smoothly.

3- Minecraft Launcher Should Be Updated

Your Minecraft launcher can fail to update on its own at times. In such situations, you’ll have to update your launcher manually.

Minecraft can crash if you use an older version of the launcher.

Open your Minecraft launcher to accomplish this. Select Options from the drop-down menu next to the username textbox. Now press the “Force Update” button.

Put in your Minecraft credentials as soon as you’ve clicked Finished. Check to see if the game is still crashing.

4- Mods Must Be Removed

It’s possible that a mod is messing with your Minecraft experience. The majority of mods in Minecraft are buggy since they are still in development.

If you have any mods installed in your game, we strongly advise you to uninstall them.

It’s also possible that using too many mods could cause your game to crash and cause an error unable to start the game. This is why you should uninstall all mods from your Minecraft.

5- Examine The Firewall Options

Your firewall settings can also prevent Minecraft from working properly. Proxy servers are in the same boat.

Locate your computer’s firewall settings. Check to see if any settings or programs are preventing Minecraft from running properly.

Close/disable it if this is the case. Also, double-check that your anti-virus software isn’t messing with the game.

This should surely fix the error Minecraft error unable to start the game.

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