Does Verizon Offer Cable TV? Charges, Coverage, and Much More!

Verizon phone service and the internet plans has already taken the world by storm but does Verizon offer Cable TV as well? If yes, what are the charges?

Not many are aware of how Verizon FIOS TV and its packages work so let me present the information to you in simpler words!

Do You Get Cable TV Service With Verizon?

You can get fiber-only network TV connection in form of Verizon FIOS. It is an alternative to traditional cable TV offered by Verizon that is quicker, more reliable, and definitely more popular in 2022.

On top of that, Verizon FIOS is available through multiple cable TV packages. You can choose the one that best suits your need and budget.

Each package offers different number and types of channels. They are also available for different prices typically starting $65 per month.

  • Difficult to make up your mind? Then you can give FIOS TV Test Drive a try!

This is one of the four different cable packages that Verizon FIOS has and it is specifically designed for those who can not determine which package would be right for them.

It promises over 400 channels for 60 days so you can learn which ones you watch the most or need as part of your monthly plan.

What Are Verizon TV Charges?

Verizon Cable TV charges will depend on the package that choose. Luckily, you have multiple options on the table and you can go with any that suits your need and the budget.

  • Verizon FIOS TV Test Drive will cost you $65 per month for two month. You will get 425 channels in this package as well as one set-top box.
  • FIOS TV plan costs $65 per month and includes 125 channels and one set-top box. 5 Channels selection will be based on what you pick.
  • More FIOS TC package will charge you $85 and offers 300+ channels, regional sports, one set-top box and basic DVR services.
  • The Most FIOS TV package costs $105 per month. It provides 425 channels, one set-top box, multi-room DVR and a $200 Verizon gift card. These will also include sports and movie channels as well.

Can You Use Verizon FIOS TV Nationwide?

There is no guarantee that Verizon Cable TV would be available in your area. This is because it functions on fiber-only network and not the traditional lines which are more widespread.

You can visit the Verizon FIOS qualification website to confirm if FIOS cable TV is available where you reside or not. The website will ask for your address and scrutinize the coverage map to give you results.

  • Don’t be disappointed if the technology has not reached your area yet.

Verizon is rapidly expanding and I am hopeful that it would spread it fiber-only network quickly to the regions where it is currently missing.

Just keep checking the website from time to time after a few months to stay up to date.

Is Verizon FIOS TV Better Than Cable TV?

FIOS offers 100% fiber-optic TV experience that guarantees rich HD sound and picture quality comparable to none other.

In fact, service providers are sure that you will simply not be able to shift back to typical cable service providers once you have seen what Verizon offers.

Subscribing to one of its packages will get you direct access to Netflix, a complete channels guide, and an advanced voice remote to make the navigation simpler for you.

Moreover, Verizon FIOS TV includes access to the same range of channels on your smartphones as well. This means you can watch TV even when you are on the go on your phone, laptops, computers, etc.

Do You Need To Sign a Contract With Verizon For TV Packages?

There is no requirement of a contract when signing up with Verizon FIOS television plan. This is beneficial for subscribers who change their mind later on and wish to switch providers half-way through the plan.

Do You Have To Pay For Verizon Cable Box?

You have to pay for every additional TV Box that you get from Verizon. One cable box is free and included as part of the package when you subscribe to it.

When you get an extra cable box, there are purchase fees as well as other expensive charges. For example, the company will charge you $12 per month for each additional box that you activate.

In a nutshell, this service can get expensive so be mindful of your budget before finalizing the purchase.

Do You Need To Get a TV Box With Verizon FIOS?

Whether you should get a TV Box with Verizon depends on which package you have. Local package does not need a box since the channels are already encrypted and should work fine without cable box.

However, anything beyond the local package will need a box for your television as the channels would not be available otherwise.

I would recommend getting a TV box anyways. The box allows you to access additional features on FIOS cable such as DVR or On-Demand Video.

Does Verizon Offer Internet Services With Cable TV?

Yes, you can subscribe to bundles through which Verizon FIOS offers both, internet services and TV. In fact, bundle packages will save you money whereas getting getting the services separately is more costly.

Moreover, you can mix and match the plans to see which combination suits you best.

If you want to compare the prices for each plan, here’s an estimate what these will cost you.

  • Internet packages range from $39.99 per month to $89.99 per month. It offers 200 Mbps, 400 Mbps, and Gigabit Connection for the variable prices.
  • Television packages range from $65 to $105. The number of channels differ in each package and you can choose whatever package suits you best.

Bundles by Verizon for TV and Internet packages are as below.

  • The Most FIOS TV + Gigabit connection will cost you $199.99 per month. It offers more than 425 channels and download speeds up to 940 Mbps.
  • More FIOS TV + Gigabit connection will cost you $179.99 per month. It offers more than 300 channels and download speeds 940 Mbps.
  • Your FIOS TV + Gigabit connection will cost you $159.99 per month. It offers more than 125 channels and download speeds up to 940 Mbps.

In a Nutshell

Cable TV is not an option with Verizon but it does offer fiber-optic network that is more reliable, fast, and also affordable as compared to traditional TV services. Verizon FIOS has different TV packages ranging between $65 to $105 to choose from. I am sure you will find a package that suits you within your budget!