Acer x34 vs z35p Review – Pros, Cons and Everything You Need To Know!

When two products are quite similar yet very different, which one would you choose? Here, we will help you decide between Acer x34 vs z35p.

Generally, Acer monitors have won a favourable opinion from users around the world. The image quality, brightness and colour are perfect along with a sturdy and stable base.

Did You Know? Acer monitors have a good reputation of lasting up to 7 years without needing any extra maintenance.

It performs better than ASUS with light-weight products and better customer support service.

  • So we know that Acer is the name you can trust, but what is the showdown is between two Acer monitors?

In this article, we would give you a detailed comparison between Acer x34 vs z35p but before that let’s go through a quick review of the similarities and differences between the two monitors.

Acer x34 vs z35p Review

  • To start things off, let us show you how they are alike.

Acer is trusted by many customers around the globe when it comes to the world of monitors. Especially with these two choices, you don’t need to worry about anything!

They are made with quality material and deliver superb performance for the gamers. In fact, they offer forward momentum and you can use them to keep the gaming session going on for a long time.

Attention! When choosing between these monitors, you would be surprised to know that the one that looks “poorer” actually drives a better experience!

You heard that right!

The products might look the same on the surface but they do have different specs and that is what makes them suitable for different customers.

For examples, Acer z35p really stands out with the fact that it is Energy Star Certified. It is cheaper and has a better rating.

Acer Predator Gaming X34 Pbmiphzx Curved...Something Great
  • 34" QHD (3440 x 1440) 1900R Curved Widescreen IPS Display
Acer Predator Z35P bmiphz 35" Curved...Something Great
  • 35" QHD Curved 1800R UltraWide Screen with 3440 x 1440 resolution

On the other hand, Acer x34 looks like a cheaper model but is more expensive. It also lacks the anti-glare technology. However, the performance testing showed that the x34 actually does a better job than Acer z35p.

1. Acer x34 Predator Monitor – Curved UltraWide QHD
Acer x34 vs z35p


Brand name: Acer  | Model number: predator x34 |  Size: 34” (curved) |  Dimension: 32.16×11.78×22.47inches | Technology: NVIDIA G-SYNC |  Display Resolution: 3440 | Weight: 21.4lbs | Speaker: 2(7 watts each) 

Acer Predator Gaming X34
100% RGB Wide Color Gamut

The built-in technology delivers amazing color accuracy and reproduction for reliable color matching across various applications.
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Acer Predator x34 Review

Acer Predator x34 is a high-resolution ultra-wide QHD monitor which supports G-SYNC Anti-Tearing technology. It is also compatible with In-plane switching with a perfectly curved screen.

This 20-pound monitor is supported by a V-shaped aluminium stand that allows you 40 degrees of tilt and 3 inches of height adjust-ability.

  • This Predator x34 can be a Gamer’s Ideal Choice.

It supports NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology which avoids any graphical error and displays graphics as it should display for gamers.

Important: The monitor uses Eye Protects Flicker and Blue-Light Filtering Technology, which protect you from various eye defects.

There’s More! The Ultra Wide 21:9 aspect ratio made a screen perfectly immersive which brings you a better view from the same angle without blind spots.

Acer x34 comes with HDMI and Display ports. Five USB 3.0 ports make it easy for you to share your content from external devices.

Multiple Features of Acer Predator x34

Light-weight Design

  • The Acer Predator Gaming x34 is unlike other mainstream monitors when it comes to weight and size.

  • The product is lighter and does not demand a lot of areas to be set up. You will still need some space though.

  • The 32.5 inches wide and 14.8-inch tall screen will not give you much trouble in finding the right spot.

In-Place Switching Mode

  • Acer x34 offers an LCD display with an IPS panel. The monitor is capable of providing a contrast ratio of 100:1 and an aspect ratio of 21: 9.

  • The brightness (300 cd/square m), supported colors (16.9 million) and the vertical view angle (178°) is the same as the competitor z35p.

  • However, x34 lacks some capacity when it comes to the horizontal view angle that is set at 172°.

  • Nonetheless, the image quality has won the hearts of many. Customers also love the fact that it is extremely easy to personalize the screen with the choices you like.

Ease of Use

  • The monitor comes with a set of bottom-facing LEDs. Interesting? This is what they are meant for: The tiny lights help illuminate the keyboard or mouse that is being used under the monitor.

  • You can set the light to glow blue, red, green or white. There is also an option to choose whether the lights will stay static or pulsate.

  • We think this is a nice touch especially for the gaming fans who enjoy RGB lighting.

Amazing Game Performance

  • When it comes to competitive games, the Acer x34 is as reliable as any other professional gaming monitor.

  • It will provide you with an extra field of view to spot the other players during the game. It also supports Nvidia’s G-Sync technology that eliminates stutters during gameplay and helps avoid screen tears.

Impressive Multimedia Display

  • The curved, ultra-wide monitor is not just for the superb gaming experience. It also offers an impressive all-around multimedia performance whether you need it for work or for simply watching movies.

  • When we tried out the monitor for the first time, we were amazed to see the mini-movie theatre that it can turn to.

  • Sheer sharpness of the display and the vivid color display definitely place this monitor on top of our list although the blacks could use some improvement.

  • In addition to this, the Acer x34 is particularly useful when you want to split-screen, let’s say, between working on Google Doc and watching Netflix.

  • You may also wish to play the game on one side while keeping eye on Twitter account on the other and x34 will make it easy for you to do so!

2. Acer z35p Predator Monitor – Curved 1800R QHD
Acer x34 vs z35p


Brand Name: Acer |  Model number: Predator z35 |  Technology: NVIDIA G-Sync |  Display Resolution: 3440×1440 pixels | Aspect Ratio: 21:9 |  Dimensions: 39.5×14.25×26.81 inches | Weight: 9.40 kg | Speaker: 2(9W)

Acer Predator Gaming Z35p4
Smooth Gaming Action Features

With Nvidia G-Sync, it creates a smooth experience for all the gamers out there. You can adjust dark boost levels, colors and enjoy hip-fire accuracy.
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Acer Predator z35p Review

  • The Acer Predator 35z is a 35 inches monitor.

It uses VA panel which possesses high definition resolution, the aspect ratio of 21:9, refresh rate up to 200 Hz, 2000 R curvature radius and support NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology.

The monitor of P35z is partially thick(29.5cm) as compared to its competitors. It comes with a red and black aluminium stand offers 30-degree tilt and 5 inches of height adjustment.

Attention! Thanks to Acer’s UWQHD 3440×1440 p, VA panel and 21:9 aspect ratio, Predator 35z allows you to enjoy best image quality.

  • It also excites you by offering a pair of speakers (9 W each) which entertain you with better sound.

z35p offers you a list of Pro gaming features. As support of NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology, the gamers can experience classy gaming without any graphical flaws.

  • Pro gamers can also enjoy other features like Aim points, custom profiles and aggressive refresh rates.

For connectivity, it offers you Display Port, HDMI cables and USB 3.0 ports (4 downstream and 1 upstream).

All these features come with a lavish price. If you can bear it then you will not regret its outstanding performance.

Multiple Features of Acer Predator z35p

Gorgeous LED Display

  • The Acer Predator z35p uses a VA panel that can deliver an aspect ratio of 21:9. It can also display a contrast ration of 2500:1. Perfect for games with dark visuals!

  • The monitor supports 16.9 million colors with 300 cd/square m. With a curved display and a view angle of 178° horizontal and vertical, you won’t be missing out on a single thing on the screen.

  • One of the best features is that of anti-glare technology which ensures you don’t have any issues in viewing the screen even when you are in a room with tons of windows.

  • Overall, the reviews are very positive with only a few users reporting dead pixels or broken images.

Built-in Speaker

  • Although the monitor does not have many additional features such as a touch screen or a webcam, it does offer built-in speakers which is a great catch.

  • Since you will already be spending so much on the product itself, isn’t it a relief to find out you won’t need to save extra dollars for the speaker to go with it while you are gaming?

Amazing Results Post Calibration

  • You can expect accurate results from Acer z35p after calibration. The color and white balance are too perfect even for enthusiasts.

  • The monitor offers nearly perfect coverage of the sRGB color space. The SDR color volume is also outstanding.

Motion Blur

  • Another interesting news for the gamers: The motion blur is minimum with this monitor with the excellent response time. Even the transitions that are very fast produced only a slight overshoot which should not be noticeable to many.

  • For better results, we recommend you set it to the default refresh rate of 100 Hz to experience the best response time.

  • You can choose from three overdrive modes but it is better to stick to “Normal” settings. The “Extreme” mode may provide a better response time but it also increases overshoot.

Other Advanced Features

  • Three selectable cross-hairs are available as the aim point. This a good additional feature for FPS games that do not have an in-built cross-hair.

  • Furthermore, Acer z35p has an efficient dark boost feature. It can help you identify other players hiding in the dark shadows.

  • The control buttons are larger than most other monitors making it easier to use them with better tactile feedback.

Acer x34 vs z35p: Final Verdict

When you have to choose the next monitor for your use, you will need to go through different actions you want it to perform. Deciding between Acer x34 vs z35p is a difficult choice to make but rest assured, you will not go wrong with the choice.

We understand you must be a gamer!

  • Isn’t that why you are looking into these monitors?

Well, both these monitors have a long life and meet the requirements that gamers are looking for. If you leave it up to us, then we would recommend that you choose the one that suits your space well as one takes a lot of areas (z35p) as compared to the other.

However, in terms of performance, Acer Predator z35p will definitely swipe you off your feet. Ir offers more advanced features such as anti-glare technology and dark boost meant especially for die-hard gamers.

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