What is Moca Adapter & How this Network Adaptor Work?

A quick definition of what a Moca Adapter is would be to say that it is a piece of hardware that allows you to get ethernet-like speeds on your devices despite using a wireless network. MoCA stands for Multimedia over Coax Alliance.

That’s the gist of what a MoCA adaptor is, but if you’re interested in learning more about MoCA and how they work, read on!

That’s the gist of what a MoCA adaptor is, but if you’re interested in learning more about MoCA and how they work, read on!

Why Moca Adapter are Needed?

We who live in what is known as the digital age live off of the internet.

What is Moca Adapter? How It Is Works?

It is not only used for entertainment, many use it for news, education, and professional reasons as well. With that being said, everyone likes having fast browsing, but not everyone can have it – still, we can try getting close.

As many of you may know, having your device connect to the modem/router via an ethernet cable allows for faster internet browsing compared to wireless networks due to there being a direct physical connection between the internet provider and the device using it.

This direct connection allows for less lag time and enables bigger files/actions to be taken at once.

The key issue for many when it comes to using ethernet cables is practicality. The set up of having an ethernet cable can be quite vexing, especially if the device is placed far from the modem.

These cables are also limited to devices that allow for ethernet connection such as computers or game consoles, which is unfortunate for hand-held devices such as phones or tablets which can only use wireless networks. And to top it all off, they’re quite pricey.

So, how do we fix this? Is there are alternate method to provide high speed connections using wireless networks? – These were the questions asked and answered by the amazing engineers and technicians who worked on this technology. And the answer they came up with was MoCA adaptors.

They provided an easy fix for wireless networks without the hassle that comes with ethernet cables.

How Moca Adapter Work?

MoCA adaptors work by making use of the coaxial outlets already available in most homes.

What are coaxial cables you may be wondering. Well, these are the things that connect old cable TV networks to your homes. If you have or had cable TV, then you’ve probably noticed a unique outlet behind where the TV would go. The wire used to connect your cable device and the cable provider on the wall is the coaxial cord.

These coax cords allow for much information/signals to travel through it as they were originally used for bringing in the many channels of cable TV.

With MoCA, they have been repurposed to allow for ethernet-like speeds despite devices being connected wirelessly. A common analogy used to explain the technology is this:

Imagine the internet as a glass of a nice cold drink. To drink from this glass that is the internet, we use thin straws (these thin straws representing wireless browsing) to drink, but its not enough. And so, in order to drink (browse) more at once, we get a bigger straw – that straw being a MoCA adaptor.

MoCA adaptors are installed on your modem/router as an add on and so are usually sold separate from most network subscriptions.

And that is more or less how they work which is a bit differnet then the working of wifi router.

Installing a Moca Adaptor

If you’re interested in getting one yourself, you can easily find one in sites like Amazon or your nearest network provider.

When you get it, all that’s left is to connect it to your modem/router and you’ll be browsing in better speeds despite using a wireless network. If you are having troubles though, just contact a technician for help.

We hope this article was helpful and that by now, you know much more about MoCA adaptors. Happy surfing!

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