Tips and Tricks to Use Free Wi-fi During a Long Travel

Imagine this; you’re out for a long travel and are in need of the internet. Getting a data plan is fine, but most people keep data usage to a minimum since they tend to be limited and cost money. Not to mention, we never know when we’ll need it for emergencies.

So how do we keep data usage to a minimum while still having the freedom to browse the net as we wish? The answer lies in how well we can access free Wi-fi on our travels or you can use travel routers.

And so today we’ll be giving you a few pointers on how to find free wi-fi while traveling!

How we manage to get free Wi-fi on a long travel depends on the method of transportation. Are we going on the road, sea, or the skies? We’ll be addressing all three.

Traveling by Road:

When traveling by road, there isn’t much choice but to use data when you’re moving.

Use Free Wi-fi During A Long Travel

If you are traveling with people then good. Only one of you needs the data, the rest can just tether their devices to the one that has internet.

Most of the free stuff, however, comes from when you make stops. So, where do we stop to get free internet? Say you stop by a town, look for motels and cafes that offer free wi-fi.

  • If you can’t find a motel with free internet or don’t like the overcrowded-ness of cafes, you can try finding a public library.
  • And if you’re thinking about traveling by bus, check if they have internet.
  • Make sure to download a Wi-fi finder app before you leave as well.
Traveling by Air:

If you’re flying out, chances of getting free Wi-fi on the plane is pretty low.

That is unless your airline already offers free internet, but if it doesn’t there is a method that could work – provided you have an iPhone that is. We made detailed instructions on just how to do it which you can read right here!

If you are just at the airport and not upon the air yet, chances of getting free Wi-fi are actually pretty big. Airports tend to have free internet areas – some even have free computers you can use.

And if you have a hard time looking for one, you can always ask for help from airport personnel. You can also look for a café, those tend to have free internet as well.

Traveling by Sea:

If you’re on a cruise ship then congrats!

You probably already have an option to get free internet in your cabin or just anywhere really. Just make sure to check your travel details. Tethering works too if you have travel companions.

We hope this article was helpful. And as a bonus tip: make sure that you have an ‘s’ on the ‘Http’ portion.

The ‘s’ stands for secure so ideally your URL’s should start with ‘https’. That should keep you a little bit more secure when you’re using public internet. Safe travels!

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